Convicted to serve

Oriented to Onan's

Trigger Warning: Sexual Slavery,

The drive was not far. Kelly watched the city pass from behind the plexiglass partition in the back seat of the Sedan. She noticed that the doors had no handles on the inside and she suspected this was just a repainted police car. In the front seat, the driver wore and her “handler” wore black suits. The Global Housing Solutions (GHS) Logo rotated on the display screen in the middle of the dashboard.

Kelly still found it hard to believe that companies like GHS had corporatized sexual slavery so quickly after the laws were passed. They must have known it was coming and already had things in place.

The Hotel where she and Kat had been kept since Friday’s Auction was just a dressed-up cat-house. Sure there was a piano player in the lobby and marble on the counters, but under all that, Jons were still shelling out money to spend the night with someone. Only now, the whores were property and the Pimp was a board of directors.

Still, the Westward Royal looked like a nice gig. A brothel that classy would have been a step up from the street walking she had done before her arrest. She may not have escaped whoring, but she could at least do it under a fancy roof. Kelly was very disappointed when the handler, clipped a leash to her collar and led her to the car. She hoped Kat got to stay. In a place like that, her friend would be the queen-bitch in no time.

No one told Kelly where she was going and the possibilities terrified her. The guards at the auction had taunted her with tales of fuck-benches where slaves were strapped down and fucked in the face, and cunt simultaneously by an endless rotation of customers all day. She had heard of cruel masters who kept their slaves as pets or kept them strapped to the wall as decorations. She even heard rumors of one woman who enjoyed surgically modifying her slaves.

Sweat beaded under Kelly’s red hair and rolled down her forehead as she tried to push these thoughts aside. GHS had bought her, she was GHS Property in a GHS car. The corporate buyer at the auction had said that she would be treated well. She hung onto that as the car slowed while passing a restaurant. The place had an awning out front and above it in neon blue cursive was the name “Onan’s”

The suited handler said nothing as he opened Kelly’s door, grabbed her leash from it’s clip in the ceiling and wrapped it one turn around his hand before tugging once to indicate that Kelly was to get out of the car. She obeyed and followed him in through the large double wooden doors.

The restaurant was empty. The hours printed by the door told Kelly that it would not open for Business for another two hours. Kelly didn’t know that it was possible for a place to look this posh and this tacky at the same time. The walls were painted a shade of brown and were covered halfway up with dark wood. The tables all had tablecloths, and the floor was identical hardwood to the walls. Everything was lit by flickering artificial candles, either small ones on the tables or larger ones set in wall sconces. Two buffet stands ran up the middle and there was a row of hooks in the back wall past the buffet.

A skinny man with slicked back black hair came toward them smiling.

“Ahh! You’re here!” He took Kelly’s leash from the handler. “Welcome to Onan’s Kelly! I am Master Julien, one of the managers here. You will refer to me and all free men as ‘Master’ at all times. No ‘sir’ no ‘Mister’ at Onan’s every man is a Master. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Kelly nodded and quickly added “Master”

“You’re new to enslavement, you will catch on, I am sure!” Julien said and led her past the empty buffet to clip her leash to one of the hooks. “Now wait here while I deal with one who didn’t catch on.” He motioned to the handler and the two of them disappeared through a door marked “Staff”

Several minutes passed, and Kelly stood alone and afraid. There wasn’t enough chain on her leash for her to sit down so she leaned against the wall. There was no lock on the hook that held her leash but there still was no escape, as of Friday, she was legally a slave, owned by GHS Enterprises, where could she run? Every authority, every man, would either bring her back for a reward or use her then bring her back for a reward.

She closed her eyes to fight back the tears. She had wept through her entire auction and almost been left to the low-bid perverts had Kat, Diana, and Rebecca not begged their corporate buyer to pick her up too. Diana had been kept as the personal property of one of the executives, but Kat and Kelly were taken to the Westward Royal to await assignment. That night Katrina had cautioned her. Men get turned on by tears, if they see you cry, it’ll only get worse. She took a deep breath and straightened up. Even enslaved and separated on opposite sides of the city, Kat was still looking out for her.

The staff door swung open and a line of topless girls in identical skin-tight black leggings all poured out. They gathered along the wall on either side of Kelly and each hooked their own leashes to the hooks on the wall.

