Diana has just been convicted and sentenced to serve life in "Mandatory Nexum" which is a form of slavery.  She has been stripped of all rights and is now waiting to be sold at auction.

Prep for Sale

The cell door opened again and a sandy-haired male guard with a baton in his hand stepped in and then to the left of the door to lean against the wall.   Two female guards followed.  A tall broad-shouldered woman with her hair pulled back into a tight ponytail and a shorter woman with blond wavy hair.   

“Showtime ladies!” Said the short one who was flipping through a collection of keys and walking toward Kelly.  

The large woman instructed as the short one unlocked Kelly’s leash.   

“Each of you will completely strip and use the toilet.”  She pointed to the single toilet in the corner of the right wall. “You will then line up, single file!  Any of you gets out of line, mouths off, does anything I don’t like, and Jimmy here gets to have some fun!” She pointed at the guard with the baton.   

“Trust me ladies” said the short one who had unlocked Kelly and was holding her leash while Kelly pulled off her skirt and underwear. “You don’t want to show up at auction bruised and ugly. Ugly girls go to some ugly places.” Kelly went to pull off her top but realized that the leash was in the way.  She looked at the guard who handed her the leash so she could feed it through the neck hole.   

“No shit” Said the larger woman.   “Last month a convict got sold to a glory-hole joint down south of here.  They bend her over and lock her in, all day every day while fat slobs line up to fuck her face and pussy, There’s a wall so the pigs can’t see each other, they end up drilling her from both ends at the same time.  Spit-Roast!” 

“True story” said Jimmy.  “I went and, uh, checked up on it” He grinned and watched Kelly as she squatted on the toilet.  

“Which side?” Asked Kat, cocking her head defiantly.  

“What?” asked Jimmy,  who looked over to her, surprised. 

“Which side did you fuck Jimmy?” Kat asked, almost singing his name.  

Jimmy twisted the baton in his hand,  twisted his booted foot on the floor like a bull preparing to charge.  “I’ll knock your teeth out and you can join her to ask” he sneered.  

“Whoa now, Jimmy,” Said the big woman.    “It’s a good question.  Up front or behind?” 

Jimmy turned beet red.  Hatred in his eyes at Kat then darting his look back to the Bigger woman.  He was trapped. 

“Face.” he said, looking her in the eye.  

“HA!” laughed Kat as the shorter guard unlocked her leash.  “Blowjobs! I told ya!  Bread and butter for the boring suburb Jon!” 

Both female guards burst out laughing.   Jimmy looked down, emasculated.  Diana realized that all this was Kat drawing attention so Kelly could pee in private.  This vulgar, trashy girl had just taken complete control of the room, humiliated the man sent to threaten them and got away with it, while chained to a wall.  Rebecca may have been a role model in her old life, but Kat was now the one she looked up to. 

The shorter guard worked her way around the room, unlocking them, handing each their leash and letting them walk over to the toilet themselves.    As each woman stripped, guards kicked their clothes into a growing pile in the middle of the room.  

When Kat lined up behind Kelly, the larger woman pulled her leash taught to Kelly’s leather collar and locked it to the padlock holding the collar shut.  Diana’s leash was locked to Kat’s collar and Rebecca’s to Diana’s.   There was not much leash between the collars. Most of the length hung down behind each girl.   If Diana moved forward to get some slack, her bare nipples brushed against Kat’s back, if she backed away the collar tugged at both their necks.   Diana could feel alternating brushes against her back and a tug at her metal collar that let her know that Rebecca was in the same predicament.  Diana was only 5’ and Kat was obviously much taller.  Because of the height difference, Diana was staring right between Kat’s shoulders.  

“Keep up ladies.” The larger guard joked as she scooped up Kelly’s leash.   A jarring tug as the whole line began to move forward.  

“Convicts in the hall!” Called out Jimmy as he walked in front of the procession.  

“Big voice for a boring suburban Jon” mocked the woman holding Kelly’s leash in a stage whisper.  

“Damnit Donna!  Fucking drop that!” Jimmy called over his shoulder.  

Donna grinned ear to ear. “Not a chance Suburban Jim!  I’m putting signs up in the breakroom!” The Shorter guard had come up beside Kat.  “Thanks for that, darlin.  Sorry you can’t stick around.” 

The procession of Naked women and their guards made their way into an elevator with dark wood grain paneling and soft lighting.  Diana thought it reminded her of the elevator in one of the fancy hotels she got to stay in when traveling with Mr. Quay.  

