Love Potion 69

From The Erotic Consortium

Featuring: "The Girly Drink" By Katie Oslow

Murder, intrigue, revenge, second chances, fresh beginnings, self-discovery, adventure, monsters, magic, gender-swaps and spankings await you in the Erotica Consortium's summer anthology, Love Potion 69.

Pop the cork and take a sip! There's magic in these pages.


Midnight Showing by Sigh

On the eve of the final showing at a theater scheduled to be demolished, Eddie discovers a case of mysterious bottles labeled "Cola 69." Assuming it's harmless, he tries it, and discovers secret properties which unleash his wildest fantasies.

Beauty, Bruja and the Beast by Scarlett Lee Winters

A beauty and the beast retelling with a malicious witch, a curse of empathy and an open-minded mage who falls in love with the chimeric beast.

Lucky in Love by Maxine

Being at the center of a murder mystery isn't so sexy, unless you're Lucky. With her righteous body and unique voice, Lucky attracts attention everywhere, even in the R-district. When a powerful love potion goes missing, and its creator found dead, Lucky's on the case.

The Weekend Workshop by Ian D. Smith

A group of friends go to a weekend workshop designed to help people figure out what they truly want. It seemed to work, and the mystery ingredient in the drinks at the chill-out session might just have helped.

Botany and Brujeria by Megan Landon

When an old flame arrives in her remote village to steal a potentially apocalyptic plant, Soledad must face her past traumas to protect those she loves, and the world.

The Girly Drink by Katie Oslow

A timeless story of a boy, who loves a girl, so he sees a wizard to get a potion that turns him into the kind of girl the girl can love.

A Walk in the Woods by Olivia Lawless

Camille loved the fear of exploring a forest at night, even if Noah wasn't as excited. When they come across a dark cabin, curiosity wins out. They find an unlikely prize; a small glowing potion. It’s not 'til the morning that they discover the delayed effects of Love Potion 69. What would you do if you woke up in the body of your lover?

Quench to the Hilt by Seriah Black

Hippo shifting blacksmith Zaina doesn’t expect to be any more than a side quest. But when she is dragged into a love potion scheme to take down the hero, quenching Kiran’s second sword to keep him alive might finally melt Zaina’s tempered heart.

Poitín No. 69 by Clea Salar and Tallis Salar

Chuck crushed on his coworker, Toni, for three years, and he's not going to confess at her going away party. But the bar they booked is unusual, and the ginger bartender seems right out of a story. There's something weird in the drinks; is it enough to get Chuck to admit his feelings before Toni leaves?

Gender-Shifted in the Werewolf Speakeasy by Salazar Zed

You heard the warnings years ago. How werewolves will make you feel small. How their unholy hands will glide over your flesh. How they'll make you feel like a woman, and how their magic will mold you into one. Surely … you don't want that.

Cinnamon: The Lothario by Saddletramp1956

Mark proposes to Cinnamon, but their celebratory evening is ruined by a wannabe lothario who tries to take Cinnamon for himself. The lothario swears vengeance and nearly succeeds, but is stopped with a little help from the immortal goddess of retributive justice.

I’ll See You in My Dreams by Sofia Giaconda

Novelist Irene writes the man haunting her dreams into her novel to get him out of her system. Instead, outside forces move to help Irene find love and draw her in to meet the dream man. Will grim reality keep these lovers apart, or will love–and magic–find a way?

The Lake by Christian Pan

In the future after a terrible war, survivors must remember the healing powers of pleasure and love if they are going to rebuild the world. Features a queering of characters who bear echoes of familiar figures from Arthurian legend.