These stories are absolute fantasy, a role play for those who agree to participate.  I do not in any way condone any thing that would deny another person their own autonomy.  Always remember, consent is key above all things. 

San Veritas and FEMD

San Veritas is the nation in which the Conversion series is set.  Look for more stories out of San Veritas in the future.  


As Assigned

2014 September 20th

Kelly did her best to keep her eyes down as she left the elevator and made her way to her office.  She knew the other women who worked under her would have questions and she had no answers.  

Yesterday’s announcement at Andrew Sheppard’s funeral had taken the nation by surprise.  At first, Kelly was sure that no one would go along with Eric Sheppard’s declaration of lifetime dictatorship or the barbaric new laws he had enacted, but that disbelief was quickly crushed when she saw Kans flags come down and hand-made “San Veritas” flags go up outside homes and businesses all over town in the last 24 hours.   

She reached her office and closed the door, slumping her head into her hands as she contemplated what to do.  Under San Veritas law she was no longer a citizen, no woman was.  They had all been declared property of their fathers or husbands.  What did that mean for her?  Kelly was unattached, and her Father had died years ago.  There was a vague reference to a Woman’s licensure but she didn’t know the details.  Maybe she could leave the country.  Would they even let her buy a plane ticket?  

She booted up her computer.  Her login still worked.  She scanned her email for any official statement from corporate.  It was just a blanket statement from the overseas HQ “Company leadership is dedicated to the welfare of all its employees and is working with local authorities to craft policies to meet the changing landscape.” 

Christ, they couldn’t even say that slavery was wrong!  

She tried the KANS Government website.  It was not found.  She used the name “SanVeritas” with the same domain and the site came up.  There was a large icon for “Cunt Self Licensure” she shivered as she clicked on it and then her stomach sank 

The monthly cost was almost the same as her rent.  She would have to move into something much smaller.  

She had to get out!  She scanned for travel  No travel outside San Veritas for any Self Licensed Cunts.  Owned Cunts could travel with their owner.  Kelly’s idea to use her savings and buy a ticket out of there were crushed.  

All Self-Licensed Cunts would be fitted with a “Use collar” which would record the number of free-use sessions she had in a day.  Self-Licensed cunts were obligated to 3 free uses per day to any man that asked.  Cohabitation and Coworkers did not count against this total. Technically, every woman in her office could be fucked by any man at any time with no right to refuse.   

Not in her department!  She would prepare a memo immediately to disallow sex among coworkers under her.  

She opened up her email when the door to her office swung open.  

“Excuse me!” She declared as Bryant and Dan walked in, followed by two men from security.  

Dan shook his head. “Sorry, Kel! Just got word from upstairs.  Brant is the new department Director.  This is his office now.” 

Kelly looked at her inbox.  “I didn’t receive anything!”  

“Below your paygrade, cunt.” Bryant said.  Dan winced behind him.  

“What the fuck?” Kelly stood up and was immediately knocked back into her chair by Bryant’s backhand.  

“Watch your mouth when it dosen’t have a cock in it!” He demanded.  “By San Veritas law, raising your voice to a man could be considered feminism and punishable by lifetime enslavement!”  He pointed to the two guards.  “These men will take you to the conference room with the rest of the Sexratary pool where a video will explain your new duties!”  

Kelly shot a look at Dan who only shook his head.  She rose to her feet and tried to walk out with some composure as she heard Bryant pushing her possessions into a box behind her.  

The conference room was full of young women, some of them had their clothes and makeup disheveled.  Several were crying.  Apparently, the coworker “Free use” policy had already been applied in a couple of cases.  Kelly sat next to Sandra and whispered. “Where are the older women?”  

“Grandmother out.” Sandra replied.  “The married ones get to go home to their husbands.  The others.” She bit her lip. “They're out on the street with no job and no way to buy licenses next week!” Her eyes were swelling “Kelly, what are we going to do?”  

At that moment, Mr. Silas walked into the room.  Mr. Silas was the Executive VP of the San Veritas line of business.  He made his way to the front.  “Cunts Silent!” He yelled.  

Kelly sat back in shock.  She had never heard Mr. Silas talk that way.  

“I have not been public about my faith, but I am a devout follower of the ‘Adam’s Truth’ Church.  As Adam’s Truth is now the sole truth of this new nation we have created I no longer see a need to hide my belief that ALL OF YOU CUNTS are here to serve the will of man!” He paused for effect.  The room was in shocked silence. “Regardless of your rank in the company yesterday, today you are all equals!  SexRataries!  Like secretaries in the rest of the world, you will be responsible for various administrative tasks around the office as assigned.  That is secondary to your primary function!”  He put two fists on the table and leaned over the women.  “You are responsible for satisfying the pleasurable urges of every man in this building!”  He stood up straight.  “I don’t just mean free use!  I am not telling you to go about your day, and then lift your skirt when you are told.  NO!”  He looked over the room.  “I expect initiative!  I expect you to be in tune with your assigned floor and to be in your knees with a cock in your mouth before he even realizes he was hard!”  He walked over and woke a laptop set up nearby.  The words “Sexratary Severance Package” were projected on the wall.  He continued.  

“Clearly there are more of you than there are Sexratary positions to fill.  We already have your Self-Licenese forms in hand.  We will spend the next six days evaluating your performance.”  He pressed a button and a mock up of a Free-Woman License appeared on screen “If you are in the top 20 percent, you will stay on as a Sexratary we even have dorms set up for you in the basement as we know the cost of your license combined with your reduced pay-scale will make maintaining your current residences impossible.”    

Kelly took a deep breath.  All she had done in her life.  Her education, her struggle to get her career to where it was, now lost.  She was reduced to competing with the other girls over who gets to be the department sex toy.  Maybe the severance package would be better.  

“If you are not selected,  We at Global Housing solutions have already arranged for your next challenges!”  Mr. Silas grinned as he clicked a button.  On the screen, cages were stacked and in each one was a woman wearing a dog collar with booties over their hands.  “Unemployment will mean enslavement” he explained. “GHS will buy your License and funnel the women of this floor into either the Pet-Girl program or…”  

He clicked another button and Kelly recoiled.  On the screen were rows of women, all naked, bent over, and chained to a rail.  Milking machines were hooked to their breasts and several were being fucked from behind by men in cowboy hats.  

“You will be assigned to one of our new Hucow farms.  This is a mockup, of course, but you would be among the first heffers of this new frontier!”  

Behind Kelly, a woman wailed “Oh God!”  

Mr. Silas pointed at her.  “Our first volunteer!  Heffer number 1!”  

Guards grabbed the woman under her shoulders and dragged her out of the room as she screamed and pleaded for mercy.  

Kelly’s pulse was racing.  Life as an office fuck-toy or life as a cow or a dog.  She had nothing but bad options in front of her, but one at least let her keep her humanity.  

“Ladies!”  Mr. Silas announced.  “Get going!”  

Kelly stood immediately and walked up to Mr. Silas.  He eyed her, waiting to have her dragged off.  She smiled at him and knelt in front of him.  She unzipped his pants and his cock sprung free.  He rolled a chair over and sat in it, leaning back.  Kelly opened her mouth and got to work.  

“You always were a smart one Kelly”  Mr. Silas sighed contently.  


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San Veritas and FEMD

San Veritas is the nation in which the Conversion series is set.  Look for more stories out of San Veritas in the future.