Bound in Nexum
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Sara Sochi has just accepted Richard's offer to enter the world's first Nexum agreement.  For the next five years, she will belong to him as his sex slave.  At the end of the term, she will have millions.  Having just signed the papers, she waits naked for her new master while he makes final arrangements with his lawyer...

It was some time before Richard returned.  The blaze in the hearth had tapered into flickering embers.  Sarah had moved to one of the overstuffed chairs and was sitting on the edge, too nervous to relax.   

“As instructed, good girl,” Richard said to announce himself.  “Though you will need to learn how to wait for your master.  Now stand!”  Sarah stood and recrossed her arms.  

“Arms behind your head!” Richard demanded.  Sarah raised her arms and clasped her fingers around her ponytail behind her head.  “Feet farther apart!  Eyes straight ahead!  Chin up! Chest out!”  Sarah did her best to follow these instructions, spreading her feet to the width of her shoulders, looking straight into the Kitchen past Richard and thrusting her tits forward.  She felt a smack on her inner thigh.  “Wider!”  She stepped farther apart, and felt like she was going to topple.  He was behind her and she felt his hand grab and knead her ass.  “Very nice, this is called Inspection.”  His left hand came from behind her and cupped her left breast, squeezed and held it for a moment.  His fingers then traced down the breast to her nipple and pinched it roughly.

“Owww” Sara said and suddenly she felt a harsh smack on her ass.  

“Quiet until given permission to speak!” 

Sarah bit her lips together.  She could feel beads of sweat trickle from her hairline.  She was afraid but also entranced.  She dreaded and couldn't wait for his next action.  

His left hand left her breast and slid down across her belly, over her abdomen and cupped her sex.  A single finger parted her labia and slid from her opening sliding back the hood of her clitoris and then began to expertly rub it.  Sarah’s breathing faltered.  She felt drunk.  His right hand came around her and grabbed hold of her right breast as his left hand continued to provide waves of pleasure over Sarah’s body.  She felt warmth as he brought his face up to her ear and began to nibble.  The nerve endings relayed down to join the growing heat from his finger.  He stopped nibbling and started whispering.  

“It’s important that you understand this right away.”  He began to rub faster while his right hand was now focused on rolling her nipple between his fingers.  “You are now mine!  All of you!”  His finger left her clit, slid back and then plunged into her.  She let out an involuntary cry.  His right hand slid up off her tit and clamped over her mouth.  “All mine!  Your holes are mine!”  He slid a second finger into her below while plunging two fingers into her mouth at the same time.  “Your body is mine!”  He pulled her back and pressed himself against her.  “You do what I say, you wear what I say, your existence is to serve me!  Your greatest goal is my pleasure, your greatest reward is my cum!”  His fingers were curled toward her front and were stroking her like no toy ever had.  She moaned around his fingers.  She began to suck on and lick them.  She knew what the message was and she wanted the reward, she wanted his cum.  He intensified his fingers, now plunging deeper she felt something new.  Her knees bent and she lowered a little.  He caught her and it pushed his fingers just a little deeper.  She could feel the urgency and clenched her muscles.  “And you only cum when I say!”  He said and her eyes went wide.  She was on the verge!  She was desperate to finish.  Her hips were bucking against his hand as he continued his thrusting massage.  She sucked harder on his fingers sliding her tongue up their length.  “Shhhhh, not yet,” he said.  He slid his fingers out of her mouth and traced wet spittle down between her breasts, through her belly button to her crotch where he lifted his palm to allow his index finger to come to her clit.  He curled the fingers inside her once more while his right index finger began to massage the clit.  She was on the verge of screaming.  “Not yet.  Hold.  Hold.”  he whispered.  She turned her head to look at him desperately.  Her fingers, still clasped behind her head gripped her hair in two tight fists.  His fingers straightened and thrust.  The index finger on her clit pressed and he said “Now!”.  

Sarah cried out as the greatest wave of pleasure she had ever experienced washed over her.  Her knees collapsed under her and she was washed in wave after wave.  She came and kept cumming.  Nothing else existed.  She realized that she had dropped her arms.  She was on her knees on the carpet.  Richard still held the fingers of his left hand inside her.  He was on his knees as well, looming behind her.  His right hand was balanced on a chair.  “Oh God!” she said.  

Richard’s fingers were out of her in an instant.  Still dripping, they cupped her chin and squeezed roughly on her cheeks.  His right hand disappeared and she felt her face pulled down to the carpet.  She put her hands down to break her fall.  He let go of her cheeks and his hand was on the back of her head pushing down.  His right hand grabbed her wrists and pulled them out in front of her until she was kneeling, face down ass up with her arms splayed in front of her.

“This is Humble!”  He said as he held her down.  “I expect you to adopt this pose immediately when I command!  This is the punishment pose!  DO NOT MOVE FROM IT!”  He removed his hands.  Sarah, still dazed from her climax, did as she was told.  She felt a white-hot sting on her ass.  Once, twice, three times, four times, five times!

“Speaking without permission!  Five strokes!”  Richard announced.  Sarah’s right butt cheek was burning.  He had managed to strike in exactly the same place every time.  She clenched her hands into fists.  The burning from her ass mixed with the still radiating afterglow of her orgasm and the combination was electric.  

She heard him stand but dared not move.  He added a log to the fire and she could feel the heat intensify on her bare skin.  She heard him leave the room for a moment and then return.  

A small paper shopping bag was set by her head.  “Take that and put it on.  There are others in the basement.  It is your uniform from now on.  Once dressed, return to inspection.”  She heard him leave again.   

Bound in Nexum
is available from multiple retailers