From "Spring Break Flip: Gender Fliped at beach week" by Katie Oslow.  Teddy had met his girlfriend Susan at her beachside hotel.  Soon after some passionate sex, Susan discovers that her Father, a protective wizard has just arrived to check up on her! 

Spring Break Flip
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You Girls Have Fun

The smoke dissipated in a second with no odor or residue.  In its place stood a middle-aged man with close-cut gray hair that matched his beard.  He wore a blue button-down shirt and a gray sportcoat over black pants.  He was facing away from Teddy, directly at Susan.  

“Oh, I didn’t know you were at the door Princess!” he said in an accent Teddy had never heard before.  “I thought you might have been out so I let myself in.” 

“Hi Daddy!” Susan said with a guilty smile.  

“Were you about to go out wearing that?” he asked, stepping into the alcove by the door.  “You’re practically naked!”  

“Oh uh, no Daddy,” Susan looked down in shame. 

“Now, you never lie to me darling, do you?” he said and he flicked his wrist.  Susan’s bikini actually grew, the fabric connecting across her chest and stomach to form a one-piece.  “I won’t have you ever lie.”  

“Sorry Daddy,” she said.  

“Nothing to apologize for,” he replied.  “You said you would not wear that out and now you won't.”  

Teddy shifted his weight on the bed.  The man turned and looked at him.  His eyes were a deep gray, almost black and his eyebrows were dramatic.  His eyes flitted from Teddy, to his open bag, to the stack of shorts, and then to the disheveled quilt on the bed.  

Teddy stood up, “Sir, uh, Mr. Rakan, I am Theodore Hauser.  I did not intend to meet…” 

The man ignored Teddy and walked into the bathroom.  

Susan looked terrified as she cowered against the door biting her lip.   

They could hear the wastebasket be lifted off the floor and then dropped.  There was silence.  

Teddy looked at Susan who shook her head and mouthed, “run.”  Teddy shook his head.  “Mr. Rakan, I believe we should talk about a few things.”  

The man stepped out of the bathroom and took a deep breath.  “You used protection.  Good.”  

Susan began hyperventilating.  “Daddy!  I’m sorry I…” he held up a hand and she was silent.  

“You are in your 20s now Sue,” he said.  “I would be a fool to think that it wasn’t possible for you to hook up with some shithead off the beach while you were on spring break with your girlfriends.”  

“Now wait a minute!”  Teddy stood up.  “I am not some random shithead….” Teddy suddenly was frozen in place, unable to speak as Mr. Raken held up a hand.  His vision was locked on the man and he couldn’t even move his eyes away.  As the man moved into the room, Teddy’s eyes followed him on their own.  

“I know who you are, Teddy!” the man said.  “Susan has never spoken of you to me, but a father knows what is going on in his daughter’s life.  After all, she NEVER lies to me.”  He was hovering over Teddy now.  “I won't let her.”  

Teddy’s pulse was racing, he wanted to take a deep breath but even his lungs wouldn’t obey commands and he just breathed at a normal pace while he felt his chest scream for more air.  

Mr. Raken reached past Teddy and picked up his shorts.  He walked over to the dresser, opened the 1st drawer, saw Teddy’s socks and underwear, and closed it.  He opened the second drawer and dropped the shorts next to Teddy’s t-shirts.  

“Which makes this awkward,” he said.  

“Daddy NO!” Susan pleaded.  “Teddy didn’t know!  Punish me!”  

Mr. Raken smiled.  “I’m not punishing anyone.” 

Teddy was puzzled as he seemed to be sinking.  

“I am simply avoiding a situation where you could have lied to me,” he went on.  

Teddy’s weight felt wrong, something was pulling at his shoulders and chest.  

“This person is clearly staying in this room with you.” Raken was standing by his daughter now.  

Teddy felt tension in his groin like he was hard but the sensation was wrong, it was too small and it now seemed to push up inside him.  

“And YOU told me you would be sharing a room with your girlfriend,”  Raken said. 

“Daddy please don’t,” Susan begged.  

Something was tickling Teddy’s shoulders.  

“The used condom tells me that someone in this room likes to sleep around!” Mr. Raken opened the room door.  “While you have always been my good girl!”  He looked over at Teddy,  “I do not judge!  I expect the two of you to behave exactly as I have observed.  So you girls have a fun week!” he said and closed the door.  

