Slavegirl Stories of San Veritas

Laura: The Stubby-Puppy

Trigger Warning: Sexual Slavery, Mutilation, Amputation

Laura: The Stubby Puppy

Laura had been a slave girl her entire adult life.  On her 18th Birthday, her father had invited a bunch of guys from her Senior class to her party to take turns testing her out to see if they wanted to buy her.  “A girl should celebrate with her peers!” he had said.  

The “Party” started at 10 AM and she spent the day either on her back or on her knees for the room full of boys she had known most of her life.  At the end of the day, she was sore and dripping with a face covered in dry cum but several boys had put in offers on her already.  Not common this early in a girl’s 90-day trial period.  One of the offers was from Derik Schafer, who Laura had a crush on.  She was disappointed to see that he was already outbid by Kurt Williams, the arrogant jock who already owned 2 graduates from last year.  

Laura’s Father continued to invite more men over to try her out but her birthday was her only “open legs day”  By the end of her 90 days, Laura had no idea how many men had fucked her or how many cocks she had sucked.   She knew that the average for a girl’s 90 per-enslavement days was about 65 total and she was sure she had exceeded that.  As a result, Laura ended up selling for a very good price to George Richmond, a VP in her Father’s firm.  Her father told Laura that being Mr. Richmond’s slave would give her a chance to help her family.  

Mr. Richmond was old but he was not a cruel owner, he didn’t take Laura home, but rather she became part of his office furniture.  She slept under his desk and he would let his colleagues and customers use her regularly.  She was considered a business perk.  George was very generous to his employees.  When Mr. Richmond traveled out of town, she was chained to the break room wall for anyone in the office to use.  One time, while she was on her knees in the breakroom getting face-fucked by Dan in accounting, she even saw her Dad as he came in to refill his coffee cup. 

A year after buying her, Mr. Richmond was ready to retire.  Laura was sold to one of Mr Richmond’s clients, Stanley, who dropped her off at obedience school.  There she was taught special techniques in pleasuring a man with her hands, her mouth, her ass and her cunt.  She learned poses, walks, and kinks.  Her pain and pleasure tolerances were pushed to the human limit and she was reminded that as a female, she was just an animal under the dominion of man.  

At her graduation, she was branded with the school logo on the inside of her right thigh.  Stanley turned out to be a “Cunt Flipper” and after testing her training for a week, sold her for a profit to Mr. Walker, her new master.   

Mr. Walker had many slave girls in his household but he promised Laura that she would be special and unique out of all his stable.  Like all of Master Walker’s slaves, Laura was fitted with a shock collar.  Master carried a remote with only one button.  When any one slave misbehaved, all of his slaves felt the shock.  The collar also carried a speech recognition chip.  Any unauthorized talking by a slave would shock all the slaves.  As a result, all of Master Walker’s girls did exactly as they were told and no one spoke to anyone ever. 

When she first arrived, she worried that Master’s special attention would make the other girls hate her, but it was just the opposite.  They were all very kind to her and even gave her extra food when Master wasn’t looking.  Until he caught them once and they all fell to the ground in agony.  Despite the collar and the silence, Laura enjoyed the company of her slave sisters and thought she might learn to be happy under Master Walker.  Then he started his new game.   

Laura nudged the bowl across the floor with her nose making a hollow sound as it slid over the hardwood. Her master continued to read his newspaper.  She crawled over to squat down at his feet,  her elbows and knees throbbing as she did so.  It had been days since he had wrapped them in medical tape, holding her ankles to her ass and her wrists to her shoulders, forcing her to crawl around to get anywhere and denying her the use of her hands.  The padding he had put at each joint was hardly enough to manage the impacts on the tile and hardwood floors of Master’s house.  

Master reached down and scratched her head behind one of the pigtails on either side of her head that another slave had styled her with.  After a few scratches, he patted her head and said “sit!”  

Laura lowered her ass from her squat to the floor.  Feeling the buttplug base of her “tail” push deeper as she did so.  

“I know you’re a hungry pet,” Master said. “But I can’t let you have anything more tonight.  Tomorrow you need to have an empty stomach”  

Laura whimpered.  

“It’s for your own good, girl,”  he said. “You wouldn’t want to have your amputations without anesthetic”  

Amputations!?  Laura started breathing heavily.  What did that mean?  She looked down at her arms, bent back at her elbows, her knees, folded out of the way.  Was this just the beginning?  She didn’t like playing the Puppy!  She was eagerly waiting for Master to tire of this game and free her hands and feet.  Did he intend to make this permanent? 

She whined.  

He stroked her head again.  “I know it’s scary, but you’re already used to it!  That’s why we have been playing this game.”  He set his paper aside and scooted forward, pulling his cock out of the fold in his boxers.  “Here, gobble some cum and calm down”  he demanded.  

She moved into position, having to brace herself with her elbows on his thighs to stay in place while she took him into her mouth.  

“Master is playing a cruel trick on me!” He thought to herself as she took him deep into her throat and then pulled back stroking the underside of his shaft with her tongue as she had learned in school.  There was no master who would ruin a girl as talented and pretty as Laura like that.   Maybe an ugly girl could end up that way, but not Laura.   As his cum filled her mouth, she nearly laughed at herself for falling for Master’s teasing.  

That night Laura curled up on her cushion in the corner of the family room.  She kept telling herself that it was all just a game.  Master Richmond had made jokes too.  He would always say he would sell Laura to one of the public fuck-holes where she would spend the rest of her life with her head pushed through a hole in the wall sucking cocks while someone else fucked her cunt or ass in the next room.  

