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Maj Hamill

The Major took a deep breath and then pushed through the double doors into the Kennels.   The large open space smelled like sweat,seemen and fear.  He could hear female voices across the room crying out for mercy, begging for a different fate or cursing their captors.  Those would all be the new arrivals.  

Since he had taken over the Female Experimental Modification Division, he had completely realigned the organization. He had purged the entire staff of those responsible for the abomination that had been the NeuroCyber Mesh initiative.  The idea that a slavegirl could be controlled through implants in her skull rather than through discipline and training was a dangerous one and the uprising had proven the point.   To think that a single hacker had been able to cause so much carnage, slave-girls killing their masters all over the world at the same instant.  He shivered at the memories of that day. 

The silver lining is that the uprising had done much of his work for him.  Most of the minds behind the mesh were killed by the puppets they had made and the digital worm the hacker injected deleted most of the technical data that would be needed to recreate the technology. All that had been left was collecting the surviving puppets.  Since the mesh could not be removed without killing them, and the Major hated to waste a good slave, he had no choice but to send them all down to HucowConversion.  Even if someone managed to compromise their hardware again, there wasn’t much damage they could do hobbled, and bolted to a milking rack with hoof prothsethics where their hands and feet had been.  

After the Mesh situation had been handled, the question of what to do with the division had become paramount.  

Rather than shutter it as he had first intended, Hamill had taken the time to read the old files from before Director Chaste had pursued his mind control experiments and in those files he found the new path for FEMD.  Previously unseen, advanced cunt customization and cosmetic modification!    

Now the first batch of new custom petgirls was nearing completion and the Major was eager to see how they have turned out.  

He looked immediately to his right.  A docile KittyCunt licked her right paw and and then swept it through her hair.  She looked up at the Major and let out a purr.   The PetGirl program was efficient, as they moved through their modification and training process they were shifted to new and larger pens as rewards for their cooperation.   Here, by the exit, they had lost any hope of humanity and learned that docile obedience was the only way to gain a moment’s comfort or a morsel of pleasure.  

Who needed control chips!  

Hamill crouched down and made a “PstPstPstPst” sound with his mouth while wiggling his fingers.   The KittyCunt crawled over and rubbed her head on the bars.  He scratched her neck and wondered at the silky texture of her calico fur.  The Dermatology department just had the formula to stimulate fur growth packed away in hard copy in a forgotten closet of the building. They discovered it in the FEMD cleanup and put it to use immediately.  

He grabbed the scruff of the KittyCunt’s neck and turned her face toward his to study the changes made there too.  Her upper lip had been split like a cat’s and her nose reshaped as well.  Impossibly long whiskers protruded from each side of her face, though her eyes remained human.  

He looked down at her front paws, also covered in fur, each digit did not extend beyond the first knuckle and the thumbs were removed.  Actual claws grew from the tips, another bit of science that had been found laying around.   He twirled his finger and the KittyCunt turned around for him to show her tail protruding from a buttplug in her ass.  PetGirls earned their tails as part of their graduation.  He checked the label on the cage, she had been named Lucy a new import from Cozumel where she had been picked up by slavers while on vacation from America.  Her master had brought her straight from the dockside auction for conversion, now she was “Pussy” and her owner would be collecting her that afternoon.  

He left Pussy and walked deeper into the Kennel.  He heard a whimper to his left and looked down.  Inside a wire cage was a PuppyGirl who looked to be in her early stages of modification.   She still looked mostly human except for the black nose and thin strip of fur growing up it’s length. She wore black mitts over her front paws.  The Major knew that her thumbs were also gone and that her fingers had been shortened as with all pets but he suspected that, as the mitts were still in place, this PuppyGirl was not yet aware.   The small cage and her whimpers told him that she had been a behavior problem.  He saw no welts on her back, so he assumed she was in a pleasure-breaking program, subjected to long periods of forced orgasm to disolve her will.  The absense of a voice-activated shock collar told him that either she had learned that as a Puppy she was no longer allowed language, or that they had removed her tongue to ensure her compliance.  He hoped it was the former, PuppyGirls without tongues could never perform proper fellatio.  

He moved on.  

“Sir!  Please!”  A cunt was begging and reaching for him with intact hands as he entered the intake floor.  “There’s been a mistake!  I’m not supposed to be down here!”  He ignored her pleading and kept walking “I’m a scientist!”  She cried.  

The Major stopped and turned.  “A Scientist?” 

“Yes sir!”  Her eyes lit up “NeuroBiotics!  I worked under Dr. Tarentella and was a key author of the Puppet Operating code!”  

The Major’s eyes flashed.  “You?  You were involved with the Mesh Program?”  

The woman took his tone as a good sign “Yes sir!  In fact I could probably recreate much of the work from memory!”  

“I See.”  The Major said.   He motioned to one of the guards to come over.  

The woman breathed a sigh of relief.  “Thank you sir!  I’ll do whatever you want!”  

When the guard arrived the Major pointed at the woman.  “Take that one downstairs immediately!  Breeding hucow full conversion!  I want her on a milking rack by tomorrow afternoon!”  

“What?!” The woman exclaimed “NO!  Damnit!  NO!  I’m educated!  I can be useful!  I’m not supposed to end up like this!”  She cried as she cowered from the guards who had opened her cell. “He promised me riches!  HE SAID I COULD GO HOME AFTER I WAS DONE!!!”  

The Major almost responded but there was no reason to waste words on livestock.  She was clearly referring to the previous Director David Chaste.  She was a fool.  Chaste had not kept his word to any of the cunt scientists he had lured to his project.  The Dr. Tarentella she mentioned had been converted into a MeshPuppet herself.  They would soon be reunited as she joined her former boss on the milking line.  He completed his tour of the Kennel and went back up stairs. He would look up Pussy’s owner and see if he was willing to sell.