As soon as the door closed Teddy felt whatever grip was on him released.  He stepped forward and almost toppled, something felt wrong.  

“What the…” he halted suddenly.  That wasn’t his voice, it was too high, almost bubbly.  His hand shot to his mouth.  Were his lips swollen?  They seemed to be bigger but they didn’t feel numb or puffy.  His nose was scratched by his nail.  He pulled his hand away in shock and looked at it.  It was thin, small and every finger had an elongated nail with pink polish.   

He looked past his feminine hand at Susan who was staring at him with pity.  

“What?” he tried to say and then halted once more before deciding to force it through.  “What is happening?”  The high pitched voice asked.  

Susan shook her head, “NO!” she uttered and pulled open the door.  She rushed out leaving Teddy alone.  

“WAIT!” Teddy called and took another step.  His shorts fell to the floor.  He looked down and gasped, causing him to trip and fall on the cold tile.  He caught himself on his hands and knees.  Straight blonde hair fell around his face all the way to the floor.  Looking down, he confirmed what made him gasp as two large breasts, his breasts dangled heavily from his chest.  

“Oh God,” he said as he lifted his right hand off the floor and cupped his right breast in his thin manicured fingers.  He felt his touch, these were real and they were his.  As he raised his breast he saw thin, smooth knees and thighs rising from the floor into his oversized boxers.   “No,No,No,No,” he muttered to himself as he moved his hand off his breast down to his boxers, pushed in on the cloth and found a flat featureless surface.  “Oh No! NO! NO!” he was saying louder as his hand moved a little farther down and found a round mound with gentle lips.  He pushed between the lips gently and they parted, his finger pressed the cloth in and down till they hit a small lump.  To his senses, it felt like he had just rubbed the tip of his penis, but he knew that he had his finger on his clitorus.  He was a girl.  

Teddy was frozen on the floor for a moment absorbing her new found femininity.  Self consciously, she moved her hand to the waistband of her boxers.  They were loose around her hips and she wasn’t ready to see what was or wasn’t under them yet.  She climbed to her feet, realizing that even those were smaller than before.  She staggered into the bathroom.  As she turned the corner, she saw a hot topless blonde bimbo wearing men’s boxers round the corner in the mirror.  Her blonde hair was down to the small of her back.  Her eyes were impossibly large and blue with long thick lashes and thin brows.  Her lips made a delicate pink bow below her button nose.  Her thin neck tapered to smooth narrow shoulders framing a torso that seemed almost too small for her large round and perky tits.  Her waist was very thin above hips that flared out almost enough to fit the waistband of the boxers.  Every inch of the girl was pure sex-pot and if Teddy still had a dick, it would be hard as a rock looking at her.  

Finally, she took a deep breath and pulled the waistband down, letting the boxers fall to the floor and revealing the smooth dickless crotch she now possessed.   She was staring stunned at the small golden triangle of neatly sculpted hair between her legs when she heard the room door open behind her and saw Susan walk in.  

Suddenly she felt very exposed, she crouched down to the floor and pulled her boxers back up. They got stuck on her ass as she pulled them and she had to reach back to lift them over, only now realizing how much bigger her butt had become.  She turned her back on the mirror to see Susan standing in the door with a resigned look of pity in her eyes.   

“Teddy, I’m so sorry.” Susan said as she reached for the new girl’s shoulder and guided her out of the bathroom.  “I didn’t think he would come down here or that he would….”  she sighed.  She guided Teddy to the bed and indicated that she should sit down.  Teddy, in a stunned daze, did as instructed.  Susan stood back and paused.  

“You didn’t think he would turn me into some big-tittied blonde bimbo!?” Teddy squeaked in her feminine voice.  “Cause I was pretty unaware of that possibility when I came to spend a beach week fucking my girlfriend too!”  She looked down at her tits.  “Then again, I was also not aware that magic…”.  She looked up at Susan, “FUCKING MAGIC!  Existed!”  She pointed a long pink fingernail at Susan, “But YOU seemed to be in on that little secret!  Might have been nice for you to share it before I lost my fucking dick!”  

“It might not be lost!”  Susan blurted.  

Teddy looked down and spread her knees apart while pushing the cloth of her boxers flat.  “Well, it’s not where I left it!”  

