These stories are absolute fantasy, a role play for those who agree to participate.  I do not in any way condone any thing that would deny another person their own autonomy.  Always remember, consent is key above all things. 

San Veritas and FEMD

San Veritas is the nation in which the Conversion series is set.  Look for more stories out of San Veritas in the future.  



The first settlers arrived in San Veritas around 1000 B.C., Shifting weather patterns and sea currents then isolated the island for several centuries.  Dutch settlers first arrived on San Veritas in 1729 naming the Island chain “Kans” or “Opportunity,” exposing the isolated population to previously unencountered pathogens.  By the time a second expedition reached the island in 1737, the native population had died, leaving what explorers had described as ghostly overgrown stone cities.  The “Haunted Islands” were avoided by most conventional sailors and often used as a refuge by pirates in the region.  

In 1889 Oil and Mineral deposits were discovered under the island and it was quickly settled by industrial interests which developed the archipelago’s infrastructure to aid in moving material from the interior to the coasts.  

In 1941 the island was claimed by the Empire of Japan, however, only a token force was landed to manage its administration.  The Island chain never saw any combat and the garrison force surrendered to the Australian navy after the end of the war.  

Word of the nation’s beauty spread after the war and the chain quickly attracted Australian, South African, and American immigrants.  Within 20 years, San Veritas was considered an English-speaking, modernized rising star in the Central South Pacific. 

In 1975, Charismatic Religious leader Ezekiel Shepperd relocated his “Adam’s Truth” ministry from Idaho USA to Kans after confrontations with US Law Enforcement.  Shepperd Established a religious retreat and compound that eventually occupied the entirety of the Stenkool island.  Over the next 20 years, Shepperd’s flock grew and Shepperd gained influence in the Kans government.  

In 1997, The “New Adam” party, whose leadership was made up of Shepperd’s followers, gained prominence in the Parliament of Kans.  They immediately began rolling back women’s rights culminating in the ultimate disenfranchisement of women by 2003.  Despite embargos and objections from the United Nations, the “New Adam” Movement advanced a radical Masculinist agenda across the nation.  Each rollback of women’s rights was accompanied by a new outcry on the world stage that would eventually fade away and be forgotten.  

In 2014, Ezekiel Shepperd died.  His funeral celebration was used to announce that Eric Varkins, Shepperd’s hand-picked successor would be the New Adam Party leader.  Eric then gave a fiery speech denouncing the corrupt feminist West and announcing his 5 Points.

Following the 2014 transition, San Veritas experienced a brief civil war as “True Kans and Feminists led a gurellia campaign against the new government.  Resistance was decisively crushed within a year.  Male resistance captives were publicly castrated and sentanced to hard labor.  By law, female resisters were denied human slave status.  They were degraded and often surgically modified to fill animal-like roles. All this was televised, squelching any spirit of rebellion saves isolated pockets of resistance on the farther western islands. 

Today, San Veritas is publicly considered an outcast on the world stage, though several nations do purchase resources from the small nation.  Human trafficking is a frequent topic of concern,  From 2014 to the present, the disappearance of women in the region has jumped 500% with some groups speculating that San Veritas imports captive women from all over the world. 

It is rumored that many of the world’s Billionaires and Oligarchs maintain households that include slave harems on the Islands of San Veritas.  


South Pacific, North of Tahiti, East of Samoa.  


total: 24,728 sq km

Comparative, a little smaller than Vermont. 


tropical marine; only slight seasonal temperature variation


rugged highlands and mountains interspersed with fertile valleys

Natural resources

nickel, oil, gold, silver, arable land

National Issues 

Adam’s Truth 

Ezekiel Shepperd founded the “Adam's Truth Church” in Northern California in the late 1960s based on the idea that Adam alone was given biblical dominion over the Earth.  According to Shepperd, mankind fell from grace when Eve ate the fruit of knowledge and gained free will.  Free will caused a rift between Man and woman that has never been healed and thus humanity remains banished from paradise.  Only through the elimination of female freedom can paradise be regained. 

In the turbulent times, Ezekiel gained a following of a few hundred families and individuals.  Members of the Church would often go into venues popular with younger Americans to recruit focusing on those who had “hit bottom.”  A surprising number of young women, perhaps as rebellion against the sexual revolution, joined the church, pledging obedience and subservience to men as the true heirs to the world.  

In 1971, The “Adam’s Truth Church” moved to “New Eden” A commune in Western Idaho to further isolate from the corruption of rising feminisim.  

