Kimberly's first day as a voluntary sex slave

From "Nexum Trend: Selling herself for an education." Kicked out by her ultra-religious mother, Kim found herself facing graduation with no way to pay for her continuing education.  Seizing on the growing legalized Sex work "Nexum" trend, Kim has sold herself to David Zorn for the summer.  Under this agreement, she can leave any time, but while there, she belongs to him with few limits.   If she lasts the whole summer, she will collect enough money to pay for her entire education.

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First Day

At 8am,  Kimberly was in the bodystocking kneeling with her legs apart and her eyes downcast in the kitchen feeling extremely exposed as her pussy was the only part of her body not covered by the sheer garment decorated with swirling patterns.  He had left no instructions for her hair, but she remembered the night before and tied it back with a ribbon she had found in the guest room.  There was an old grandfather clock in the entry and she could hear it clicking away as she waited for David, her owner.  She was still in shock at the idea.   

Three days ago, she was a high school senior living in a Richmond Suburb.  Now she was an owned Nexum Girl somewhere in Bum Fucking Egypt.  Just three months and she could go to college and move on with her life.  She pictured her acceptance letter, now being held with her ID and other personal documents by Mr. Darrow.  He would be putting in the paperwork to have her mail forwarded to his office as well.  No chance for her mother to sabotage her plans by withholding key orientation information.  All part of his service, he had said, but Kimberly had done the math.  Her first few days of service would just cover her legal fees.  David may have meant well in letting her leave this morning, but, had she done so, she would be hundreds of dollars in debt.  

She heard footsteps coming down the stairs and rolled her shoulders back.  She kept her eyes down, doing her best to imitate the pose from the card.  She could still remember the taste from the blowjobs the night before, but she was committed to getting this done.  She only hoped that whatever breakfast he gave her would be enough to wash away the flavor.  

David came into the kitchen.  He was barefoot, but wearing black running shorts and a gray t-shirt with a sports logo on it.  He stopped in front of Kimberly.  “Can you cook, puppy?” he asked.  

Kimberly nodded, “Yes, Sir.”  Over the past few months, Kimberly’s mother had started forcing her to learn all the “skills a good homemaker will need.”  

“Good!”  He walked past her and sat at the table.  “Bacon, eggs, toast, and black coffee!”  He picked up a tablet and began reading.   

Kimberly climbed to her feet and got started.  The stove was gas and much nicer than the electric range she had at home.  The refrigerator was very well stocked and she found everything she needed quickly.  David used an old-style drip pot for coffee, so Kimberly got it started before everything else.  

“Do you drink coffee, Puppy?” he called to her as she turned the eggs.   

“A little Sir!”  she replied. “With milk and sugar! Sir.”  she added.   

“I prefer mine black.”  he said flatly.    

Kimberly set the plate of food and his black coffee in front of him soon after.  David looked over the food, sampled a forkful of eggs, and then a sip of coffee while she stood and waited.  He looked over at her.  “This is very good!”  He pointed down.  

Kimberly knelt on the floor.  

“From now on, you will make me breakfast.  While I eat, you will please me with your mouth under the table.  Unlike last night, I expect you to swallow every drop.  Once you have finished that task, you can make yourself breakfast before cleaning this kitchen.  I expect you to be finished when I return from my run.”  

Kimberly nodded before crawling under the table.  

This time she only licked his shaft at the beginning, to avoid a spill, she kept the head of his penis in her mouth for most of the blowjob while working with her hand and tongue.  By the time his bitter seed was filling her mouth her jaw was throbbing with exhaustion.  She made sure to suck him clean before pulling her head back and swallowing.   

He almost immediately stood up and pulled his shorts back up, tucking himself back in.  “Good Puppy!” he said as he made his way down the hall.  By the time Kimberly had crawled back out from under the table, he had put his shoes on and was out the door.  

Kimberly was seated at the kitchen table resting while she scrolled through her social feed on the tablet David had left behind.  She had made almost the same breakfast for herself and enjoyed the coffee as it washed the taste of David’s semen out of her mouth.  The dishes were washed, the counters wiped down and the stove cleaned off.  It looked as if the kitchen hadn’t been used at all.   

Kimberly was looking at pictures of her friends and wondering what she should post when she came across an image of Lisa at the pool with a caption that said 

Summer plans fell through, another season guarding at the Courts!

Kimberly wondered if Lisa chickened out, or if she hadn’t been willing to do what Mr. Darrow wanted to make a match.  Kimberly and Shauna had been at the office for most of the afternoon, waiting for the driver and Lisa had never showed up so Kimberly presumed she didn’t go through with it.  She touched the heart icon and was about to post something when she heard a door slam.   

She looked up to meet David’s eyes for a moment and then her neck exploded in pain.  She dropped the tablet and reached for the collar, she wanted to cry out but the shock had made her spasm and she couldn’t get a sound out.  Then it was over.  

“I don’t like it!” he growled as he stormed across the room.  “Puppies don’t play with tablets!”  

“I’m sorry, Sir!” she stammered but was cut short when he pressed his finger against her lips.  

“Do not speak!”  he said.  “Off the furniture!”   

Her heart was racing, she slid off the chair to her knees.  

“On all fours!” he demanded.  