“Just shut up and listen?” Susan blurted.  

Teddy paused. 

“Right now, this isn’t permanent!” she continued.  “I talked daddy out of that just now!”  

“How long?” Teddy asked.

“It’s not that easy,” Susan said.  “It’s not permanent yet, but daddy is just looking for a reason. He wants to punish you and me through you, so he set some conditions that you are going to hate, but the alternative is that he locks you into that body for life.  So I suggest you shut the fuck up, pull up your big-girl panties, and get it over with!”  

Teddy closed her eyes and took a deep breath.  “Ok, what do I need to do?”  

“Be a slut.” Susan said. 

Teddy sat up. “What?!”  

Susan sat down next to her and put her hand on Teddy’s shoulder.  “You heard him before he left.  I’m his good little girl so the condom must be yours.  In his mind, that makes you a slut.  He told us to be ourselves this weekend so that means….”  

Teddy was incredulous.  “But he knows that we…” 

“He knows!” Susan cut her off.  “But he reshapes his own reality and he expects everyone to play along.”  

“Ok, so I have a bad reputation?” Teddy asked. 

“Until a few minutes ago, this girl never existed.” Susan said.  

“Then how can I be a slut?” Teddy asked.  

Susan turned to face her.   “Actions.”  She pointed out the sliding door.  A crow was perched on the railing.  “Anything a bird can see, he can see.  He will be watching us.”  

Teddy looked at the crow and crossed her arms over her chest feeling vulnerable.  “Every bird? She asked.  

“No, but any bird.” Susan continued.  “He told us to have a fun week and he expects us to behave exactly like we are just two college girls at beach week.  She pointed to herself, “The innocent one,” then she pointed at Teddy, “and her friend the slut.” 

Teddy thought she knew where this was going.  “Oh God.” 

Susan nodded, “We need to go out.”  She stood and walked over to her suitcase that was sitting open on a folding stand.  “I have some things that fit the bill.”  She tossed a hot pink string bikini onto the bed by Teddy.  “But we will need to buy you some slutty outfits.”  

Teddy picked up the bikini top.  It was little more than two small triangles connected by a string no thicker than a shoelace.  

Susan tossed a short denim skirt onto the bed and then some wedge sandals.  She looked at Teddy and snapped her own one piece.  “We’re lucky I brought more than one suit,” she said.  

Teddy held up the bikini top helplessly.  “I have no idea how to put this on.”  

Susan motioned for her to stand, Teddy did so.   

“Put the top loop over your head.” she said.  

Teddy did, the top hung lopsidedly between her tits.  She grabbed either end of the string and pulled it behind her to line the triangles up over her nipples.  Susan took them from her and was adjusting and tying them behind her.  “We will be expected to go to the beach in the day and to the clubs at night.” She pulled the knot tight behind Teddy and then untied and adjusted the one behind her neck and turned her around to inspect. 

Teddy looked down and tried to pull the triangles wider.  “I feel like one good bounce and I’ll pop right out of this!” she complained.  

“Yup!” Susan replied.  “So try not to bounce.”  She pointed down at Teddy’s boxers.  “Off!”  

Teddy pushed them down.  

“Oooh, nice thigh-gap girl!” Susan exclaimed.   

“Please!”  Teddy groaned.  

“Sorry, just trying to lighten the mood.”  She handed Teddy the bikini bottoms.  Teddy turned them around a couple times confused.  “The T goes in back.” she said.  “It’s a thong.”  

“Oh fuck!” Teddy said as she stepped into them, pulling them up over her hips and feeling the cloth slide between her butt cheeks leaving her ass exposed.   

“That’s what this is for.” Susan said, handing the skirt to Teddy.  

Teddy pulled the skirt on, at her hips the skirt seemed fairly short and wouldn’t snap shut.  

“That’s not your waist.” Susan replied.  

Teddy pulled up higher, then snapped and zipped the side of the skirt.  The hem was just barely below her crotch.  “This doesn't cover anything!”  She complained.  

“Covers your ass!” Susan said.  “And it's still slutty enough not to get you in trouble!”  

Teddy looked down at herself.  “A week going out like this?”  

“You look great!” Susan said.  She reached into her bag and pulled out a small case.  “You just need some slutty makeup to match your outfit!” 


Spring Break Flip
is available from Amazon