In 1975, the FBI began to investigate Shepperd and his followers related to the disappearance of a number of young women in the Pacific NorthWest.  Shepperd had been prepared for this and the entire Church with most of it’s followers fled to a compound in the nation of Kans.  The FBI was able to apprehend a few members before they could escape who eventually confessed that at Ezekiel Shepperd’s direction, members of the church had kidnapped and enslaved at least 40 young women in “New Eden.” The government of Kans was not cooperative with the US Government and none of these women were ever recovered.  

The Church’s new home on the island nation of Kans was a fertile recruiting ground for new membership.  Settled and built by WWII Veterans, industrialists, and blue collar workers, Kans population was rich in Masculinist energy.  Even those who did not convert to the church found that they agreed with it message of masculine dominance.  The “New Adam party” was formed

New Adam Party

At its core the New Adam Party is the political wing of the “Adam’s Truth Church” however it accepts any member that believes in the ultimate dominance of men over the world and that women are not entitled to the choice or free will.  

To this dismay of many within Kans government and outside observers, the New Adam Party rapidly gained political power among rural and working class male voters.  The Party formed coalitions with other conservative movements in Parlament giving it a seat at the table to influence future decisions.   

The party did briefly ally with the more liberal wing to advocate for universal mail in voting.  This however was out of self interest.  With universal mail in ballots, domineering patriarchs were able to multiply their voice by filling out the ballots of the wives, mothers, and daughters as well.  The following election saw the New Adam Party as the controlling party of the victorious Conservative coalition in 1997.  

The party worked quickly to consolidate power, erecting new barriers to voting for women and in more liberal urban centers while also restricting expressions of speech.  Despite internal and international outcry, the party continued to gain power each year while closing off avenues of opposition.  

In 2004, the Nation of Kans held a referendum on women’s suffrage.   This was the last election where women on Kans were allowed to vote as Universal Female Disenfranchisement won in what many claim was a rigged election.   Mass protests devolved into riots and were put down violently.  Thousands of protestors, mostly women were charged with rebellion and sentenced to labor.  For men, this usualy meant mine or farm work.  For women, this was an assignment to a state licensed brothel.  

By 2005 enslavement became the standard sentence for women convicted of a crime. Laws were constantly changed to criminalize more and more women as the market for female slaves only grew.  

In 2014, The “New Adam Party” claimed absolute control of the nation which it renamed San Veritas.  “Eve’s Return,” a policy of Universal Female Enslavement became the law of the land. 

Universal Female Enslavement

“Eve’s Return” was San Veritas’ name for a policy that stripped all females in the nation of personhood and enslaved them to the dominant man in their life.  

Fathers owned their daughters unless they were married in which case the woman was the property of the husband.  As property, they had no civil protection at all.  Women cannot sue, petition law enforcement for help, receive medical care without permission, or own property.  An owner can abuse or even kill his property without legal repercussions.  If another man abuses or kills an owner’s woman, it is treated as a property dispute and restitution must be paid.  The only exception is if the action causes the termination of the pregnancy of a male fetus, in which the crime is treated as murder or manslaughter.  

San Veritas does have strict rules against pedophilia and incest.  The punishment for violation of these laws is typical “nullification” where the convict receives both castration and penectomy.  These sentences are conducted on a restrained prisoner without sedation and broadcast live.   As a result, these crimes are virtually unheard of in San Veritas.  

At the age of 18, a San Veritas girl is considered available for carnal use, though her Father is not permitted to sell her for 90 days.  This is done as a form of consumer protection, giving a potential buyer time to sample her before he purchases her.  

Women have been known to buy their way out of slavery.  Officially, these women are considered property of the State to which they must pay a yearly license fee.  This fee is in addition to whatever they had to pay their owner to be released from enslavement.  Licensed women can get a job to earn the funds they need to maintain their fees, however, as there are no legal workplace protections for women, most women find that “free use” is part of their job definition and they spend as much time under their coworker's desks as they do behind their own.  After the first year of licensure, most women seek to resell themselves into the stability of a single owner. 


A small force of western-backed insurgents does fight against the government of San Veritas.  These insurgents use hit-and-run guerilla tactics.  Most of these attacks take place in isolated parts of the northern mountains, the insurgents not wanting to risk capture. 

San Veritas is harsh with captured insurgents, employing a “dehumanization” policy for captured females.  And subjecting male insurgents to the same nullification treatment used on violators of Pedophilia and Incest laws.  Insurgent activity is rarely impactful on the day-to-day lives of San Veritas citizens.  

San Veritas and FEMD

San Veritas is the nation in which the Conversion series is set.  Look for more stories out of San Veritas in the future.