Maybe those fancy hotels were buying girls.   Maybe they would buy her.   If she had to be a whore, at least she could be a whore somewhere nice.    

The elevator Chimed and the doors slid open to a confusing combination of sounds.   The clamor of a crowd and classical string music.  

As the procession was led out of the elevator, Diana did her best to take in her surroundings as best as she could, having Kat’s back directly in her face.    

She felt her feet slap against cold marble floors.   The ceiling above was high and lit with recessed lights and a hanging chandelier.  To her left was a wall of glass, from floor to ceiling.   Set into the wall was a massive revolving door with 2 swinging doors on either side.    Outside, it looked like 1000 people were there and she felt suddenly exposed and humiliated in her nakedness.   The people were shouting and pushing at metal barricades manned by police in riot gear.  Signs waved above them with slogans like  “Abolish Nexum!”’ “Cruel and Unusual” and “People are not Property!”  It was the first sign Diana had that someone cared about them.  

The leash pulled them to the right, away from the crowd and toward the fancy string music.  

They ascended an ornate staircase, Kat’s height, plus the depth of the stairs pulling hard at Diana’s leash and forcing Kat to bend her knees as they climbed while Diana pressed against her back as close as possible.  

At the top of the stairs, they were led across a carpeted reception area to a set of double doors.   Already waiting there were 3 other guards and a line of 6 naked men, also leashed together tightly so they were dick to ass.  

Diana’s eyes wandered.  Most of the men were overweight and hairy but a couple were fairly fit,  the one in back with a solid metal collar was almost as short as Diana and muscular but the second in line was tall and impressively endowed.  Diana’s eyes slid up his flank and neck to his face and then realized how many of the men were doing the same to her.   

“Hey Jimmy,” Said the lead guard.  He made no effort to hide his leer at the line of chained naked women.  “God, I wish I had your job” 

“Holy SHIT That’s a hot set, Jimmy”  called the guard holding the men’s leash.  He turned to his line of convicts “What ya think boys?  Sex shops are gonna just gobble them up”  some hoots and whistles came from the chained men.   

“Clyde don’t like em breathin!” called the man in front of the short lifer. 

Quicker than Diana could see, the short man had slammed a pointed fist into the man’s kidney.  The man buckled and his short leash pulled the man in front of him backwards as he sank to his knees.  As his head came into range, Clyde reared his own head back and swung it forward smacking the crown of his brow into the man’s own skull with a sickening clunk. Clyde swung both arms up through the man’s elbows and then pulled back as far as his leash would let him while bringing his forearms together.   There was a loud ‘Pop’ from the man’s right shoulder as it dislocated.   

A Baton across the back of Clyde’s knees brought the whole line down as Clyde and his victim both hit the floor. The taller man was screaming in pain.   The guard who had struck Clyde continued to swing the baton at his chest and head as the Shorter woman threw her boot toe into Clyde’s crotch.  

“ALRIGHT!” Cried, Donna.  The kicks and blows stopped.   

The short guard stood with her boot pressed down on Clyde’s bruised balls and  looked down on his bloody face.   “You done?” 

Clyde grinned with blood-covered teeth then spit a red lump onto the carpet.  “Harder baby!” he grunted up to the woman.  

The whole thing took less than 3 seconds. Diana was out of breath at the sudden brutality of the violence.  

 Jimmy pushed open the double doors.    Inside was an elegant Ballroom.   A Crystal chandelier hung in the center over a hardwood dance floor.   A full Bar was at the far wall.  Tables were set up with elegant spreads of fruits, cheeses, hors d'oeuvres, and small sandwiches.  Some tall tables with barstool chairs were set up around the room.   Diana was once again reminded of industry conferences she had attended with Mr. Quay.  

There was something new this time though.    

Along the right and left walls were a series of metallic stands.  Four stood on the left wall, Six stood on the right.  Each stand had a pair of metallic shackles about 2 ½ feet apart near the floor separated by a metal bar that joined like a T to a bar that attached it to its central shaft.  The Shaft could telescope up and down and be locked with a pin, at the top was another T junction to another cross bar, with a small loop in the middle and another set of shackles about 3 feet apart.  

One by one they were disconnected from their line and led over to a stand.   Each collar was locked directly to the upper bar and their hands clasped into the shackles at the same height.  Then their ankles into the lower shackles.  

Once Diana was latched in, she was completely immobile.  Hands up, feet apart.  Completely exposed.  New tears began to roll down her face.  

