Grace begins her mission

The Birth of Grace

Backpack pulled in sung on my shoulders I trudge through the snow to begin the next stage in my quest, and the next chapter of my life. I reflect on Everything that has brought me to this point. It was a life that no one would choose, a life I despised. Once I have accomplished my goals, it was a life I would end on my own terms.

No, that was Rolf's ghost, trying to pull me down into the abyss with him. Rolf died three years ago on Dr. Lillith's operating table when they took away my manhood. All that remains of Rolf is the pair of shriveled testicles in a jar in Dr Lilith's ghoulish collection. She showed me pictures. Rows of jars from dozens of men who she had mutilated in her quest to "cure masculinity" as she described her mission.

She was just like Chaste, if Chaste were a cunt.

I take one last look back at the FRA Rebel camp where I was reborn.

Dr. Lilith stands there, the cold bitch's expression is unreadable. I will be back one day to deal with her.

First things first though.

I would report in to my FEMD Contact, ol Chucky Carter. Tell him I took a 220v hit off a badly maintained FRA Generator while undercover. That should explain the implant going offline. With Dr Lilith's modifications, when FEMD tries to reactivate it, it will read all green, but leave my limbic system unmodified. Firing impulses into empty skull space.

That, my story and the bloody eyes of eight known FRA terrorists that I have in my pack should be enough to convince them that I remain their loyal MilkyTits.

The fact that the eyes came from troops killed in a Helicopter training accident should never be a factor.

Once inside, I can get to Chaste and assess my next steps.

The heretic zealot bastard has got to have other enemies in the Empire. I just need to find them.

GHS Advertisement 


Grace snatched up the discarded MDE Gazette and flipped through it. She had been out of circulation for a while and needed to see what was going on in the Empire.
Hostilities seemed to be heating up, A new General was moved into the Northern sector, and GHS had a new contract with FEMD.
She was reading the article when she saw the advertisement and froze.
Grace had spent over 2 years on a GHS Hucow farm and had birthed 3 girls in that time! She remembered the Doctors calling the last one "Eve" as they carried her out of the birthing pen. She had never actually seen any of her daughters.
There was no way to know if the "Eve" in the advertisement was the same Eve that she gave birth to. What was clear was that every girl born to the women lined up on the milking racks at the GHS dairy and breeding farm was going to face a lifetime of slavery, degradation, and cybernetic augmentation more advanced than the Sumbit.SIR chip Chaste had put into Grace's skull.
This wasn't just about revenge against Director Chaste, and FEMD anymore. Now she was on a rescue mission, she had to save her daughters from the butchers at GHS!
“This hucow needs Milking at three”
Grace didn’t wait for a response, she simply hung up the payphone and opened the phone book.
“Buxom Beauty Hotel” was the third one listed. Only six blocks away. If she managed to avoid any horny roaming men who wanted a taste she should be there by Noon. She traced her collar with her finger. It identified her as an owned slave and should grant her some protection.
She lifted her pack and made her way in the Hotel’s direction.
She had made it four blocks when she heard what she had been dreading.
“Where’s your owner, cunt?”
She stopped, took a deep breath and turned around. The man was puny, maybe 5’6” and 150lbs. In the old days, Rolf would have dismantled this twerp in seconds, dislocating both shoulders, elbows and knees, leaving him twitching and screaming on the ground like a puppet with his strings cut. But She wasn’t Rolf Gregor any longer.
Despite the muscle loss from her lack of testosterone, she still knew the techniques. But she was now a woman in the Empire and assaulting a man on the street would land her back in the Hucow barn regardless of her mission for Chaste.
She kept her eyes down, submissive, weak, “My Master will meet me at the Buxom Beauty Hotel sir” She said softly. “If you care to use me, you will have to discuss it with him first”
“Did you just tell me what I have to do, CUNT?!” He said, advancing on her.
“I am sorry sir! My master demands I answer any other man in that way.” She pleaded. “I would be happy to please you if my Master agrees! I will even ask him to give you a discount to compensate for the insult, sir!” Grace hated the words coming from her mouth. The words of a slave cunt whore. The words that the Natural Order demanded of her now that she was a cunt herself.
At the mention of payment, the twerp’s attitude seemed to change. His face dropped and he sighed. “Alright Cunt! Get going! I’ll let you off THIS TIME!” He turned away and went looking for other prey.
A Broke twerp at that.
She continued to the hotel. It was an old two story motor lodge.
“My Master demanded I meet him at this hotel sir” She said to the clerk behind the counter. He had a distracted face and she could hear slurping from under the desk.
“Huh?” he looked annoyed at her and just pushed the registry book across the counter at her.
Under Guest she wrote “Stanly Percy” the name that had been prearranged to signal that all was well. Under the + She put “MilkyTits” her old slave name.
She was about to push it back when she saw the clerk clench his eyes and let out a grunt. There was a few more slurps and then a naked, heavy set curvy slave with a canvas dog collar stood up from her place under the counter wiping her mouth.
“Get this bitch settled and then bring me my lunch!” The clerk barked, smacked the slave’s ass and walked away. He was wearing boxers and his softening cock was still hanging out of the fold.
The fat slave had a tag on her collar that said “Cumbucket”
Cumbucket led Grace to a room on the 1st floor at the end of the row.
Once inside and alone, Grace got out of her field gear and into something more appropriate for her debriefing with Carter.
Grace looked at herself in the mirror as she adjusted the hem of her skirt. The blue dress perfectly concealed the 9mm she had strapped to her inner thigh.
Chuck would be arriving for any moment now and she didn’t want to risk going into this unarmed.
There was no way to know if they would buy her cover story about the GPS Tracker going dark. If FEMD didn’t buy her cover, she would have to fight her way out or end up as a limbless cocksleve.
Carter always insisted on conducting debriefs in “Post nut clarity.” With the pistol hidden in a thigh holster, that meant she would have to start blowing him the moment he arrived to keep him from looking for more.