The brunette to Kelly’s right quietly whispered “Hi” as she turned to face the front door.

A short blond took position to Kelly’s left. “I’m Mary”, she said as she clipped her leash. “You just get here?”

“Kelly,” She responded. “Yeah, just now.”

“Any idea what this is about?” The brunette asked.

Kelly shook her head.

“Where is Amy” Mary asked.

At that moment they heard wailing from behind the door. A hushed murmur overcame the girls as they whispered to each other. A second wail was closer.

“Oh, God, Amy!” Mary exclaimed.

The door burst open and a naked woman was being dragged through it by the handler on a steel leash that connected to a thick metal collar that bore the inscription


Amy grabbed at the door frame “NO NO! PLEASE, Julien! I’ll be good!” She shouted. The Suited handler gave the leash a harsh tug and Amy was jerked backward to fall on the floor. The handler knelt next to her and pinned her to the ground in front of everyone.

Julian came out after. He had a red welt and two bloody streaks on his face. Kelly looked down and saw that the nails on Amy’s left hand were broken. She suppressed a grin. Good for her. She looked over at Mary who was terror-stricken. The brunette on the other side has just as shocked a face.

Julien turned to face them. “Some of you new girls do not know what that collar means!” He pointed down at Amy. “It means that Amy is no more! This slave’s name is now MSCH01-1AG2 not that anyone will ever call her by any name again!”

“No no no no.” The girl pleaded as she strained against the handler’s pin.

“MSCH01-1AG2 has just been assigned to the Maximum Security Comfort House Number 1, where she will spend the rest of her life strapped to a fuck-bench serving two clients at a time for 12 hours every day! She will not be permitted to speak or see the sky ever again! She will sleep in a cage every night, eat only enough to avoid starvation, and spend the rest of her time with a cock in her mouth, in her cunt, or in her ass!”

“Julien please!” Amy pleaded.

Julien looked down at her. “It wasn’t my decision. It was yours. When I reported your disobedience to corporate, the automated system reassigned you and sent this man to collect you as well as this redhead to replace you.” He nodded to the handler who lifted her up.

She tried to pull away but the handler yanked her back by her leash and slapped her so hard that his iron grip on her leash was the only thing that kept her from being knocked over. He then led her to the front door.

“Goodbye!” Julian called. “Maybe when I feel like slumming it in a comfort house I might get you on rotation!”

The Handler dragged the weeping woman out of the door.

Julien turned to Kelly. “Now you know the price of disobedience!” He stood directly in front of her. “Do you know how to suck cock?”

Kelly blinked. “What?”

Julien slapped her with his open palm. “What what?”

“What…Master?” Kelly ventured.

“I asked if you knew how to suck a cock? Do you need to join them in the car or can you answer a simple question?” He growled.

“Yes, Master. I know how to suck cock” Kelly’s lip was quivering. The other girls were all silent around her.

Julian unhooked Kelly’s leash from the wall and held it in one hand. “Show me”

Kelly looked to her right and left. Mary nodded frantically at her and gestured at the floor with her eyes.

Kelly knelt down in front of Julien and reached for his waistband. He wore no belt, so she pulled them down and his cock sprang up almost striking her in the face. She reached up and took it in her hands. Working as a whore, she liked to think she had mastered her technique. She stroked the tip with her tongue and then licked it gently. She slid her tongue down the shaft and back up before she took his dick into her mouth and opened her throat, relaxing her gag reflex while she slid her lips down to his base.

“Kimmy, Beth, You two can learn something from our new girl!” Julian said as Kelly kept working his shaft. “Look at how she varies her techniques, never sticking to one….oooohhh…. Never sticking to one gimmick!” He put his hand on top of Kelly’s head. “OOooohhhh wow! She’s as good as you Mary!” He began swinging his hips slightly. “Yeah, she is going to do just fine here…..” He huffed and stroked her hair as she bobbed up and down on him while keeping her tongue in contact with the underside of his shaft. “Oooh she’s good!” he grunted as his hand tightened on her head and she felt him twitch in her mouth moments before hot salty fluid came spurting down her throat.

“Every drop! Don’t make a mess!” he commanded.