As Donna and the other woman were locking Rebecca in, Diana observed, across the room the first 4 men were locked up in the same way.  Clyde’s victim was latched in all but his right arm.   1 guard had his arms around the man in a bear hug while the other pushed his shoulder into his chest while Jimmy gripped the man’s right arm and jerked.   

Another loud POP! Echoed across the hall, mixed with the man’s scream.  

“Shut the fuck up pussy!” Jimmy barked as he backhanded the man across the face and then latched his arm into it’s shackle.  “Serves you right for picking a fight with that animal!” Jimmy looked across the room at Diana.  “Shit, the only person to come through this room who’s killed more than Clyde is those two bitches over there”  

“No shit!” Said Kat to Diana’s left.  “How many you off, hooker?” 

Diana went wide-eyed, not expecting to suddenly be the center of attention.   Naked, locked in place, and everyone looking right at her.  “I, I didn’t” 

“Seventy-Eight” Said Rebecca to her right.   “Seventy-eight, between us.  That’s what the courts say”   

“Bad bitches” mumbled Clyde through a one-sided grin as he was being locked in.   The other side of his face was swollen and bleeding. 

“Yeah Clyde, The Bad Bitches of 17 in the flesh” Said Jimmy.  “But they didn’t do it all bare-handed like you” he patted Clyde on the cheek. 

“You like boys now, Suburban Jim?” Called Donna.  

“Suburban Jim?” called the other two guards.   

“Oh yeah,  James here is a boring suburban Jon who pays for blowjobs” Donna sang at Jimmy.   The guards all took turns mocking Jimmy as they walked out of the hall leaving the slaves locked in place.   

As the guards left, a man and a woman in a conservative dress made their way straight to Clyde.    Each one carried a tablet computer.    They said nothing to Clyde but took several pictures of him and muttered between each other.   They moved their way down the men and then crossed the room to Kelly where they repeated the procedure down the line.   

When they got to Diana, their eyes lingered on her breasts, and then they muttered to each other before tapping some notes into their tablets and taking an extra set of photos of her chest.  The woman cupped Diana’s left breast in her hand and lifted it, then let it fall, then they both took additional notes. Diana knew that her breasts were fairly larger for her petite frame and it was clear that these inspectors had noticed.  

“They are setting the starting price” Kat said to Diana as the inspectors moved down the line to Rebecca.  “Looks like your tits upped your worth.”  Kat’s eyes went to Diana’s bousum.  “Young, pretty, big tits, your basic nightmare” she said 

“I love that movie.” Diana replied.   Her mind went back to her couch, alone, late at night, lights off, movie playing, bowl of popcorn on the table dressed in comfy leggings and a bulky sweatshirt.  She wondered if she would ever be allowed to watch a movie again.  It would be so nice to just watch a movie.  

The sound of latex snapping brought her back to reality.   The male inspector in front of Rebecca had handed his tablet to the woman and was applying lube to his gloved fingers.   Without a word he reached down and traced his fingers between the lips of her vagina, finding her clitorus and began rubbing.  Becky took a shuddering gasp.  The man turned to his female coworker and said “responsive, call it a 5” she tapped her tablet.    The man then pushed his finger up into Becky’s vagina.  After a few moments he pushed his middle finger in beside it, paused a moment, added his ring finger and then nodded back to the woman.  “Three but it’s a tight fit.” 

“Hey killer, boner alert!” Kat said with a wide grin and then turned her head toward the men on the other side of the room.   Diana followed her gaze.  Almost all the men were watching Becky’s violation intently and were fully erect.  Two of the men were swinging their hips back and forth like they were thrusting into the air and one even had a dribble of precum running down his shaft.  Even Clyde’s boot-bruised manhood was fully engorged.   But the fit taller man with the large penis, was apparently uninterested and flacid.  “What a fucking waste huh?” Kat lamented to Diana.  

Diana was about to respond when she suddenly felt the inspector’s slickly lubricated finger.  “I Oooooohhhhhaaaaa” is what came out as her abdominal muscles tensed and knees bent a little at the unexpected caress.   Her eyes focused on the five erect cocks across from her and she pulled her lips in between her teeth. This inspector knew what he was doing!

“That looks like a six” He said 

“Seven” corrected the woman.  “No, look at her knees, It’s an “eight” 

“Ok, eight” agreed the man as he slid his finger up inside Diana.  She felt him curl and wave his finger and she gripped her eyes tight as it probed inside her.   More pressure for a moment and another finger penetrated into her.  

