This story is very dark. Do not read past this page if you are triggered by any of the following; Medically unnecessary surgeries, Mutilation, Non-Consensual Sex, Slavery

Angie had done her part.

 Having fought the good fight against the misogynistic regime that had taken over her country, she was ready to escape to the free world and live a normal life. The regime had other plans.

 Rounded up in a raid, Angie is now assigned to a new kind of life, that of livestock.

 The sadistic doctors and scientists at the Female Experimental Modification Division (FEMD) are waiting for her. They have already turned hundreds of women into a herd of modified breeding hucows.  Now it was Angie's turn.  

Bound Fantasy Tales  has put together a single post with all the FEMD captions in one place.   It's an excellent introduction to the world where Conversion takes place.