Slavegirl Stories of San Veritas

The Resort

Trigger Warning: Sexual Slavery, 

This was the result of a mental exercise.  What would the tourist industry look like in a world where corporatized sexual slavery was normalized?  

Immediately I remembered All Inclusive resorts in the Caribbean I had visited and this story came together.  

The Resort

Ian was alone in the shuttle as it made its way from the airport down the winding forested road and toward the beachfront cluster of resorts. He looked appreciatively at the well-known logos of western chains as they rolled by. Apparently, all the stories about western boycotts and embargos on the nation had been nothing more than virtue signaling.

At last, the shuttle slowed and he saw the GHS Logo over the name “Voluptos Beach Resort” on either side of the large iron gate that swung open for them.

The main building was all white with marble columns defining the throughway into which the shuttle pulled. Having already used the early check-in app, there was a topless blond wearing a red Bell-hop collar that was leashed to a luggage cart waiting for him.

As he opened the door, she dropped to her knees and pressed her forehead to the carpeted ground.

“The Pleasure Girls of Voluptos welcome you, Master!” She looked up from her position. “If you permit me, I will carry your burdens to your room.”

“Uh, go ahead,” Ian said. He was in shock. Despite years as a travel writer, he hadn’t known what to expect in this controversial land, but this was far grander than he had imagined.

The girl rose to her feet and pulled the cart to the back of the shuttle where she loaded Ian’s single bag onto it. She returned to her original position and lowered her eyes. “If Master cares to follow, this slave will take his bag to his room. If Master would prefer refreshments, the lobby bar and restaurants are open. Any of the Cuntcierges could direct Master to his room later. Room service is also available if Master cares to stay in.”

Ian’s eyebrows raised. Did she just say “cunt-cierge?” This land was going to take some getting used to. He always had a routine when reviewing a resort. A system he insisted on following. That system began with the room and then assessing amenities from there working out.

Room, furnishings, in-room-entertainment, quality of service. Then grounds, pools, restaurants bars, shows and lastly excursions. He had to cover a lot, especially in these “single experience” resorts. The only way he was ever able to do it all was by following his strict outline from check-in to check-out.

“The room please!” Ian announced.

The girl bowed. “This slave is pleased.” She grabbed the cart and pulled it along as she walked into the lobby.

The lobby as a grand first impression. The ceiling was four stories above them with rows of rooms around it and a massive crystal chandelier in the middle. To Ian’s right, several steps led down into a sunken bar area where beautiful women danced in various states of undress on laps and on tables to low music. Beyond that, a yawning door was attended by a topless woman with black hair. Ian planned to eat at that restaurant on his second night. Rumor was that a famous celebrity chef who had been canceled in the Western media over a misogynistic comment now ran the kitchen and the food was extraordinary.

Through the lobby, they continued outside along a walk with the pool on their right. Ahead of them the sun set over the ocean and he admired the wide steps down to the private beach. The girl remained silent as they walked.

“What is your name?” Ian asked.

“This slave can be called anything Master wishes” She replied.

Ian blinked. “No, what do they call you? The staff?”

“This slave is called ‘Hop’ for now.” She said. “When this slave has finished her training, she will be given a room and be called that.”

“You mean” Ian sped up to walk beside her “You have no name other than your job?”

“I am cunt.” She answered. “What other name does a female need besides her uses? I am Cunt and I am Hop because that is what I do for Masters”

“You are cunt.” He said

“Yes Master” She smiled.

“So, If I wanted to use your uhhh…” He continued.

She nodded. “My cunt is for you to cum master, however as I am not your assigned room girl and it would take me from my duties, the resort would charge an extra fee.”

“Of course” Ian said, then walked silently beside her.

“Does master wish to cum in my cunt?” She asked. “I can also offer my mouth.”

“No” Ian answered and then regretted it. “No, I should stay on budget.” He felt an ache as he strained against his briefs.

At the last building along the walk, she stopped in front of a door marked “Gull Wing” She tapped a wristband to the sensor and opened the door before handing the wristband to him. He strapped it on and noticed that it also had a single button.

Hop moved the cart into the room, took the bag off, and handed it to a naked beautiful blond girl who took the bag and disappeared into the room. She returned shortly after and knelt on the floor, pressing her forehead to the cold marble.

Hop explained. “This slave is Gull Wing. She has been matched to you based on your profile. She is yours for the duration of your stay. If she needs correction, the button on your band will administer a corrective signal to her shock collar from anywhere on the property to her wherever she is.”

Hop bowed and Ian automatically reached for his wallet to provide a tip. Hop held up her hand. “No, Master, Slaves are allowed only to receive the gift of cum from Masters in the resort. Any gratuity can be granted to the Hotel Masters.”

Hop closed the door as she left, leaving Ian alone with Gull Wing who was still down on the floor.

He looked down at her for a while, unable to believe that she was his for the week. He licked his lips. Hop was ready to fuck him at a single word and this girl was sworn to him. As she was kneeling with her face on the floor and her hands outstretched, her perfect ass made the top of a perfect flesh-collored heart.

Tentatively, he stepped past her, bent down, and put his hand on it.

She didn’t react.

He moved his hand in and down, and brushed the bare lips of her bald labia his with fingertips.

She inhaled a little.

He pushed his middle finger between the lips. She was already getting wet. His cock strained against his pants. He pushed his middle and ring fingers all the way in and began stroking.

She began huffing and moaning.

He was getting unbelievably hard. He pulled his fingers out and swatted her ass with his dripping hand. “UP!”

She raised her head off the floor but was still on her knees. He went to stand by the leather couch. “Crawl to me!”

She put her hands back on the floor and seductively crawled across the room, her breasts and hair swaying with each stride. As she did so, He unfastened his belt and dropped his pants.

She arrived and opened her mouth, taking his hard cock between her ruby-red lips without a word and without instruction. He immediately felt the round stud in her tongue as it stroked up the underside of his shaft and his toes curled inside his shoes.

She suckled his cock expertly and he had to push her head back before it was too late.

“On the couch! On your back!” he demanded.

Without hesitation she crawled up onto the couch and rolled over on her back with one leg up, the other on the floor, leaving her pussy wide open.

Ian bent down over her and plunged his cock into her.

She was all his. No need to worry about her pleasure, no need to worry about what happened after. Just a week of uncomplicated fucking, and blowjobs on demand.

“Who owns you?” He asked,

“You do Master!” She replied immediately

He thrust harder and faster. “Are you my fucktoy?”

“This slave is your fucktoy Master!” She replied,

“Take it Cunt!” He growled as he continued thrusting getting closer.

“Thank you, Master!” She gasped.

He felt himself pulse and release into her. He pushed deep and dumped his seed when he finally felt the dribble stop he pulled out.

She sat up and took his cock into her mouth, sucking and licking it clean before laying back.

“Would master like a beer? They come with the room and the fridge is full.” She said.

Ian slumped down on the couch at her feet. “Yeah, that would be great!” He replied.

She stood up and walked to the kitchen, his cum leaking down her leg

This resort was about to get a great review!