David Chaste: 
Director David Chaste was the head of the dreaded "Female Experimental Modification Division" (FEM-D) in the nation of SanVeritas.  Where his mandate was to "Improve the performance and training of female slaves"
David used his position to oversee countless cruel procedures conducted on enslaved women.  as has been described in "Conversion Nation"
David thought he had finally reached his goal of removing female free will when he invented the nano-filament cyber-mesh that allowed computer control of a person's entire brain.  Enslaved women no longer needed to be broken, or trained.  They could simply be controlled with the touch of a button or the issuing of a voice command.   They could even have their minds overwritten with the recorded personalities of more obedient slaves. 
This was all flipped when David was betrayed and his inventions were turned against his nation.  In the chaos of the "Mesh-Puppet Uprising" David was captured by his own formerly mind-controlled agent "Grace" and taken to the island compound of the sinister "Dr. Kat Lilith" who we met before in "Intended Side Effects."  Dr. Lilith is determined to see that David suffers just as much as the women who passed through FEM-D. 

Villain's Reward

David roared in agony as she clenched her hand.  He kicked his feet and swung at her to get her to stop, but as always nothing happened.  The feet and the fist were all phantoms, the actual limbs cast aside as surgical waste in the amputation suite months ago.  As she twisted, he clenched his eyes and heard the motor under his stand start to whir as his bowels emptied into the waste extraction tube permanently lodged in his anus.  

The bitch wasn’t even paying attention to him as she tortured his balls!  With her free hand, she was scrolling through her phone.  

“Fucking Look at me you Bitch!” David demanded.  “Some day they are going to come from me and when they do, bradda bub nah fffluuu ghaaaa!”   

She had thumbed a button disabling the speech center of his brain.  

“Ghraaaaaa!!!!”  He shouted!  He had already lost language privileges again but the pain was excruciating as she pulled and crushed with her iron like grip.   “Guuuuuhhhhhhgghhhh…….”” His guttural cries were silenced to a hiss as she thumbed another control disabling his vocal cords.  

She finally looked up at him.  “You know I love to hear you scream dear, but we have a business to conduct.”  

Across the room, a heavy wooden door opened. A sheepish slender blond wearing a pink dress with a low top and a skirt that looked like an upside down tulip bulb kept her head down as she motioned to a heavy middle-aged woman in a pantsuit and an unusually tall athletic woman with black hair wearing a black skin tight bodysuit under her tactical vest.  They each took a seat at the long table that occupied the far side of the wood-paneled office where David’s limbless torso was hung as a decoration.  

He recognized the woman in black.  Grace was once his agent until she was turned by his tormentor against him.  Just one more of his achievements, stolen from him by Dr. Katrina Lilith. 

Half a year ago, David had been a prince. As Director of the Female Experimental Modification Division, he had massive power and a free hand to wield his male-dominant nation's resources to unlock whole new fields of cybernetic, genetic, and neurological advancement uncoupled from the constraints of western morality, and he used it!  

FEMD had developed new healing technologies, allowing surgical modifications and clean cosmetic amputations with rapid recovery and no scarring.  Technology, Dr. Lilith had used when she took his limbs.  

FEMD had discovered how to manipulate specific neural clusters, growing a nano-tech cybernetic mesh that enveloped and penetrated every part of the subject’s brain.  A mesh she had installed in David’s skull and was currently blocking his ability to speak English or make noises with his voice box.  

FEMD had even worked with Dr. Lilith to modify the Accelerated Cellular Regrowth formula into something that could reshape an entire human body as designed.  David’s eyes fell on Grace, one of the first tests of the formula had transformed the Special Forces Commander, Gregor into the lithe woman he saw now.  How could Grace have joined forces with the woman who had robbed her of her manhood?  How could she sit there content as an inferior woman when she knew what it was to have once been one of God’s chosen dominators of the earth, a man? 

