From "Prince Yorick the Bride: Unmanned by duty" by Katie Oslow.  After a battle that raged all night, the kingdom has fallen!  Yorick's father, the king and his older brother have been slain.  His sister has poisoned herself leaving Yorick as the lone surviving heir to surrender.  The usurper, Javin, has employed cruel magics to transform brave Yorick into a woman.  Now Yorick's loyal weapons master and Yorick's lover carry the transformed prince to the chambers of Yorick's dead sister. 

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Yenfried’s body was gone when they reached her chambers. The three had not spoken as they slowly ascended the stairs. Yorick’s exhaustion and new weakness making each step a trial. Ballion had pulled the cape from Yorick’s discarded armor and wrapped it around the new girl’s shoulders to cover her breasts. Yorick was clutching the cloth to her chest with her right hand. She could feel the softness of the flesh under her arm as she made her way across the room to the standing mirror Yenfried had kept beside her wardrobe.
The girl that looked back at Yorick in the reflection was almost Yenfried’s twin, the same soft jaw line and narrow chin, the same curve of her neck, the same long brown, wavy hair. She stared at Yorick, mirroring Yorick’s movements. Yorick let go of the cape, allowing it to fall. The girl’s breasts were larger than Yenfried’s, almost too large for the thin frame that carried them, they were likely a special request from Javin, magically enhanced for his enjoyment and Yorick’s further humiliation. Yorick pulled at the drawstring and let the breeches fall. The girl’s hips flared out from her narrow waist. Between the hips, a flat, smooth belly swept down to a tuft of brown hair covering her feminine slit. Yorick placed a hand where a penis once hung and felt only curly hair over flat skin. Slender fingers curled under and found a damp opening. “It’s gone,” Yorick muttered in comprehension. “I am a girl!”

Ballion turned his back. “Perhaps I should wait outside,” he said.

“Quite right,” Yorick said in a daze, still looking at her reflection. She brought her hand up and lifted her right breast, the weight was more than she would have expected. “It wouldn’t be proper Ball. You’re still a man after all.”

“Lad, I didn’t…” Ballion began.

Yorick interrupted “What? Did you call me ‘lad’ just now?”

“Sire,” Carinthan interjected.

“I’m not that either,” Yorick squealed in her new voice. Tears rolled down her cheeks. “Kings and Lads have cocks and I!” the words stuck in her throat. Her hand fell back to her smooth crotch. “I am a maid, cockless, to be possessed by the man who has slain my family!” She fell to her knees. “Oh goddess! Help me!” She began to weep.

Carintha had found a silk nightgown and slipped over Yorick as she helped the devastated girl to the bed. Despite herself, Yorick’s exhaustion finally caught her once the heavy comforter of Yenfried’s bed was pulled up over her. She was asleep before the sun rose over the breached east wall.

Carintha woke Yorick gently with a soft nudge and gentle call.

Yorick looked up at the attractive girl sitting on the bed and smiled imagining the pleasures they could share. The moment quickly passed as Yorick felt a wetness below rather than the hardness that usually accompanied such thoughts. The reality of Yorick’s body suddenly returned to her mind and she sat up suddenly, feeling the weight of her chest pulling her forward. She brought her left hand up to cup her left breast for a moment, then remembered that Carintha was watching, she put her hand down on her lap and turned to the girl.

“How long have I slept?” Yorick asked and was again struck by the softness and pitch of her new voice.

“Nearly half the day.” Carintha answered. “Javin has declared himself ruler of this kingdom and the Crown Regent until he takes on the title of King at the coronation tomorrow. That is, of course following the wedding this evening and the, uh…” Carintha trailed off and looked down.

“The bedding.” Yorick finished, the words choking her to say.

“Yes… I…” she looked at Yorick with pity. “It will hurt the first time, and Javin does not seem the gentle sort. Drink heavily at the reception after the wedding and, with Erinth’s blessing, you will not recall the night.”

