Eye on Empire

<Broadcast Logo>

ANNOUNCER: Coming to you from the top of Crowntowne Plaza tower!  Bringing you the inside scoop on the advancement of the Natural Order it's “Eye on Empire!”  With your hosts; David Limsone and Robert Adams.  Featuring the Eyecunts; Randy Cumlick, Lucy Balldrain, and the Empire’s favorite pet-girl Wiggles!  

<Pull in on a dark set, the silhouettes of 2 men seated in overstuffed chairs with a woman kneeling in Nadu pose beside each chair.  As the lights come up a Puppy-girl in pigtails is on all fours by a food dish with the name “Wiggles” printed on it.   She is wearing a chain collar, and black corset.  Bells hang from her exposed nipple rings.  Each hand is encased in a leather mit and a black fluffy tail curls up from her ass. Her head bobs up and down on a large blue dildo as the camera zooms past her.  The men are dressed in stylish suits.  The kneeling women are each wearing steel band collars and ornate corsets that match the color of the shirt of the man they kneel beside. The man on the left begins to speak> 

David: Good evening, I’m David Limsone. 

Robert: And, I’m Robert Adams

David: We have a lot to cover tonight with growing tension between our Empire and Western old-world governments.  

Robert: That’s true Dave, but I think our viewers are more interested in our local feature!  

David: Oh how could I forget Robbie,  I must confess,  I caught a preview when they were editing and .. 


David: I was just going to say, what I saw looked amazing, but I left before the reveal, I wanted to enjoy the surprise with the rest of you!  

Robert: That was well done Dave!  Randy, I think Dave deserves a reward!  

<The woman kneeling beside Dave rises from her position and crawls in front of Dave as the camera zooms in on Robert the sound of slurping can be heard>

Robert: While Ms Cumlick lives up to her name, Lets review.  I warn viewers that some images may be too graphic for boys under 10 

<Cut to footage of man and woman being led out of a van in cuffs> 

A week ago, brave DFA officers apprehended Jeffery Nicue and his cunt Tanya.   The two of them had been producing and distributing Feminist Terrorist propaganda.  

<cut to a shot of Jeff laying naked on a surgical table restrained and awake.  The camera zooms slowly in on Jeffery’s expression as he looks down in terror> 

Jeffry was rightfully convicted as a gender traitor and had his manhood removed, root and stem <Jeff’s expression contorts in agony as he screams> 

before being exiled to be a eunich slave sold in the foreign markets. 

 <Shot of Jeff naked, with stitches binding a clean vertical cut down his otherwise featureless crotch, in chains, hobbling awkwardly as he is taken toward a waiting van, cut back to a closeup of Robert> 

Jeffry betrayed the Empire, and Betrayed his gender.  I can think of no better treatment for such filth.   

But we still have Tanya to deal with! 

<cut to shot of Tanya naked in the holding cell>

Tanya was convicted as an Feminist terrorist and stripped of human-cunt status!  Because her writing has contributed to disorder, the courts asked us at Eye on Empire to help her repair that damage!  

<Cut back to wider shot of David and Robert. The top of Randy Cumlick’s head bobs up in and out of the shot>  

David: Last week we covered all this in detail.  <grunt> Tonight we continue!  

Robert: Sounds like Randy found the spot Dave!   As Tanya is to be stripped of human status, we asked you, the viewers, to choose what role Tanya should play in her new subhuman service to the Men of the Empire.  I must say that you wasted NO time in submitting your votes!  

David: Ooof, The options were, pony-girl, kitty-slut, hucow, or……<David pushes Randy’s head down and gasps> 

Robert: Make sure she gets it all Dave!  Yes, Pony, Kitty, Hucow or, like our own adorable wittle Wiggles, a Puppy-girl!  

<Randy finally comes up in frame wiping her mouth as she moves back to her kneeling position> 


David: Cumlick indeed!  So tonight, we will see what fate awaits Tanya!  I know what I’m hoping for!  In fact, I rode to the studio tonight in a Pony-powered carriage!  

Robert: I’ve seen it Dave,  your ponies look fantastic!  Personally, I’m hoping to see Tanya the Puppy!  Wiggles!  Come here girl!  