Dr. Lilith gave his balls a heavy squeeze.  He felt the right one slide out of her hand and her fingers wrapped tightly around the left.  His mouth gaped noiselessly as he felt the massive bursting waves of pain that suddenly dropped off as she let go. The massive crash was replaced with a maddening ache unlike any he had thought possible before he had been brought here.  

“Oooh!  Almost popped!” Dr. Lilith said to her guests.  Grace nodded approvingly while the heavy woman tried to avert her eyes.  The sheepish girl at the door kept her eyes down.    

“That will be all for now Julie,” Dr. Lilith said. 

The girl bowed and left, pulling the door closed behind her.  

“I just don’t understand my daughter.”  Dr. Lilith said.  “She and her sister underwent the same correction at the same time.  Stephanie has embraced womanhood, just like you have Grace, but Julie continues to sulk.”  

Grace shook her head.  “I didn’t embrace anything Kat.”  Her voice had a hard edge to it. As she pointed up at David.  “He made me into a breeding hucow after what you did to me!  Once I got out from under his control and rescued the daughters they forced me to have I realized they needed a mother more than a martyr.  I’m not happy to be a woman, I just have a reason to be.”  

Dr. Lilith nodded.  “Apologies”  

“Don’t mean shit!” Grace cut her off. “I’m not your friend, and I’ll never forgive you.  I have a feeling your SON Jules will never forgive you for turning him into Julie.”  She took a deep breath to control her emotion.  “She just needs a purpose”  

Dr. Lilith turned to the heavyset woman.  “You see why I like her, Mindy.”

“Fuck off!” Grace said and opened her notebook.  

The woman called “Mindy” didn’t seem to realize at first that it had been her queue to speak.  “Oh.” she started and opened the folder in front of her.  Her glance went up to David, suspended limbless and naked his swollen and bruised balls dangling below his caged cock.  She seemed unnerved and she looked straight down at her document.  She continued “The um, development of the Modified Accelerated Regrowth Serum beyond Dr. Lilith’s already groundbreaking work has been slow.” 

David soundlessly scoffed.  Dr. Lilith wouldn’t have had the resources, the test subjects or the workspace to continue her work if not for him.  For years he had funneled FEMD supplies to her island Lab, even sending her slave girls for testing.  When the Doctor had requested males, he had given her Gregor’s commandos and the means to capture them.  MACR was as much his achievement as hers.   Perhaps that's why she insisted on torturing him so much. 

Mindy went on. “Total gender inversion is a fantastic achievement to be sure, however Dr. Lilith, you wanted me to focus on regrowth?”  

Katrina looked up at David and smiled.  “Yes.  Exactly.  Regrowth of amputated appendages.”  

David felt his heart race,  if they tested this on him, he might get his limbs back!  With arms and legs he might have a chance to escape. 

“Think of it David” Katrina stood up and walked over to him.  “All those women you had mutilated.”  She lifted his caged cock.  The curved rod down his urethra held in place with a ball-shaped cap screw at the end of the cage, the other end of the rod piercing out just above his testicles and fused to the base of a cage that would take an engineer hour with tools to remove.   He looked down at her helplessly.  She lifted it so it touched his belly, and dropped it so the heavy steel slammed into his bruised balls.  

He hissed and felt a trickle of pee flow down the tube linked to the new urethral opening they had cut below his scrotum.  

Katrina turned her back on him.  “Grace knows.  She saw Chaste’s cock-sleve collection. A cruel display he liked to keep.  A row of women on display, butchered like he is now, all helpless against him whenever he wanted his way with them. “  

Mindy’s eyes went wide and she looked over at Grace who just nodded. 

“Some survive, I’m told.”  Kat went on. “In the uprising, most were killed by their sisters as acts of mercy but a few lived.”  She rolled her jaw. “David’s replacement sent them all to hucow barns like the one Grace was in.  You could help them, Mindy.”  

As a punctuation,  she balled a fist and jabbed it into David’s crotch.  Air burst out of his silenced mouth as new waves of agony took their time before arriving, then he twisted his torso in his restraints as the pain hit, trying to curl his core, but the hip-pins and extraction tubes held him still.  If they grew his arms back he would use them to tear the woman limb from limb.  