This was so wrong, he was violating her in front of everyone, she was facing a lifetime of servitude as a whore, but this felt so good and she had been locked up for six months, alone, a part of her whispered “Don’t stop” 

“Sorry sweetheart, I have work to do” said the man as he pulled out and stepped back “Thats two” 

Diana was mortified that she had actually said those words, not just thought them.  She felt flush, her cheeks burning.  Her eyes wide, she looked over at Becky who was looking back at her with shock.  Then to her left at Kat who had a look of admiration and a big grin! “You slut!” she said.  “I think Mr. Inspector’s hard for you.” 

“What the hell happened?” called Kelly 

“Princess here likes it when Mmmmmm” Kat’s story was cut short as her inspection began.   Across the room, a thrusting guy grunted as cum pulsed up and out of his cock to splater on the wooden floor.  

Kat seemed to enjoy the inspection almost as much as Diana, the inspector gave her a 6 and 3 fingers.  Kelly was defiant, staring the inspectors down as she was probed, trying hard not to react.  She received a 2 and a 5 fingers for her trouble.  

Once the inspectors had finished, Several others strode forward.   On the men’s side, a Thin man in a silky vest set to work wiping the guys down with wet wipes and cleaning off any dirt or grime from their faces.   He got to Clyde and recoiled.  “Oh sweety, what have they done with you?”  

“I don’t think they like me” Clyde smiled.  

Silk-vest wiped the dried blood off and surveyed him again.  “I could maybe cover the bruises with some base…. Hmm” 

“Fuckin leave em,  last thing I want is to look like a faggot”  Clyde growled.  

While this was going on,  An older blond woman in a shoulder-padded suit wearing too much perfume rolled a table up to Becky and began wiping off her smeared mascara.  She called over her shoulder at her companion “Steven,  can you clean that off the floor when you are done and then give me a hand?   We don’t have much time and I want these girls looking their best.”  

Steven was just finished with Clyde and looked at the drops of cum on the floor in front of #3.  “Seriously!? Talk about premature” he exaggerated his lisp as he flicked the man’s dick.  

“The hell?” The man cried out.  

“Sorry gurl, I don’t have time stroke it… though,  it wouldn’t take long.”    The other men all laughed at this.  

Steven wiped up the cum and then moved across the room.  “Roll the table between us Barb”  he said as he pulled out a wet wipe from the bottle on his belt and began cleaning Diana off.   

Barb placed the makeup table between them as she got started on Becky’s eyes.   

“You are gorgeous hun” Steven said to Diana,  “Not much I need to do but cover this bruise and add some highlights” 

Diana had forgotten about the slap from Maggie,  was that just today?   

Steven and Barbara leapfrogged each other down the line.   Becky had a dark lipstick that was almost brown and smokey eyes by the time Babara moved to Kat.  Steven, briefly held up a small mirror to Diana showing her burgundy lips and a deep blue eye shadow.  Kat asked for the brightest red lipstick, winged eyeliner and even had Barbara apply some blush to her chest.   Diana couldn’t comprehend what she was up to.   They were about to be sold as sex slaves and Kat was trying to turn herself into a Bimbo wet-dream.  

“Kat, What are you doing?” Diana hissed after Barbara moved behind Kelly as Steven worked on her face.  

“All whores are not the same,” She replied.  “If I look like the RIGHT Kind of whore, like a high-class whore, like you two, I might get picked up by a high-class place.”  

Diana hadn’t thought of herself as high-class.  What Kat said made sense though.   The rest of Diana’s miserable life in Nexum depended on this auction.   High-class hotel escort or glory-hole taking it spit-roast.  She suddenly grew very nervous.  When she heard the Judge say “Lifetime as Property” she didn’t think it could get any worse.  Now she knew that there was a worse, and a much worse lurking out there.  

As Steven finished up with Kelly’s orange lips to match her hair and mound, Barb worked her way behind the girls with another set of wet wipes.  “We should be shaving them” Diana heard her mutter to herself as she wiped her pussy and up her ass.   

She finished with Becky then came back around and walked down the line inspecting them.   “No bad ones in this bunch,” she said to Steven.  

“Yup,  they are gorgeous.”  Steven closed up the makeup case and smiled back at the girls.   “Good luck today ladies,”  he said, and the two of them walked out the double doors.    

The male inspector came back, no glove this time, but he still carried his tablet. He walked over to a podium at the far corner from Diana, at the end of the row of men.  The female inspector,  Her hair pulled up to a severe bun, walked down the line of women and took her place at an identical podium.    They nodded to each other and then the man called. “Open for business”