Dr. Lilith's Flight

The Empire’s Capitol airport was always stressful.  
As she moved through the terminal there was a ruckus to her right.   She watched in quiet fury as a screaming and crying woman grasped at the sides of the Jetway as two Imperial officers and a Pilot dragged her into the terminal from the newly arrived aircraft. 

“Donald!   PLEASE!!!! HELP ME!!!”   She cried out toward a man who stood by impassively.  “Don’t let them take me!   I don’t want to be a slave! NOOOOOO!!!!”  

The Pilot smacked her hand and she let go of the door jam.   One Officer pulled her into a full nelson head-lock while the other quickly cuffed her wrists.   

“Stop! Stop! STOP!!!!!!!” She cried “Someone help me!”  

Not one passenger waiting at the gate moved.  The men watched with wolfish grins while the women averted their eyes.  The second Officer produced a stainless steel collar and locked it around her neck.  The words “Training Cunt” were etched in the chrome finish.  He then attached her cuffed wrists to a loop on the back of her collar immobilizing her arms.    

“FUUUUUUCCCK YOOUUU!!!”  She spat!  “People will look for me!  They will find you Donald!  They will make you pay!  I’ll fucking Kill YOU!  DO YOU HEA<URK>”  The woman’s shout’s were cut off as a ball gag was forced into her mouth.   The guard then produced a pair of fabric sheers.  The woman tried to lurch away and he smacked her across the face several times.   She stood still and cried as he cut her Jeans, blouse, panties and bra off her.   Now naked,  The Guards attached a leash to her collar.   The larger of the two dragged her over to a waiting cart where three other naked and bound women were chained while the smaller guard went to Donald and handed him a plastic card.  

“Pleasure doing business as always Frank.”  Donald said and the two men hugged each other briefly before Donald made his way down the Jetway.  “I have a hot date tomorrow, gonna talk this one into a weekend getaway too.  With luck, I’ll deliver her Friday night!”  He called over his shoulder.  

“You’re a right bastard!” Frank said with a laugh before moving to the airport cart and climbing on next to his partner.   “Alright Cunts!  One more pickup and then it's to the basement where you can start learning your new place in the order!”  

The cart rolled down the concourse and disappeared through the crowd.  

Dr. Lilith seethed as she passed out of the main concourse into the private terminal.   It wasn’t until she was on her own Learjet, Piloted by Kimberly and airborne that she relaxed.  

“Dickless!  Amaretto Sour!”  she demanded of the timid-looking man sitting in the flight attendant’s seat.  

The man nodded “Yes Goddess!”  

“Two cherries,  just like you don’t have!”  She called. 

He nodded and began mixing.  

Kat had purchased Victor five years earlier as an early test subject for her MACR experiments.  At the time he had been defiant, arrogant, and Mysoginistic.  He was originally a citizen of the Empire, captured by Femdom Slavers at sea.  MECS was not yet doing full body conversions, only playing with isolated guided regrowth in localized parts of the body.   As a result,  Victor still looked like a man in the short-short and tight-button-down shirt flight attendant uniform, but, if you looked closely you would see his shorts were flat in front with a slight camel toe.  

Dr. Lilith’s experiments had removed Victor’s cock and balls, replacing them with a naturally grown vagina, complete with clit.  Like most of Dr. Lilith’s test subjects, Victor’s will to fight seemed to vanish with his dick.  Since then, she kept Victor around as a useful servant.  She enjoyed the look of defeat in his eyes every time she mocked him.  To make his cunt even more out of place, she insisted he take regular Testosterone injections and work out daily, as a result, he filled out his tight shirts deliciously.  While he could never fuck again, she enjoyed his fingers and his tongue often.  

Victor set the drink in the holder by Kat’s hand.  

“Thanks, Pussy Boy” She said and watched him blink in humiliation and reached her hand out.   She stroked his camel toe and pressed her finger where she knew his clit was.   He took in a deep breath.  She rubbed it a little.  “Later in the flight, we can play.”  She said 

“Thank you Goddess” Victor sighed with his eyes closed.   

Kat took her hand away and smacked his ass.   “Now I have work to do!”   

Victor returned to his seat and Kat opened her Laptop.  FEMD had found and cut off her VPN connection finally.  Dr. Lilith smiled as she imagined Director Chaste’s reaction when they found it.   Still,  MECS IT had been working overtime while the VPN was live and the entire FEMD network was mirrored and simulated.   While they couldn’t interact with live systems anymore, this allowed Dr. Lilith to continue to explore Chaste’s dirty secrets.   

She continued to dig into the FEMD “NeuroMesh” Program files.  A file marked “remote update protocol” intrigued her.  She started to read through it and had an epiphany.  Quickly she pulled up the Facilities files and scrolled through floor plans before she found what she was looking for.  She smiled.  “Gotcha!” she said to herself and opened up her SSH window.   She connected to an encrypted message board and dropped several key files along with a short note. 

Then she took out her phone and pulled up the contact for “Grace,” another of Dr. Lilith’s experiments, formerly a male Imperial commando, Grace was now a complete woman who had suffered as a breeding hucow in the Empire she once served before being the subject of Director Chaste’s mind control experiments.  Grace hated Dr. Lilith for the loss of her manhood, but she hated Director Chaste more.   Dr. Lilith and Grace had an uneasy alliance as Lilith had arranged to Extract Grace’s daughters from the Empire.  

Kat sent Grace a quick note informing her of a pending update.   It felt like releasing a bowstring.  Grace, like an arrow, was her weapon against David Chaste and his Nightmare Experiments.  

Dr. Kat Lilith put her laptop and phone away in satisfaction.   She pulled her narrow skirt up around her waist and then slid her panties to the floor.   

“Mealtime, eunich, get your pussy over here and put that tongue to work!”  

Victor obediently knelt between her legs and pushed his face between her thighs.