“Drink,” Yorick repeated. An idea came to her. “Carintha, did my sister have any more yellowtail? Another vial, spirited away as a precaution?”

Carintha stood up in shock. “Sire.” she stopped. “Yorick! There is no more Yellowtail! Not in this room and the Apothecary has had his stores poured out, all but one last dose, which Javin forced him to consume!” Carintha went to the room’s vanity and retrieved a sealed letter. “He bid me give you this message should you consider any self harm.”

Yorick took the paper from Carintha and slipped a slender finger under the fold. Even a simple wax seal was hard to break with her reduced strength. She opened the message.

My Betrothed

I know that your change in fortune and our impending marriage are difficult for you to bare. Believe me when I say that this is not the outcome I would have preferred either. A woman in mind and body, such as your sister would have been the better match, but her actions left neither of us a choice in the matter.

As is custom, the groom is to receive a dowry that he may care for his bride as he takes possession of her. The Kingdom and the Loom are more than enough.

It is also customary that the groom give his bride a gift. This seems foolish to me as on our wedding night, we will become one flesh, you will belong to me as an extension of me, submissive, obedient and fruitful. Still, custom must be obeyed and I wish to be a kind husband.

My first gift to you is a name befitting your new shape. You are to be known as Yolanda from this day forward. It was the name of my grandmother and is thus fitting for the mother of my children.

My second gift to you is the children of this city. 100 have been gathered with their mothers outside the keep as guests and witnesses to our wedding.

The first gift is yours, I insist you wear it immediately! Get used to it, for it is to be the name of a Queen.

The second gift is a wedding gift. If there is no wedding, or if you deny the consummation, then that gift will be rescinded. The children will be slain and their mothers taken for the enjoyment of my men.

Your Husband to be and Master


Yorick cast the letter aside, leaping to her feet she rushed to the chamber window. In the square below, was a throng of women and children. They sat in clusters on the flagstones while armored pikemen surrounded them. Yorick slumped against the frame of the window.

“What is it Yorick?” Carintha asked.

“Yolanda,” Yorick said. “You are to call me Yolanda now.” She looked down at the crowd. Man or woman, she had a duty to her people. She stood up straight, rolled her shoulders back which pushed her ample chest forward, and tried to make her feminine voice sound regal. “We must do what must be done.” She turned to Carintha. “Where is Ballion?”

“Just outside. He has not left since you fell asleep,” Carintha answered.

“Call him in,” Yolanda commanded.

“Yes my lady,” Carintha, went to the door and opened it, whispering a few words. The door swung wide and Ballion stepped in. He seemed so tall now.

“Your orders?” Ballion stood to attention as though the prior day had never happened.

“Duty requires me to marry Javin tonight and do all that follows, including answer to the name Yolanda!” She paused as Ballion’s face contorted for a moment. A mix of pity and anger.

“Sir! No matter what his spellcasters have done, you are still the BOY I helped raise and my King!” Ballion said.

“Yolanda,” she repeated. “The people in the square need you to say Yolanda. Consider this the last order of your King! I must become his Queen now. We serve the people before ourselves, Ballion.”

Ballion took a deep breath then exhaled. “Yes Sire.”

“Yes what?” she probed.

Ballion’s face was full of dread. His eyes went to Carintha and then back to his monarch whose stare was unflinching. Finally, he looked into the middle distance, defeated finally. “Yes, Queen Yolanda.”

Queen Yolanda, it would be her name as Javin’s wife. The visions she once had of a future leading charges and standing victoriously on the battlefield all died as she accepted the name given to her by her conqueror. Instead she saw a future of babes suckling her breast, skirts and laces, and nights on her back under the man who killed her family. “Bide your time, Ballion” she said. “Javin may win the kingdom, the Loom and my hand tonight, but he must not keep them long. When the time is right, we will have our revenge.”

Ballion seemed to regain some of his spirit with this. “And Rice?”