<Wiggles crawls obediently to Robert’s feet and then crouches down on her haunches as Robert scratches her head> 

A puppy girl can always brighten your day!  In fact, while we go to a commercial, I think I’ll breed this bitch right now.  Wiggles!  Humble! 

<As the camera pulls out and music plays, Wiggles places her face and arms flat on the floor while raising her ass.  Robert stands and begins to unbuckle.>

<insert GHS Slave Training Commercial> 

<Eye on Empire logo cuts to footage of armed officers breaking down the door to a house in a suburb> 

<Cut to the interior of an office supply store.  David is talking to a Skinny kid with glasses wearing an apron over a bright blue button down shirt> 

David: Walt, you have worked at this store for how long?  

Walt: Just over a year sir! 

David: I see, it was an after school job? 

Walt: Till I graduated.  Then I went full time.  

David: Saving up for a cunt? 

Walt: <blushes> I hope so, some day.   

David: So, Walt, you saw Mr Nicue in here fairly often, what led you to call the FRA? 

Walt: Well, He always had his cunt with him, which wasn’t that weird, but he would talk to her.   I mean he would ask her opinions and stuff.  At first I thought he was just a pussy.  

David: What tipped you off that there was more to the story? 

Walt: Well, he was always doing these big print jobs but he always cleared the queue when he was done.   Most customers just let it hang for me to clear.   It seemed weird, so I …uh… I turned on archiving.  

David: Not something you usually do? 

Walt: No!  We usually keep it off to respect a man’s privacy, but in this case, I thought… 

David: You did good Walt!  Go on.  

Walt:... When I checked the logs and saw the pamphlet, I told mister FIsher right away, even though I thought I would get in trouble.  

David:  And the rest is history!   Your boss called the DFA and dangerous terrorists have been brought to justice!   You are a hero Walt! 

Walt: Thank you sir!

David: And a hero needs a reward! Lucy! Come here! 

<Lucy Balldrain prances into the shot. She is dressed as a cheerleader> 

David: Wow Lucy, getting into the part.  Those are the colors of your High School, aren't they Walt?  

Walt: Yeah, they are! 

David: Well, it’s fitting, cause our Hero needs a cheer!   Lucy is going home with you!  She is all yours for the next week! 

Walt: For real? 

David: It’s the least we could do for an Imperial hero!  Just don’t wear her out!  We need her back at the studio on Sunday!  

<Cut back to the studio.  David and Robert are back in their chairs.  Wiggles is curled up sleeping on the floor between them.  Robert reaches over and strokes Lucy’s hair>

Robert: Welcome back Lucy Balldrain.  How did Walt treat you?  You may speak to answer.  

Lucy: Master Walter fucks like a hero, master Robert and his cum is delicious.  I wouldn’t mind going back, sir. 

Robert:  Good girl.  

David: So we have set the stage, we have honored our hero!  We have collected your votes.  What comes next Robert? Is Tanya still waiting in that cell? 

Robert: Oh no David.   When a cunt is stripped of humanity, there are steps that are followed no matter what roll she will be tracked into.  

David: Is that so? 

Robert: Oh yes, stripping humanity is not just about rules.  Just like stripping Mr Nicue’s manhood was not just about status. Like Mr Nicu, there are specific changes to Tanya’s physiology that ensure the transformation’s success regardless of training.  

David: Such as? 

Robert: Well, let's use Wiggles as an example as she went through this process when she was stripped of humanity a couple years ago.  


<camera cuts to an overhead shot of a sleeping Wiggles> 

Robert: Notice her feet? 

David: Huh, I never noticed that!  

Robert: Yup, they have been broken and folded into that shape until they healed.   It means the top of her feet are flat on the floor when she crawls.   It also means she is incapable of standing on 2 feet without severe discomfort.  Walking on 2 legs is a privilege for human cunts.  

David: Wow!  What else? 

Robert: Oh, the next one is fascinating!  What do you know of neurology? 

David: not much 

<Camera cuts to a shot of Tanya strapped to a table, unconscious as the table slides into a large piece of high-tech machinery> 

Robert: Well,  neurologists have mapped out exactly where, in the brain, language is processed.   What’s more interesting is that the part of the brain that understands language, called Wernicke's area, is a different part of the brain than the part that controls speaking language called Broca’s area.  

