Unexpected Girl

A gender transformation collection

By: Katie Oslow

None of these boys expected to be girls!

This collection by Katie Oslow dances on both sides of the gender divide.

The collection includes:

  • Prince Yorick the Bride: The boy who would be a hero, becomes the damsel in her tower, who is forced to marry the villain. Can she rescue herself? A sword and sorcery tale of castle intrigue, adventure, and romance in a world where magic can reshape the very nature of reality.

  • One Gallon Challenge: Angry about a breakup, Agnes turns Dean into a woman who must face a humiliating mission to win her manhood back. Now Featuring new content "The Girls" giving insight into Agnes' other victims.

  • Intended Side Effects: After an experiment causes a dramatic transformation, Jeff Fisher has to cope with the loss of his manhood a newfound love, and make a decision that will change everything.

  • Zero Tolerance: In this never before published story, Timothy discovered that his father made a deal with a witch that will cost both of them, their manhood.

  • Plus serval micro shorts