From "Intended Side Effects: Force Feminized for Science" by Katie Oslow.  After an experimental new treatment leaves them partialy feminized with no way to reverse the changes, the prison inmate volunteers are given the option to either suplement their lost Testosterone with Hormones or undergo a process to complete the change into women.  Jeff is observing as his friend Kevin "Mags" undergoes the complete process. 

The Results

Jeff felt a rush of annoyance when he saw Dr. Lilith already standing at the observation window as he climbed the stairs. 

“You just missed the big reveal!” She said.  

Jeff looked down and saw a petite blond sitting nude on the edge of the open cylinder.  Her hair was now down past her shoulders and she was cupping one of her breasts with her hand and looking down at it in shock.  

“Should be a C cup.  Respectable for a woman her size.” Lilith said. “Not enough to be a burden but big enough to fill out a bikini.”  

Jeff resisted the urge to throw her down the stairs. “He shouldn’t have tits at all!” he grumbled.  

“She! Mr. Fischer.”  Lilith corrected him.  “Using masculine pronouns will only slow her acclimation to her new sex.”  

“I read the binder.” Jeff said.  “Has she chosen a name?” 

“Magnolia” Lilith responded. 

“Still Mags then” Jeff nodded. 

“Maggie would be more appropriate, but Mags is acceptable.”  Lilith said.  

Down below, the newly created Magnolia “Mags” Hamill had pulled on a pair of sheer white panties and was holding out her arms as Tara walked her through how to put on a bra.  Jeff felt ashamed watching this but just before he turned away, he noticed something.  

“She’s shorter than Tara!”  He exclaimed.  “Mags was taller than Nurse Tara when we got here!”  

Dr. Lilith again took on a condescending tone.  “Women are about eight to nine percent shorter than men on average.  I would say that your friend has lost about six inches. Leaving her at about five foot two.”  

“Christ!” Jeff said. 

Magnolia was fiddling behind her back when Tara said something.  Mags turned the bra backwards snapped the hooks in front of her where she could see and then spun it around again.  She then scooped each boob into a cup and pulled the shoulder straps up.  Tarra began adjusting the length of the straps.  

Jeff could see tears running down Mags’ cheeks.  A part of him wanted to embrace the girl, hold her tight and whisper to her that it would be ok.  He caught his breath and looked away; this was wrong. 

“The transition hits them in different ways.” Lilith narrated. “Most of them cry, like Magnolia.  Some beg us to undo it.  But we did have two who reacted with relief.  One even confided that for her this was a dream come true.”  

“A nightmare for the rest though” Jeff said.  

Lilith shrugged.  “Yes, many are unhappy at first, but your group is not the first through this.  In the end, most acclimate and live fulfilling lives as women.  I understand that you are taking the shots.”  She looked reproachfully at him.  “Is that something you can keep up with?”  

“You didn’t leave me much choice.”  Jeff grumbled.  

Lilith raised her eyebrows.  “I gave you an excellent choice Jeff!”  She replied nodding down at the blond woman who was pulling a white bodysuit with lace trim over her shoulders.  “Magnolia and the others can live normal lives as women.  Beautiful women with their youth restored in fact. Take lovers, build families, even have babies!  What life do you have Jeff?  What woman is going to want a middle aged dickless man? What man is going to want to fuck a cunt that comes with that face?” 

“I’ll still be me!” Jeff grumbled.

“Tell me Jeff,” Lilith said. “When do you feel like yourself?  When you shave your face? Or when you wipe your pussy after you pee?  You are trapped between worlds Mr. Fisher.  I’m offering you a way out of that trap.” She nodded at Mags who was zipping up a white pleated skater’s skirt. “She’s in one world now.  May not be the one she would have chosen, but at least she knows what she is now.”  Dr. Lilith turned to leave.  “My door is always open if you want to change treatment paths.” 

After Lilith left, Jeff watched his friend pull on ankle socks with lace fringe and then step into the ballet flats.  She turned toward the observation window thought she was looking directly at him till he remembered that it was mirrored glass.  

Mags lifted her delicate fingers to her lips and then traced her chin down her neck to the hint of cleavage exposed by her low neckline.  The finger ran under her breast and then went down, grabbed and pulled at a pleat of her skirt.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, her breasts raising and lowering before she opened her eyes again.  They were wet but the tears had stopped.  She looked at herself one more time and turned toward the door.  

Jeff watching her, was disturbed by the wetness he felt in his panties.  Magnolia Hamill was the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. 

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