Love Potion 69


Murder, intrigue, revenge, second chances, fresh beginnings, self-discovery, adventure, monsters, magic, gender-swaps and spankings await you in the Erotica Consortium's summer anthology, Love Potion 69.

Nexum Liberty


After a year in service, will she find liberty through service or salvation?

No Trespassing


When they cross genders, are their fantasies a Trick or a Treat?

Nexum Banquet


After surrendering to her circumstances, Mr Quay shows Diana off around town and at a decadent dinner party

Nexum Secretary


After being framed, convicted, stripped of her personhood, and sold to her old boss, it’s time for Diana to return to the office.

The Island of Dr. Lilith 


One shipwreck has left him stranded with a madwoman and a new gender. 

Nexum Escape: The house of O'Neil Vol 4


Diana will do what it takes to break free of Mr. Quay and escape to the safety of the Canadian border. 

Nexum Identity: The house of O'Neil Vol 3


Diana fights to maintain her sense of self in the face of captivity and her own desire

Nexum Owned: The house of O'Neil Vol 2


Diana faces new hardship as Mr. Quay's intentions are made clear

Nexum Convict: The house of O'Neil Vol 1


Diana is framed for a crime she didn't commit and must serve for life in a system where convicts are sold as property. 

Nexum End: Contracted to a Monster


Candice agreed to a year of submissive service to the man she loved in exchange for millions.  When she discovers his dark secret, will she dare finish her time?  

One Gallon Challenge Part 2: Gal About Town


It's been 2 months and she is only 1/4 of the way there!  Can Deanna complete the challenge and earn her manhood back? 

Laura: the Stubby-Puppy


Laura faces the harsh reality of being property as her Master decides to turn her into a helpless pet, forever. 

Princess May: The Rebel Who Became a Pet


Years ago, It took a gunshot for her to escape her fate.  Now it takes a collar and a leash to bring her back.

Eye on San Veritas: Her Degradation Will Be Televised


Transcript of TV from the land of universal Female Enslavement

Oriented to Onan's: Convicted to Serve


She has been sentenced to ten years.  Time she will do on her knees.

Broken Trust: Genderflipped into his roommate's obedient dream girl


He was transformed into his friend's devoted dream girl. Now only he can change her back. Was it an accident?  Or was it a result of Broken Trust?

Sarah's Last Day: The day her liberty dies

Pay what you like

In a once-free nation that has just fallen to a Misogynistic Patriarchy, all unmarried women over 18 are required to register for enslavement. As her deadline grows near, Sarah makes one last desperate move to try and save herself. 

Unexpected Girl: A gender transformation collection


None of these boys expected to be girls in this collection of some of Katie Oslow's most popular stories as well as a few new surprises.

Conversion Nation: A maledom collection


In this collection, we look at a land of universal female enslavement. Follow along as women are traded, modified, and used as simple possessions.  

Spring Break Flip: Gender flipped at beach week


Susan's father was a powerful wizard who was not happy that his daughter was spending beach week with Teddy.  Now Teddy is Tanya who will have to play the slut in a town full of horny college students if she ever wants to be a man again.

Cyber Puppet Conversion: Programed to Obey


Lucy faces her fate at the hands of a sinister FEMD Scientist determined to use cybernetics to remove Lucy's free will

Intended Side Effects: Force feminized for science


Seeking an alternative to prison, Jeff agrees to an experiment that causes a dramatic transformation, now he has to cope with the loss of his manhood a newfound love, and a decision that could change everything.

Nexum Trend: Selling Herself for an Education


Kimberly was all set for college, but her mother suddenly cut her off and gave away her fund. Now Kim has one way to keep her dreams alive.  If she sells her body to a man for the summer, she could pay for her entire future. It’s a new trend, called “Nexum”

Prince Yorick the Bride: Unmanned by duty


The boy who would be a hero becomes the damsel forced to marry the wicked lord.
Can she rescue herself?

Submit.SIR: A CuberPunk Nightmare


The Submit.SIR cyberchip makes the user completely obedient to their partner.  It was made as a fun toy for the bedroom.  What happens when it malfunctions and won’t shut down? 

Hucow Conversion: A lifetime as livestock


Angie had done her bit to fight the misogynists, now she wanted a normal life far away.  But, when she is captured, the Female Experimental Modification Division (FEMD) will send her into a different life, as livestock.  

One Gallon Challenge: A Gender transformation breakup from hell


Can Dean, now magically transformed by her vindictive ex-girlfriend into the busty and beautiful Deanna, stomach the "One Gallon Challenge?" and win her manhood back?

Welcome to Nathan's: Two for One


Dan and Deb are looking for something new to spice up their bedroom.  An invitation to Nathan’s Brothel and some professional help from Jeanie may be just what they need!

Welcome to Nathan's: The Peach


For Generations, Nathan's has been the finest invitational brothel in the country. Tonight Ashley, their newest girl will meet "the Artist" and see why he is always invited back.

Bound in Nexum: Committed to Serve


Sarah is given a chance to solve her financial woes and secure her future.   All she needs to do is sell herself as a man's sexual plaything for five years. 

Katrina's Seduction: Convicted to Serve


Katrina is serving her 10-year sentence as the VIP room feature in the ritzy Westward Royal Hotel. Required to service and obey whoever checks in. Now a young billionaire brings her hope.

Privilege Chained: Convicted to Serve


Penny faces a life sentence as Mr. Hershel's property.  Can this rich girl learn to survive as a lustful man's plaything?

Cocksleve Conversion: Turned into a limbless sex toy


Clair dared to rebel against the misogynistic regime that took over her country, so the Female Experimental Modification Division (FEMD) will make sure that she is incapable of resistance ever again.

Rebecca's Surrender: Convicted to Serve


Rebecca O’Neal, was once a queen among the corporate world until she was framed for heinous crimes. Under brutal new laws, she was sentenced to serve for life as property and purchased by the sadistic rival who had framed her.

Pet Girl Conversion: Submission is Science


Pamela was captured by the misogynistic regime she swore to oppose. Now she is in the grips of the Female Experimental Modification Division (FEMD) who will turn her from a brave warrior into a barking puppy-girl