Charles Carter

Charles Carter saw the message blip come up and listened to the recording.
"This hucow needs Milking at Three"
"This Hucow" Signaled that she was alone on mission and not under duress.
"Needs Milking" There was good news that needed to be reported and she wanted a debrief with Charles himself.
"At three" She would be at the 3rd Hotel in local listings for the area code the call came from.
He tapped away at his keyboard for a few seconds. "Buxom Beauty Hotel" It was an old dump in a nothing town not far from the Northern front. That was over a hundred miles from where her convoy had been hit. Already he was learning more about Rebel Mobility.
He picked up his phone and left a message with the Director. He was on standing orders regarding agent MilkyTits so there was no need for confirmation. He looked down at his sexratary under his desk sucking his cock. She had heard too much.
She smiled up at him and he smiled down at her. Poor thing, he had been enjoying her. Keeping a poker face and trying to divert himself to keep from cumming so she would stay down there, he opened up a termination form. Halfway through he shook his head, he could be merciful and still ensure that she kept quiet. He closed the termination form and opened a reassignment form. He filled out her details and clicked "Fuckpet Conversion" He released into her mouth, thanked her and was out the door.
FEMD guards were getting off the elevator to collect her when he got on. He would have to check in on her in her pen when he got back. Maybe he would adopt her as his own pet. It would be a shame to never cum on that sweet face again.
He took a department sedan and was pulling in to the Buxom Beauty Hotel by Dinner. He would order a Pizza for the debrief.
The Hotel desk was watched by a Fat pig in a silk nighty that seemed to bulge in all the wrong places. She had a collar tag that identified her as "Cumbucket" Chuck shivered at the idea of putting his dick in any of her disgusting holes.
"Did my slave check me in?" He asked gruffly.
Cumbucket smiled. "You must be master Percy!" She pointed at the registry. MilkyTits had registered herself and Stanly Percy. Charles released some tension. Looks like this was all clear. He held out his hand and Cumbucket gave him an old fashioned metallic key. He went to the door at the end of the row and let himself in.
MilkyTits was kneeling in Nadu position in front of the door. She looked delicious in her blue dress, her tits bulging against the too-tight fabric. Charles felt a moment of loathing. To think any man would be so defeated as to be turned into THAT! Her very existance was an insult to all men of the Empire. He should have chosen death before dismemberment.
Without a word, he pulled down his zipper. It was time to remind this pathetic coward of what she was. Carter NEVER Passed up an opportunity to humiliate MilkyTits.
Chuck was so predictable, He wanted his dick wet, now Grace just had to keep it out of her cunt. “Shall I lay on the bed for you sir?" She offered.
Charles dropped his pants to the floor and kicked his shoes off. He walked past the bitch and sat his bare ass on the bed. "NO!" He stated. "Real men get to sit on the bed!" He opened his legs and motioned her over. "Pathetic cowards who let themselves be turned into cunts deserve to serve on their knees!"He watched with satisfaction as Agent MilkyTits crawled across the floor on her hands and knees and took up position between his legs.
She looked at him expectantly.
"Don't just stay there! Suck it Bitch!" He commanded. With satisfaction, he saw her try and suppress a frown as the Submit.SIR control chip kicked in and she lowered her head, wrapping her lips around his engorged cock.  Well, that answers the chip question. Still working, clearly. This debrief was going pretty well so far. With the exception of the dead GPS Tracker, Agent MilkyTits seemed intact and uncompromised. Commander Rolf Gregor would never suck a cock like this, and a Rebel Turncoat wouldn't either. This was still Agent MilkyTits, Director Chaste's secret weapon. The hand he sent to wrap itself around the heart of the Rebels. Charles wondered if it had squeezed.
He imagined a room fool of ranking FRA Officers, all dead and he came immediately. He stroked MilkyTit's head as she slurped up every drop. At last, she raised her eyes to meet his. He brushed her hair back with a tender hand before he stood, walked over to his pants and started pulling them on.
"Ok Agent, Report!"


Grace tried to work more salavia into her mouth to try and flood out the lingering taste of Chuck's cum.
While she was securing her daughters and murdering Chaste, she would be glad to be rid of Chuck too. 
Don't add any more on your to-do list, she told herself. She swallowed one more time but still tasted the bitter, salty flavor. Could this man consume nothing but red meat and coffee? He seriously had the worst tasting cum she had drank in the three, no four years that she had been a woman.
A small part of her that was still Rolf Gregor roared in rage at the mere thought of comparing cum flavors.
"Infiltration successful, SIR!" while still on her knees she brought her shoulders up to attention and stood still. "This agent made contact with an FRA Raiding party south of the Capitol. The Convoy was shot up. Myself and several other cunts were rescued. The enlisted Imperial guards were all executed on the spot. The officers were hauled back to camp." She looked at Carter for a sign of emotion. What happened next was hard to be part of and would be hard to hear about too. Unlike that Son of a Bitch Chaste, Carter was ex-special forces. Greggor had served with him on several missions. The Rebel Atrocities committed against Imperial officers were intended to break Imperial Morale and they were effective.
"Once at camp, the officers were bound, naked, Their genitals were tightly wrapped by tourniquets and we, the liberated slaves were handed knives and given the opportunity to geld the men. As it was my mission to earn the trust of the FRA and embed with their forces, I removed the manhood of Captain Alphonso Stephan myself."
The Smack was not unexpected. Her face burned beneath the blow.