Kelly swallowed quickly to prevent any dribble out of the corner of her mouth. She sucked the last drops out of his cock and finally sat back.

Julian kept eye contact on her as he called out. “Girls, what do you say after you swallow a customer’s load?”

A Dozen women at once all said in unison “ “Onan thanks you for the offering of your seed Master”

Julian smiled. “Good girls!”

He stepped back and pulled up his pants. Not having any instruction, Kelly remained kneeling where she was.

“Your job is simple. Blow the customers.” Julien explained. “Mary will take you back and get you into uniform. You will wear a trainee collar for the first day, per policy thought I don’t think you will need it. Once you are dressed, report up here and clip to a hook” He picked up Kelly’s leash. She stood and he clipped it back to the hook as a demonstration.

“When a customer picks you, You are to only speak if he speaks to you directly. You are to always call him Master, and you are to obey his commands. Fucking is off limits but YOU will not resist. Free men staff will handle violations. Once he sits at his table, you will crawl under it and do to him what you just did to me. Once you swallow, you will always thank him. Do you remember what to say?”

Kelly quietly repeated, “Onan thanks you for the offering or your seed Master.”

“God! You are a natural cocksucker” Julian cheered. “Once you issue your thanks, you will return to the wall and clip in till another customer chooses you. Got it?”

“Yes, Master” Kelly said.

“Then get going! Mary! Give her Amy’s bunk!” Mary unhooked her own leash and then took Kelly’s. As they left, Julien turned to the rest of the room. “Beth, need more practice, get started on the kitchen staff and report to my office after your shift so I can evaluate your progress!”

“Yes Master” Kelly heard a voice on the verge of tears say when the door swung shut behind her.

Down the hall was a barracks-style space where bunk beds were lined up on either side of a central walkway. Mary led Kelly to the back of the room where a lower bunk was stripped, the sheets scattered across the floor, likely in Amy’s fight to escape. “This is yours now,” Mary said.

She left Kelly to pull the bedding back together as she gathered items from a cabinet. She returned and handed Kelly a plastic-wrapped uniform and a red collar.

“Here is your trainee collar and here is the only outfit you will ever wear again.”

Minutes later, Kelly in her skin-tight black leggings, black heels, and the red collar was clipped to the wall again and waiting as the doors swung open and a party of men in dark suits came in loudly laughing and telling stories to each other. The hostess was the brunette that had been next to Kelly earlier. She wore a bowtie over her bare chest to indicate her elevated status. She led the men to a long table where they all hung their jackets on the back of their seats and immediately got started on the buffet.

With a full plate in one hand, a fat bald man came over and pulled Mary’s leash off the wall, then called over his shoulder. “Hey Todd, they got a new bitch!”

“You want her?” Todd called back.

“Oh hell no! I’m not giing up the cock-queen for her!” The fat man laughed and then went with Mary back to his seat.

Todd had broad shoulders, a mustache and a crewcut that was half grey. He bent over her looking down at her. He balanced an overloaded salad plate in one hand while he cupped her left breast and squeezed it with the other. His breath whistled out of his nose and he wheezed. It smelled like coffee. “Alright!” he said and pulled down Kelly’s leash.

At the table, he dropped his pants before he sat down diagonal from the fat man.

Kelly got down on her hands and knees and crawled under. Mary was already there with her face buried in the fat man’s crotch. She crawled over to Todd, his pale hairy legs parted as she moved between them. His crotch stank of sweat. She took a deep breath, opened her mouth and took his cock into her mouth.

It was already salty from the sweat and bitter but she did her best and he was cumming moments later. After swallowing she and Mary almost said in unison.

“Onan thanks you for the offering or your seed Master.”

The two girls walked back to the rack together. Another businessman had grabbed Mary’s leash before she even had a chance to clip it. Kelly nodded down at another girl several hooks down but she pretended not to see her.

Just then a young man in a suit grabbed Kelly’s leash and pulled her to his table. It was the start of the lunchtime rush.

On her first day, Kelly lost count of how many blowjobs she gave. She just knew that she was queasy from swallowing so much cum. After her dinner of oatmeal, she laid down alone in her bunk feeling sick and crying while the other girls talked quietly.

Tomorrow she would have to do it all over again