Mindy seemed to make a decision.  She closed her folder and reached down into her bag.  “I had heard stories, but I thought they were rumors!” She produced a vial with an orange top and a syringe.  “THIS!” She said as she set them on the table.  “This is it!  Local!  Inject it into an amputation site and the bio-nano formula will construct the appendage according to the subject’s genetic makeup.”  

She pulled out a second vial and set it by the first,  this one had a pink top. “This is a variation of Dr. Lilith’s formula.”  She said, “Full body, but it rebuilds on the prenatal female genetic template.  Any man injected will change.”  

Kat smiled.  “Fantastic!”  She picked up the pink bottle and looked at it. “If we can liberate those women we can make them whole again!”  She showed the bottle to David.  “And, what about you?  The Misogynist?  Wouldn’t you prefer to be a complete woman?  All you have to do is ask to be a girl and this will be yours.”  She wrapped her other hand around his balls. “How far does your belief in male supremacy go?”  She clenched her fist.  David gasped. “Is it better to be a limbless male play-thing than to be a woman?”  She pulled down hard.  

Tears rolled down David’s face,  his eyes locked on the pink vial.  

Katrina raised her eyebrows.  She set the vial down watching his eyes as he tracked it.  Her phone was sitting on the desk, she pressed a button and David’s moans suddenly had sound to them.  

“Is today the day David?” She asked. “Just say the words.  Say you want to be a girl”  

David looked at the pink vial again, then his eyes went to Grace.  The gender traitor.  The means were right here for Grace to be a man again and she had refused.  Pathetic!  David would never be like that.  

“Fuck You Kat!” He croaked at her. 

She shrugged.  “I was hoping for a live test”  She turned around and opened a desk drawer. “How long does the local take?” She asked.  

Mindy blinked. “Depends on the appendage, a finger would be a few hours, a leg would take up to a week.”  

Dr. Lilith lifted a stainless steel object that looked like a garlic press out of her drawer.  She offered it to Grace.  “Would you do the honors?”  

Grace waved her hand.  “I may not have 'em anymore, but can still get squeamish!”  

“Suit yourself” Katrina turned toward David who was vigorously shaking his head.  

“No!  Don’t!”  He pleaded.  

“Just say the words and I’ll swap it for the syringe.”  She replied.  

“I can’t” he was almost apologetic.  

“Here we go!” She cupped his right nut in the cradle and then brought the other arm around.  David felt stinging as skin and hair got pinched in the hinge and then…. 

David’s scream made the window rattle as the Dr. Lilith wrapped both hands around the handle and squeezed.   His eyes crossed and the motor whirred as what little that was left in his bowels was let go.  Sweat fell from the remnant of the man as she squeezed harder and harder and then with a sudden sound that sounded like BANG in David’s head but was more of a sickening Squish to the women in the room, the handles slapped together as the testicle burst entirely.  

Dr. Lilith swung it open and looked.  She looked up at David and shook her head.  “Almost done with this one.”  

David retched but there was only bile filling his mouth.  

She closed the arms once more and clenched shut, He felt lumps pushed out of the way of the colliding sides.  

The pain was harsh and sudden and constant and radiating in pulses through his body as though his hips themselves had been shattered.  His eyes began to droop and the room started getting dark.  

Another whir behind his head.  The computer had detected his attempt to pass out and injected him with stimulants.  The room, the women, and the pain all flooded back. He flailed phantom limbs desperate to smash non-existent fists on something.  

“May I?”  Mindy had asked and was moving into place.  Dr. Lilith handed her the press.  Mindy had a hard time finding David’s remaining testicle as the scrotum was swelling rapidly.  She turned back to Dr. Lilith is confused as to what to do.  

“Oh for fucks sake!” Grace exclaimed and drew a fixed blade knife from a sheath in her vest.  It was only a few inches long but razor sharp.  With a rapid flick, she had opened David’s scrotum in a single smooth motion.  Blood fell into the drain beneath his mount.  