Charles Carter

Chuck clenched his fist, his hand still burned. The bitch still had an iron jaw under those soft cheeks. "Bad enough you lost your own cock! You went and mutilated a good man too!?" He shouted. He seethed as he turned his back on the woman and observed the closed orange hotel curtains over the window. 'Level out' he told himself. 'She had a mission and a chip guiding her. The FRA was going to castrate that officer anyway, doing the deed was a mission imperative'
He remembered Rolf Gregor ten years ago. They were in an old farmhouse with six Insurgent prisoners in the basement. The Rebels had zeroed in on them and had them surrounded. It seemed that one of their prisoners was the little sister of the officer leading the encircling force. It became a hostage situation very quickly.  Rebels afraid to assault and risk the prisoners, Chuck and Rolf pinned down with no way out. 
Rolf had told him to stall them and keep them talking then disappeared. Chuck had gotten the Rebel officer into a negotiation. Talking about food supplies, and water, asking about safe conduct back to their lines. Anything to buy time. After about half an hour, Rolf showed back up and yelled out to the woman
"Just what's it gonna take to get you to go away?"
The Rebel Woman replied, "I want to look in my little sister's eyes again!"
Rolf turned without a word and went to the basement. There was a terrible cacophony of screams and cries from five of the cunts and grunts of pain from the sixth. Rolf returned, went to the window, and chucked the girl's eyes at the officer's position. "There you go! Now Fuck Off!" He yelled.
The FRA force went mad. They charged in a blind rage, never seeing the mines and traps Rolf had set along the primary approaches while Charles had been talking.
There wasn't much fight left after the first series of blasts. Rolf walked the field executing the severely wounded and cuffing the walking wounded.
Carter and Gregor returned to base with 9 prisoners for the slave pens, including 1 Rebel Officer and her blind little sister. The moral of the story was that Rolf Gregor was ruthless when it came to completing the mission.
The crumpled heap of cuntmeat on the carpet may not look like the Commando Carter remembered, but that mind was still in there.
She had to cut that man.
Carter turned back around, calmed. "I assume your mutilation of an Imperial officer won their confidence?" He pulled a plastic chair out from the particle board table that the hotel supplied and sat down. "Continue"
Over the next hour, Grace explained her activities embedded with the Rebels. First feigning ignorance of warfare but quickly proving herself as one of their to fighters and earning the nickname "Sword of the Bay" She could tell by Carter's reaction that her legend had even reached the FEMD. Up to this point, every word was truth. She requested permission to stand and retrieve her pack.
"No, crawl cunt!" Was Carter's answer.
She crawled over to her pack and retrieved a large binder and a metal thermos. As she was rumaging around, her hand brushed her knife and she had a momentary fantasy of cutting Carter's genitals off too. She returned with the binder and Thermos crawled to Carter's feet and held them up with both hands as a submissive offering. It was time to lie.