She was almost calm enough to fall asleep when one of Master’s older slaves tiptoed into the room.  She had black hair and looked to be about 30.  She knelt down next to Laura, put her mouth to Laura’s ear, and whispered faintly so the collar wouldn’t pick up the sound.  “I’m so sorry,” she said.  Then she quickly turned and ran from the room.  

Laura spent the rest of the night sweating and hyperventilating.  Oh, God!  It was true!  

The next morning, Master had the girls bring a large Dog crate into the family room and set it on the floor beside Laura. 

“In ya go!” he demanded.  

Laura shook her head, refusing.  

Master reached for his remote.  

Laura whimpered pathetically, crawled over to Master’s feet and rubbed her head on his crotch.  

“Get in, NOW!”  He demanded.  

Laura shook her head, tears streaming down her face.  

The pain shot through her neck and radiated into her skull and down her back.  Every part of her body cried out in protest as she fell to her side twitching.   She could hear the thud of the other girls in the room all falling to the floor too.  She let out a screech as the second wave of agony swept through her body and she felt wetness on her legs as her bladder let go.  

Master reached down and grabbed her by the collar, hauling her up and then pushing her face into the puddle of her own urine on the floor.  “BAD PUPPY!” He yelled and then swatted her painfully on the ass three times.  “Now get in your fucking cage or I’ll have them do it while you’re awake!”  

Weeping, Laura crawled into the cage. The other girls eyed her with fury as one rushed to the kitchen for supplies to clean up her mess.  

At Master’s direction, Four girls lifted the cage and placed it in Master Walker’s Truck bed.  Laura rode to the clinic in the open air, naked, bound up, and visible to every car they passed.  She had spent all night trying to free her arms so she knew it was impossible.  Instead, she prayed that the truck would crash before they got there.  That she would be killed so she could die whole.  

The drive was uneventful.  As the vet pushed the needle into her neck, Laura squeezed her shoulder with her hands while she lost consciousness. It was the last time she used them.  

A Tall Slavegirl in stiletto heels and a black maid uniform that left her tits exposed spooned beans and rice into a bowl labeled “Laura” and set it on the floor. She tapped the side of the metal bowl three times with her spoon while she glanced up at Master Walker.   He was looking at his phone and not paying attention.  She placed a small chocolate next to the bowl on the floor out of his line of sight before she moved on to her next task.   

Master Walker finally looked up and saw that his maid had set the dish down.  “Laura!  DinDin!”  He called out.  

The sound of thuds on hardwood and the clacking of metal tags told him she was coming.  “Come on Stubby-Puppy!  Get your DinDin!”  He cheered as she came around the corner.  

Laura crawled on four stumps,  each arm terminated with a rubber cap shaped like a paw where her elbows had once been.  Her legs had larger but identical caps where her knees were.  Her ears were pointed and pushed out to be more prominent, and her upper lip had been tattooed to look like it split up to her nose which had also been tattooed black.  A thick dog collar was above her shock collar on her neck and from it hung a tag that carried her name “Laura the Stubby-Puppy” as well as Master’s contact information.  A Second tag showed that she was fully vaccinated.  As she passed her Master, a springy tail wagged back and forth from her buttplug.  

“Maid!  Clean out the Puppy Crate today!  Laura is showing tomorrow!”  Master announced.  Laura hated the Puppy Shows.  Dozens of other modified Stubby-Puppies like her all paraded around and showed off for a crowd of condescending men and their slaves, each terrified of joining the pups for the next event.  Every month, there seemed to be more entries, apparently, Stubby-Puppies were coming into fashion.  Laura saw the terrified faces of the whole slave girls in the stands. She knew the look of terror as they glanced at their masters and then at her.  She knew they saw the worst possible future when they looked at her.  She knew they saw a hideous thing.  She had won awards for her posture, her obedience, her agility, and her oral pleasure skills but never for her beauty.  Not anymore.  

When Laura had awakened from her surgery, she had wept and mourned her limbs but the loss of her beauty was almost as devastating a blow.  She avoided looking at reflective surfaces now when she passed, afraid of the animal creature that looked back at her.  

She made her way to the bowl and buried her snout in the mixture.  As she chomped away, working hard to keep food from falling out of her mouth, she saw the chocolate on the floor.  April must be on maid duty today.  Laura knew that the rest of the slave girls pitied her.  Each showed it in their own way.  Candy was April’s.  Laura didn’t care anymore.  

It had been a year since her operation.  At 21,  She now knew that this was all there was for her.  Even if Master sold her, modified as she was, she could only ever be a pet.  The life of a helpless “Stubby-Puppy” was everything that lay ahead of her and she would recoil in fear every time she thought about her future.  

Once she had been a girl.  When she was little, women were free,  even later, when she knew she would be a slave, she still imagined serving as the loving companion of a handsome master.  Memories of those carefree days as a complete girl made her angry and sad about what she had become so she avoided thinking about the past.  

The past brought her pain.  The future was fear, so Laura the Stubby Puppy only lived in the now.  She was eating beans and rice out of her food dish now.  She was standing on her stumps over her bowl now.  After she finished she would beg at the door for someone to let her out and remove her plug so she could go potty.  This was all there is.  This was all there ever would be.  She had to give up all thoughts of being human. She was an animal, a pet, a Stubby-Puppy.  It was the only way to survive.