Conversion Nation


This story is very dark. Do not read past this page if you are triggered by any of the following; Medically unnecessary surgeries,, Non-Consensual Sex, Slavery

In this collection, we look at a land of universal female enslavement. Follow along as women are traded, modified, and used as simple possessions. The collection includes:

  • Pet Girl Conversion - Turned into a house pet

  • Hucow Conversion - Turned into livestock

  • Cocksleve Conversion - Turned into a limbless toy

  • Cyber Puppet Conversion - Turned into a mind-controlled slave

  • As Assigned - The first work-day under the patriarchy

  • The Volunteer - A look inside a factory hucow farm

  • Stubby Puppy - A slave is customized for her new role

  • Sarah's Last Day - One girl's desperate play to save herself

Bound Fantasy Tales has put together a single post with all the FEMD captions in one place. It's an excellent introduction to the world where Conversion takes place.