“Fuck!” David cried out.  

“Just ask” Dr. Lilith taunted.  

“Fuck you…. all!”  David gasped out as Mindy reached up into the open sac and found the remaining ball. Every touch burned with blinding heat and David gurgled as he screamed.  

Mindy moved the press into position.  “I’ve never done this before!” She said nervously.  

“Stooooop” David febly pleaded.  

She swung the sides together quickly and then clamped down.  Without the flesh of the scrotum to protect it, and with Mindy’s untrained hand, this one burst in seconds.  

David slammed his head against the wall tearing the skin in his neck where the metal collar held him in place.  

“AAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!” he bellowed “YOU BITCHES!!!”  He felt bubbles in his lips. He was literally foaming at the mouth as he hissed out through the pain.  He wanted to kick but they had removed his legs at the hip joint, he didn’t even have stumps to flex.  

“We have a eunuch ladies!”  Dr. Lilith announced with a laugh.  “Since you’re not a man any more David, do you want to be a girl now?”  

David’s mouth was full of saliva but the room was spinning and blurry.  Which one was talking?  He picked a shape and spit at it.  

“FUCK!” Mindy exclaimed, stepping back.  She wiped her face before realizing her had was covered in blood, and left a streak across her forehead.  

“Goddamn it!”  Dr. Lilith exclaimed.  “So sorry Mindy.”  She paused for a moment watching David writing in agony as his open nutless scrotum dripped blood under his caged cock.  

David’s eyes finally locked in on her and hate radiated from them.  

Katrina made a decision.  “Grace, remove David’s cage, but do it a step at a time.”  

Grace looked puzzled for a moment, and then looked down at the knife in her hand.  She smiled and stepped closer, lifting the caged cock with her thumb.  

David suddenly realized what was about to happen.  He tried to brace himself.  “I’ll kill you!” He managed to say before he felt the knife. 

Grace’s first cut was just under the glans.  She pushed the blade down till she met the steel shaft and then rotated around through the bars of the cage until the head of David’s dick was entirely severed.  She pushed it with her blade to confirm it slid on the rod independently before moving one bar down the cage and repeating the cut.  

The agony from David’s filet scrotum and burst balls were all that occupied his mind,  he could feel Grace’s cuts but the pain was a single voice lost in a chorus.   His mind, however fully comprehended what he was watching as the woman severed his manhood, cut by cut working up the shaft.  

Grace finally reached the ring that had warped around David’s cock and balls when he had them.  Now it just dangled loosely, a cage of carved flesh over a bloody open bag.  She pulled to stretch the skin a bit more and then pushed her blade down behind it.  She could feel the different texture as her blade cut through skin, cartilage and vein.  Suddenly it was all loose in her hand, a mass of shredded meat.  She held it up and showed it to David.  “That was for the farm!” 

She dropped his genitals into Dr. Lilith’s waste basket and wiped the blade off on a handkerchief before sheathing it.  

David hung in his alcove panting.  The pain had diminished when he was diminished.  The gaping wound burned as air touched it but the throbbing ache of his burst testicles was gone.  

At least, he thought, he wouldn’t be able to suffer that ever again.  

Dr. Lillth picked up the orange vial and filled the syringe. 

“You missed your chance David.”  Only a man can ask to be a girl and now you are neither!  

She jammed the needle into the open bloody wound and injected its contents.  “Now you are a test subject!”  

She turned to Mindy.  “I want 20 more doses in my office.”  

She looked up at David who hung there in confusion.  “If Mindy is right, everything should grow back in a day or two.”  His eyes went wide with comprehension.  

“Please!”  he looked at the pink vial “I want to be a girl!”  

“Too late.” Dr. Lilith said.  “We already started the test protocol”  She nodded toward the door and the three women made their way toward it.  “We will need to rerun this test at least a couple dozen more times before we can even consider any other action”  

She flicked the switch and closed the door leaving David hanging there in agony, hopeless, screaming.