Oriented to Onana's

Convicted to serve

By: Ray Oslow

At Onan's experience the ultimate dining experience. Our award-winning chefs will serve the greatest food on your table, while the Onan girls service you under the table. 

Kelly and her best friend Katrina had tried to get out of a life of prostitution but ended up being convicted for the murder of their pimp.  Under new laws, convicts are sold to private buyers in a new form of slavery called "mandatory Nexum".  Today Kelly, will begin her ten-year sentence, serving as an oral pleasure slave in the prestigious Onan's Restaurant. 

Ray & Katie Oslow

Ray & Katie live something of a double life.   On the surface, they appear to just be one more conventional couple, going about their lives in the suburbs of the American South.  Behind closed doors, however, they have a passionate and imaginative love life. 

Working as a Husband/Wife writing team allows them to explore the themes of  dominance and submission from either side of the dynamic.  The imagination they have shared with each other for years is now spilled out on the page for the benefit of the reader.   

Ray & Katie enjoy writing fiction where the balance of power is dramatically uneven.  Many of their stories take place in a slightly shifted version of our own world, where personal autonomy can be traded away, or taken by rule of law.