"Four days ago, I returned to camp, the command staff was meeting with new guests." She explained. "I made girl-talk with some of the clerks waiting outside the HQ and discovered that FemdomMatriarchy and Kvinland advisors as well as a dignitary from the Salaize Liberation front (She had made up that group) Were all inside. Seeing my opportunity, I ingratiated myself with the CO who decided to show off "The Sword of the Bay" at a banquet that night. I ensured everyone drank deep. Later, as the camp slept, I collected the documents they had been reviewing. " She indicated the binder. "I then went from tent to tent, bringing the Empire's justice to them quietly, in the dark" She pointed at the Thermos.
Carter looked through the binder, with plenty of intelligence to review. He unscrewed the cap of the Thermos and turned it over. Seven eyes rolled out of various colors. "holy shit!" Chuck exclaimed as the eyes rolled across the table to come to rest against a phone book. "I guess there is something of Rolf Greggor under those tits after all!"
He looked down at the woman as she worked her jaw. She probably thought he couldn't read the seething anger, hate, and sense of betrayal under her mask. Well, he could. That was fine, the feeling was mutual. He pulled out his phone and opened the "Submit.SIR" Control app. "You've been a good girl!" He said. "Have a cookie!!" With his thumb, he slid the Limbic pleasure slider up to maximum.
It took a moment, likely some signal lag, the service was shit out here, but MilkyTits suddenly moaned in pleasure and then rolled onto her side holding her knees while still moaning.
"Looks like the chip is still in tact!" He announced. "We can live without GPS. It's not like we are going to send an extraction team if anything happens to you!"
He flipped through the binder, taking pictures of each page and then hitting send on the massive data dump. He left MilkyTits rolling in unrelenting pleasure on the floor and stepped out of the room to make his calls in peace.
First call was to FEMD.
"This is Chaste!"
Holy shit, The man himself was in. He sounded out of breath. Likely railing Poor Eva while he talked on the phone. "Sir, it's Carter. I just finished my debrief of MilkyTits and she did good, real good!" He said.
He could hear Chaste smile over the phone "I knew she would!"
Carter continued "I sent a trove of intel to our boys over at Imperial INTEL with a BCC to you of course."
"Wouldn't want to not have backups." Chaste agreed.
"Also looks like she Zeroed over half a dozen Sr Officers on her way out!"
"Outstanding! EerrrrrrrAAAAAAAGH AAAAHHHH!!!!" Chaste cried
"Sir?" Carter ventured.
"Oh, I just filled this limbless fuckdoll with a cuntload of baby batter. Say high Eva! Oh wait, we had your mouth sealed with a dildo gag and a latex mask. Never mind" Chaste was in a good mood.
"Yes, well, I'll let you get back to your day." Carter smiled as he said the words. "See you when I return."
"You coming right back?" Chaste asked.
Carter looked back at the hotel room, thinking of the pathetic cunt deserving of humiliation behind the door. "No, I'm gonna stay up here for a couple days. Remind our agent of her place in the Empire before bringing her back to the Hucow farm" He said.
"Good plan! You did well, enjoy yourself!" Chaste said and the call ended.
Carter then opened a search for the nearest Pizza place, and called them. After he ordered a deluxe for himself and a Sausage pizza for the cunt, he went back to the room. It seemed odd that he couldn't hear her moans anymore. He turned the nob and pushed the door open.
He never heard the gunshot that splattered his brains on the door.