David: Ooooh, I think I know where this is going! 

Robert: Yes. Using a high-tech gamma-knife, our med techs can burn away Broca’s area entirely without ever cutting into the cunt’s skull.  She can understand commands, but she will never be able to speak again.   

David:  Now wait a minute!  I saw the schedule for tonight’s show.  We have a segment called “Tanya’s statement” coming up!  Is that pre-recorded? 

Robert: Oh yes!  It is delicious!  The Judge told Tanya that she could make a 3 minute televised statement that we would be required by law, to air as part of our program.  The Judge failed to mention that this would be after her neurological treatment and before her hobbling.   Now, she has been gagged the entire time she has been in custody and has no idea what the gamma knife has done.  Let’s watch! 

<Cut to a podium with several microphones.  Tanya, naked except for a black shock collar and a panel gag, is led forward.  The click of cameras and bright flashes are seen as the gag is unfastened and the dildo removed from her mouth.  The room grows silent.  Tanya works her jaw for a moment and clears her throat> 

Tanya: Yabadda bran da balba…..<she blinks a few times and shakes her head> branya bion took!  <she looks around panicked> baya baya baya!  <her hand comes up to her mouth she begins to wail> Tooooowwwwuuuuu ugonya wooyaaaa ba <she looks at the guards to the side> boon tak booooo! <laughter off camera> bak too bak too <the whole room is laughing> BOOYAAANAAA!!!!! <She is shouting and pounding on the podium>  Bling blan booo!  <her shoulders collapse, she is weeping and shaking her head while looking down>  crajjj geonge beluk.

<Camera cuts back to David and Robert who are holding their chests while laughing>  

David: Ha Ha!  She made some great points!  WOW!  

Robert: <catching his breath> Oh yeah,  the bit about “Toowuu” was especially compelling!  <Burst into laughter again> 

David: We will be right back!   

<Insert Dairy Commercial> 

<Logo fades to David and Robert now composed>  

David: Well, I guess I know why Wiggles never has anything to say!  

Robert: Yeah, and she used to be so well spoken!   Did you know Wiggles used to present the weather?  

David: Before my time friend.   What happened?  

Robert: She tried to unionize the office girls.   We aren’t here to talk about old news though.   Our viewers want to know the results of the vote!  

David: That’s right, and I just heard it’s about that time! Tanya is in position and we are cutting to our live shot now!  

<Tanya is naked on her hands and knees in a dark van.  Her feet are encased in hard plaster casts.  A round rubber ball surrounds each hand.  Her leash is held by comfort girl in a gray minidress with the words “Free Use” across her breasts.  The doors open.>

David: Now Tanya will find out how she will spend the rest of her life!  

<Switch to camera outside van, close up as the doors open.  The comfort girl steps down and pulls on Tanya’s leash.   Tanya blinks in the light, then looks around.   Her eyes bulge and she pulls back against the leash back into the van.   The comfort girl Yanks harder> 

Robert: Uh Oh Dave!  Looks like Tanya’s not happy with the results!  

David: Well, to be honest, I’m not either.  But I’ll get over it by tonight.  Tanya… well this is all she will ever know from now on.  

<Two large men in coveralls come into frame.   One takes the leash from the comfort girl and the other climbs into the van.  They drag Tanya out of the van>  

Tanya: Bejaaatee!   Bejaaaateeee!  

<The man in the van carries Tanya while the other lets the leash drop and grabs the comfort girl by the wrist.  He drags the girl along as they carry Tanya toward the large red barn with a sign over the door that says “Momma’s Mammary Dairy”>  

Robert: There you have it, folks!  From intellectual leader to a babbling Hucow!  Such is the justice of the Empire!  

David:  We will get back to Tanya in future episodes to see what goes on, inside the barn.  

Robert:  After the break, the recent loss of a Tactical squad near the northern islands has ignited all manner of rumors!   Were they lost in a training accident?  Or were they, as some have suggested, captured by a neighboring nation and subjected to terrifying medical experiments?  

David: All that and more, on “Eye on Empire”