Donna's phone let out a ding announcing a new message.  She closed her eyes and took a deep breath as she reached down into her purse to retrieve it.  For a moment she had hoped for a piece of spam or a simple note from work but one look at the sender and she knew what it was.  

She considered deleting the message unopened, but felt like that would be a betrayal.  She had already abandoned Malcolm in that god-forsaken country, opening these emails was the least she could do.  She knew she was being irrational.  She could change her email address and forget all of this, but the world had already forgotten Malcolm and she owed it to the man who she married to still remember him.  

Only, it wasn't him anymore.  

Every email she received came with a link to a video clip.  When Malcolm awoke and saw the flat crotch leading to the new pussy he had been given, Donna watched his devastating reaction.  As Malcolm was forced to dilate with dildos of increasing size, Donna had seen his humiliation and pain.  She had seen his first night with his owner, watched her husband take another man's cock into his vagina, seen the man she married rubbing his tits on the man's shaft and then taking the head of the man's cock into his mouth.  

Donna opened the video and immediately recognized Missy as she crawled into the frame.  Donna could no longer see Malcolm in the eyes of the defeated girl on the screen.  She wanted to look away or close the window but her guilt and fascination prevented her.  Over the past two years, she had seen hundreds of these sessions between Missy and her Owner, and, as painful as they had been, she never looked away, knowing Malcolm was suffering far more than she was.  

As the man on the screen climbed on top of Missy and began trusting, she looked into the camera and for a moment, Donna had the illusion that Missy was looking directly at her.  The stare was vacant and unfocused though. A 10,000-mile stare.  The look a person has when their spirit was broken.  

The man pulled out of Missy's pussy and straddled her before spraying her face and tits with his cum.  Missy sat up and obediently fulfilled her name as she licked the trailing drops off him before wiping the semen off herself into her mouth.  

The video ended.  

Donna's guilt was magnified by the wetness she felt between her legs and the hardness in her nipples.  She set her phone down and went into the next room where Jason, her new husband was watching TV.  She kissed him and pulled on his shirt collar.  He followed her upstairs.  In minutes, she was on her back under Jason reenacting the video she had just watched.  She felt sympathy for Malcolm and guilt for moving on, but deep down she just wanted to be owned and dominated the way her ex-husband was in every one of the videos she received.   A part of her was grateful to the man who had purchased Malcolm and sent the videos.  Without him she would have never unlocked this secret desire within herself.  

"Cum on me" She panted as Jason brought her closer to climax.  He pulled out, and held her down with one hand on her throat while he used his other hand to rub himself until his hot semen roped its way from her forehead, over her eye, and into her mouth.  She orgasmed as the second and third pulses sent more cum onto her face.  He released her neck and she licked him clean.  

"Thank you, Master" she purred. 

Across the world, Malcolm crawled out of the bedroom crying.