Grace dropped the burnt foam pillow that was wrapped around her gun to the ground and holstered the pistol. She pulled the remains of Charles Carter the rest of the way into the room. Grabbing the ruined pillow, she quickly wiped the brain and blood off the door itself. There was a stained dent where the spent hollo point round had bounced off the metal door after ripping through Carter's skull. She pulled Carter's wallet out and retrieved a couple $20s. She wrote, "Leave the Pizza, keep the change" on a piece of hotel stationery, Taped it over the dent, and then used a paperclip to attach the cash. Sometimes the best way to hide something was to call attention to it.
She dragged Chuck's corpse all the way into the bathroom and into the tub, hating her weaker feminine muscles the whole time. She spent the next half hour scrubbing the bloodstains out of the already stained carpet using free hotel shampoo and toothpaste. She managed to get it to a shade of pink that blended in with the brown and black pattern of the carpet well enough.  By then she heard the snick of cash being pulled off her note and the cardboard clatter of pizza boxes on the concrete. She waited a few minutes, checked the door to make sure it was clear, and then retrieved the pizza.
Sausage, cause she lost hers. God she wished she had taken more time to kill the prick. Maybe fed him his own sausage as payment for the two years she had spent as a hucow. She had heard him on the phone. After the mission, their plan for her was to strap her to a milking machine and have her plop out baby slave girls for the rest of her life.
Fuck that!
Fuck the Empire!
She thought it before she realized she had thought it. Rolf Gregor used to believe in the Empire, in the Natural Order. What happened? She looked down at her own tits and the hem of her skirt. That's what happened. It's hard to defend Male domination if you are no longer male. Rolf was dead.
She was Grace. She ate half the Deluxe while she thumbed through Carter's phone. Addresses, contacts, GPS History, chat logs and an open VPN Link to FEMD. All it took was a thumbprint. She retrieved her field knife and went back into the bathroom.
An hour after Carter had reported that all was well, Grace hung a do-not-disturb card on the door of the room, got in Carter's FEMD sedan, tossed the uneaten pizza in the passenger seat, with her purse which contained his phone and his thumb preserved in a baggy of ice.
"Next stop, Hucow country." She said to herself as she pulled out of the lot.