“Rice must die.” she responded. “But it must not compromise the greater goal! The Loom is what’s important!”

“Understood,” he said. “What shall I do now?”

“Now,” Yolanda said. “You must find a way out of this city. Use the wedding as cover. Get to the Southern Lords and see which will remain loyal.” She tried to sound sure of herself, nearly impossible in her girlish voice. “Javin may have already sent emissaries. You must get to them before Javin’s messengers! Everything rides on their steel!”

Ballion clicked his heels together. He turned to leave the room and then stopped at the door.

“Something more?” Yolanda asked.

Ballion cleared his throat. “It’s just that, the Loom must be passed down the bloodline. In your state, that means…”

“That means,” Yolanda interrupted before Ballion could finish. “That we must find a way to reverse this AFTER Javin is dead.”

Ballion nodded but didn’t turn. “But if we can’t.”

Yolanda was growing impatient. “If we can’t then we will do our duty! Are you volunteering to be the father?”

“NO! My …Queen.” Ballion turned red as he spun on his heel and left the room.

Yolanda took a deep breath and turned to Carintha. “I do not know how to prepare as a bride, nor do I know how to receive a man in bed. You will explain the second while you assist with the first.”

Carintha hesitated for a moment, a look of pity on her face then nodded. “As you wish, Lady Yolanda.”

The first thing Carintha did was bathe Yolanda. Yenfried had a bronze tub into which was filled with steaming water. Yolanda turned her back on the mirror as she pulled the gown off her body and stepped into the bath. She lowered herself until her breasts floated on the surface. She took a moment to watch the water drops trickle down her slender fingers. She traced the lines of her new shape while Carintha poured perfumed oils into the water before washing her hair. As she wiped Yolanda down, she talked about the men she had been with. Which men had pleased her most and how they did it, which had left her wanting. Yolanda tried to listen but her mind would imagine a man doing those things to her and she would recoil at the idea. At last Carintha could see that Yolanda was having trouble so she came around to the side of the tub and put her hand on Yolanda’s knee.

“Being a woman is not without its pleasures,” she said as she slid her hand down Yolanda’s thigh into the water. When her fingers reached the folds of Yolanda’s new sex, she bit her lip. The sensations were so alien to her. Carintha’s fingers parted the folds and found their way across the opening. Yolanda shuddered as magic impulses seemed to cascade up her body. Carintha’s finger found a small round nub above the opening and Yolanda gasped at the sensation.

“This,” she said as she began to rub, “Is a place of pleasure for a woman.”

Yolanda slid lower into the tub and looked up in shock at Carintha who bent over and kissed her on the mouth.

“We were to pleasure each other after the battle,” Carintha whispered. “I keep my promises.” Her fingers slipped down and then into Yolanda. Yolanda cried out briefly before clapping a hand over her own mouth. She had never felt such a thing before. Carintha’s fingers were inside her and touching a place in her belly that caused her legs to stiffen and quiver at the same time! Carintha leaned down and kissed Yolanda again, then moved her lips down to suckle Yolanda’s breast. The sensation of the girl’s tongue and lips against her nipple was wholly unexpected. Combined with the sensation from inside her she rolled her head back, nothing as a man had been so intense. She felt warm while energies coursed through her body a constant set of wave after wave of growing pleasure. Carintha’s fingers were probing deeper, then coming back, now stroking a spot that made her eyes cross. Her other hand went into the water and that finger found the place from before. As her left hand rubbed at Yolanda’s clit and her right fingers stroked her G-Spot, Yolanda cried out! Her first female orgasm echoing through her body.