She put her hands down on the floor and lifted up into a crawling position.   

“Face on the floor!” he commanded.  

He bent her elbows, and then slid her arms forward, it was an imitation of the ‘Humble’ position from the card Mr. Darrow had shown her.  Her ass was up in the air.  


She rocked forward as his open hand struck her ass.  Sting and heat radiated from the spot.  

<WHACK><WHACK><WHACK> He seemed to strike the same spot on her right cheek every time.  Each blow stinging more and sending pins and needles down her leg and up her back.   

“Puppies don’t use electronics without permission!”  

<WHACK><WHACK><WHACK><WHACK> He struck her left cheek in the same sequence with the same force.  Her entire ass was now on fire.  Tears were streaming from her eyes.  She had never felt so much pain before.  She wasn’t ready for this.   

“Puppies stay off the furniture!”   

She heard him walk away and then a jingle as he came back. 

<CLICK>  He had attached a leash to the ring in her collar and was pulling her back up with it.  She rose to a kneeling position.  

“You are my FuckPet!”  He took a position standing directly above her.  He held the leash in his hand with no slack, forcing her to keep her face turned up to him.  “While you are here, you will get no more consideration than any other pet!”   

Kimberly was in shock.  His mood seemed so different than before his run.  She was in tears, not because of the pain, but because she didn’t understand why he was so angry.   

David seemed to sense her confusion.  His tone remained stern but lost its edge.  “While I was out, I thought about our time together.  Since you are staying, I truly do own you now.  So, I’m going to make the most of this and use you in a way that no woman would let me before!”  He looked down at her.  “Does this frighten you?” 

Kimberly nodded sheepishly.  

“Good,” he said.  “You can take the collar off and leave any time you like, of course.”  

She nodded.  

“So, if I decide I don’t like something, you will have to live with it.  No electronics, and no furniture for now!  Understand?”  

Kimberly nodded again and braved a, “Yes Sir.”  

“Now,  the kitchen looks nice,” he said.  “Let’s get you started in the living room!”  He pulled her leash as he walked away.  She quickly followed.  

Kimberly spent the rest of the morning cleaning and dusting the downstairs rooms under Mr. Zorn’s supervision.  When he approved, he called her a “Good Puppy” if she made an error and did not complete a task to his satisfaction, she received a firm smack on the ass.  

For lunch she made sandwiches.  David sat at the table while Kimberly knelt beside him on the floor and ate there.  

In the early afternoon a stack of boxes were delivered.  David clipped Kimberly’s leash to a table leg in the dining room while he opened and inspected each one.   As he did so, he tossed a pair of padded wrist cuffs to her without a word.  

Kimberly picked them up and figured how to fasten them in place.  Each had a thick metal ring on the back.  A few moments later a pair of ankle cuffs landed in front of her.  She rocked back onto her sore ass as she brought her feet out from under her to bind them as well, then returned to her kneeling pose.   At last, David had finished opening packages.  He went back to a flat box he had opened earlier and set it aside.   

That afternoon, he had her clean the upstairs, as thoroughly and with as much oversight as he had applied downstairs.  It was in this effort that she first saw the master bedroom.  It was large, but not as big as she had expected.  A king sized bed with metal posts sat between two windows.  On the far side from the bed was a dresser.  To the right of the door was the master bathroom and a walk in closet.  While she was scrubbing the mirror in the master bath, David heard a sound downstairs and left her alone for a moment.   

When he returned he was holding a giant round cushion, it was a dog bed.  He went to the corner on the far side of his bed and dropped it on the floor.  “That’s where you sleep, Puppy!” he announced.     

Kimberly gave him a disappointed look and his smile shifted.  He came into the room and put his hands on her hips, turning her toward him.  

“Good puppies want to be close to their masters.” he said as he ran his left hand around her back and squeezed her still burning ass.  His right hand moved up to cup her left breast and he rolled her nipple between his finger and thumb.  “Don’t you want to be a good puppy?” he whispered to her.  

“Yes, Sir,” she whispered back.  Both hands tightened their grip.  

“Just Sir?” he asked.  

“Yes, Master,” she tried.  

“Good puppy!” he sighed and loosened his grip before kissing her.   

He lifted her off her feet and set her on the bathroom counter.  As they made out, his right hand slid back down to her crotch and found her clit once more.  Again he began to rub firmly and she caught her breath, again he teased at her opening, just to get his finger wet and then returned to her clit once more.  She began bucking her hips in anticipation of the climax she knew was about to overtake her and again… he stopped.   “Tonight.” he said, then lifted his hand, his ring fingertip was shiny and wet.  He put it in his mouth and licked it off.  “Tonight” he repeated before turning and walking out of the room once more.  

Dinner was on the floor again.  This time, David had warmed up a stew he had cooked the day before.  He set Kimberly’s bowl on the floor with no spoon before starting to eat.   

“Master, how?” she began.  

“Like a puppy, Fuckpet!” He said without looking at her.   

Kimberly took a deep breath and went down onto her elbows.  She looked up at her owner one last time, hoping for a reprieve.  None came.  She lowered her mouth to the bowl and began to use her tongue to move large pieces of stew to where she could pick them up with her lips.  ...Continued...

Nexum Trend
is available from Amazon