When they cross genders, are their fantasies a Trick or a Treat?

One shipwreck has left him stranded with a madwoman and a new gender. 

Teddy meets his girlfriend at a seaside hotel for a steamy Spring Break, but her protective wizard of a father drops in and curses Teddy.

Now Teddy is Tanya who will have to play the slut in a town full of horny college students if she ever wants to be a man again.

None of these boys expected to be girls in this collection of some of Katie Oslow's most popular stories as well as a few new surprises.

After attempting to break up with a witch, Dean has been transformed into a petite busty blond named Deanna. The good news is that she has a year to reverse the spell. The bad news is that of the six exes who have gone through this before, none have ever succeeded in winning their manhood back.

It's been 2 months and she is only 1/4 of the way there!  Can Deanna complete the challenge and earn her manhood back?

Jeff Fisher cannot stand another night in his overcrowded prison.  When a pharmaceutical company offers alternative housing to volunteer test subjects he leaps at the chance.   After a botched medical experiment, he must ask himself, what makes him a man?  Is it in his mind, or was it what used to be in his pants?

A Castle siege
A Kingdom fallen
A son humiliated
A magic curse
A manhood lost
A Prince forced to become Queen
A forbidden love affair
A plot for redemption and revenge
Tale of "Prince Yorick the Bride"

He was transformed into his friend's devoted dream girl. Now only he can change her back. Was it an accident?  Or was it a result of Broken Trust?