Yolanda expected the excitement to subside as it always had when she had ejaculated as a man, but Carintha didn’t stop, and Yolanda felt the waves of pleasure growing again, coming faster this time. She gripped the side of the tub. Water splashed as she pumped her hips while she came again, and again! Carintha moved to the foot of the tub, putting Yolanda’s knees on her shoulders and her hands under Yolanda’s ass. She lifted Yoland out of the water and then pushed her face into Yolanda’s crotch. Her kiss was unlike anything Yorick had experienced when maids had taken him into their mouths. Carintha’s lips and tongue danced with the lips of Yolanda’s womanhood, playing over the clittorus again and again before penetrating into her and then back out. Back to the clit and again. Yolanda clenched her thighs around Carintha’s head and then opened them wider as the serving girl continued to serve her. Climax on top of climax rocked her body in ways she never knew were possible as a man. It was too much.

“Stop!” she begged. She pushed at Carintha’s head while she pulled her hips back down into the water.

Carintha looked up at her from between her legs. She was soaking wet but grinning wide. “Now you know the ways that a woman feels pleasure!” She stroked Yolanda’s smooth leg. “Is it different for men?”

Yolanda was panting. “Never as a man. Have I felt such intensity.” she admitted. “Thank you.”

Carintha licked her lips. “You shall do the same for me now.” She rose to her feet and made her way to the bed. 

Yolanda stood, the water rolling down her body, dripping off erect nipples and stepped out. As she dried herself off, Carintha had pulled the soaked linen dress over her head and laid back on the bed naked. For a moment, Yolanda lamented the lack of a cock to plunge into the girl. She climbed up onto the bed from the foot and lowered her face into Carintha’s sex. 

Later, as they lay side by side, Carintha said “at least now I know you will have experienced pleasure. Many men do not bother with our desires and leave us unfulfilled once they have filled us with their seed.” 

“I have always…” Yolanda said defensively.

Carintha smiled and rolled over, tracing her finger over Yolanda’s breast. “Oh, it was known. That was not the first time you gave a woman the downward kiss.”

Yolanda looked at the serving girl’s finger as it slid over a mound of flesh that she still could not accept to be hers. She was reminded of the humiliation to come.

“Thank you Carintha, for keeping our rendezvous, I guess you were truthful when you said it didn’t matter to you if I was King.” she said.

Carintha passed a pitiable smile, “You are not the first woman I have lain with.” She sat up and swung her legs out of the bed. “Now my Queen, we must prepare you for the wedding.”

This sudden change in tone shocked Yolanda back to the reality she now lived in. She was now a woman, to be married to and possessed by a man who she despised. She sat up on the bed and watched as Carintha began pulling items from Yenfried’s wardrobe.

She pulled a silk smock over Yolanda’s head, then wrapped her in a corset. She had Yolanda hold the back of a chair while she pulled the laces tight. Yolanda gasped and then could hardly take any deep breaths once the knots were tied and Carintha stuffed the lace ends up under the ribs. She looked down in despair at the round mounds of flesh pressed up and almost spilling over the top of the garment.

Carintha then had her step into Petticoats which were tied fast around Yolanda’s waist, far higher than she was used to tying her breeches. As Yolanda observed the petticoated beauty in the mirror, Carintha left the chamber for a moment and returned holding aloft a white silky flowing gown. 

“Javin has provided your wedding dress.” she announced. Yolanda looked at the frock and was overwhelmed with what it meant.

“I was a man of arms. The second son of a noble, raised to fight while my brother led.” she said. She took the sleeve in her hand, it was thin and translucent, embroidered with a flower lace pattern. “I was to spend my days in armor, my evenings hefting ale with the men, my nights, bedding maids…who dress like this!” She slumped into the chair. “My father said surviving the battle was the greater challenge, but he could not have known what was in store for me.” She put her face in her hands and sobbed.

Carintha laid the dress on the bed and was by her side, arm across her back. “Let it out now. Get it all out now. Don’t let Javin see tonight.”

“Goddess, I even cry like a woman!” Yolanda blurted.

“Tis in the nature of our sex My Lady”. Carintha soothed. “Cry like a woman now, so you can be brave like a man tonight.” She kissed Yolanda on the brow. “To us, you are still our King.”

Price Yorick the Bride
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