Sarah's Last Day

Sarah's Last Day

The story that started it all

"Sarah's Last Day" Was a short I wrote some time ago for the Reddit /maledomempire subreddit. It was later expanded and the Non-Consent was removed so that it wouldn't be banned from Amazon. The result is the book "Bound in Nexum" which was the first published by Dark Fantasy Press and is now available from multiple retailers. The story below is the original.

Trigger Warning: Sexual Slavery, Rape, and assault

Sarah watched the fallen leaves swirl around in her garden as she lifted the cup to her lips. The last swallow of warm apple cider rolled over her tongue and she savored it as much as she could. She sat alone at her kitchen table in a white long sleeve sweater, green suede skirt, and nude stockings.

Her heart betrayed her attempt at peace as it drummed away in her chest. She set the cup down on her breakfast table, resisting the urge to wash it. Why bother?

She realized her hand was shaking and she clenched her fist while she surveyed the cluttered kitchen. Bowls and plates were scattered on each counter, the remnants of a dish. Some Lasagna here, pie there, melted ice cream congealed around a stained spoon. An empty wine bottle lay on its side beside another that was still half full. Her last meal. She cleaned out her cupboard but it brought her no comfort. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath to calm her shaking and hold back the tears she felt welling up again.

“Sarah, you fucking stupid girl” She muttered to herself. For years, she had lied to herself, rationalized the news, and convinced herself that the doomsayers were all overreacting. She lived in a free nation after all. The horrors of the Masculinist Regime to the north were appalling, but she was safe.

Then news of the Annexation broke. The entire nation gasped in horror as the ports closed, Masculinist Police replaced the State guard and new decrees from the Masculinist Puppet Governor began to rain down on the back of the women of her nation.

Sarah clenched her eyes “Why didn’t you go?!” She was a fool. Somehow, she still had faith that the situation would be resolved. At last her eyes fell to the stack of papers on the table beside her empty cup.

“Relinquishment of Assets and Self: New Subject Addendum”

“Pretty, fucking resolved” she mused as she picked up her pen. She dropped it immediately as the shaking started again. She took 3 slow deep breaths and tried once more and began filling out the humiliating questions. In some pointless way, she felt like she was preserving some scrap of dignity by filling out most of the document by herself, in her own home, after feasting on her own food, while she still had those things.

She had only 2 fields left blank.

The name of her owner, and her signature. If these were not complete and filed with the Regime by 5 pm, or she had not purchased a freedom card, she would be a fugitive. Sarah didn’t have the funds for a card, so this was the last choice the Masculinsts would ever let her make. She was resolved to make it a good one.

With sweat-soaked palms, she picked up her phone and dialed.

“Richard, It’s Sarah. I….” She took a deep breath. “Can I come to see you? I need to ask you something.”

She nodded at his reply. “Ok, I’ll be there in an hour” She set the phone down and sobbed.

Richard Oslow was a pillar of the community. He and his wife were constant fixtures at events where Sarah was a teacher. Richard often led youth groups on outdoor adventures and had been recognized for his advocacy work with Cancer survivors. Sarah could think of no better man to surrender herself to. As she walked from her car up the path to his door, she comforted herself. This was the safest choice.

She rang the doorbell and waited.

The wind blew cold down her neck and she heard a woman wailing down the street. Not wailing, screaming! Rape had not yet been officially legalized, but no one apparently expected enforcement with only a few hours remaining. Sarah’s pulse began to race once more and she fought the instinct to run back to her car, drive away, and hide.

Her hand was starting to wander to her jacket pocket where she kept her keys when the door swung open.

Richard stood there with a look of concern.

“Sarah, oh God, get inside where it’s safe”

She ushered in past him as he paused for a moment before pulling the door closed and turning to her. “They started not long after you called. First a street over and now just a couple doors down. I had to close my windows and play music just to get any work done.”

Richard’s foyer was larger than you would expect from outside the house. Brown tasteful tile and rich blue walls opened in archways to the right, where a dim living room held antique furniture, to the left a pair of double doors led to Richard’s office. Sarah could see a scattering of books around a large computer screen. Richard walked straight back past the staircase and into a large well-equipped kitchen. On the refrigerator were pictures of Richard with his wife and Daughter at the Grand Canyon in the USA alongside a hand drawing that seemed to imitate VanGogh’s sunflowers. She smelled fresh coffee. The whole scene brought peace. She felt safe.

“Coffee?” Richard offered.

“No, Thank you,” Said Sarah. “I’m shaky enough as it is”

Richard shrugged and poured himself a cup, she noted that he added nothing to it, just sipping the steaming liquid black.

“So, Sarah, I think I know what you want.” He shook his head, a sad look crossing his face “I know what you heard. Unfortunately, it’s too late. Becky and Lilly were already in London, and after I got Ashley out, everything closed up tight. Even for me.”

Sarah couldn’t help but smile with affection, this man saved his family. He would save her now too.

“Richard,” she said “I know, no one gets in, no one gets out. I’m trapped, every woman is.” She held out the folder she had been clutching in her hand. “I have one option left”

Richard set his coffee down on the granite island that stood between them and took the folder from Sarah. He opened it on the counter and let out a loud puff of air. For several minutes, he paged through the forms, pausing at her female registry sheet and then ending on the last page that held the empty signature fields. He raised his eyes and held her gaze, his eyes full of sympathy.

“Sarah, No.” He closed the folder “I can’t take this from you. Can’t you buy a freedom card?”

“I don’t have the money on hand and women are not allowed to sell without a card.” Her voice was quavering, she knew the catch-22 was intentional, designed to catch as many women as possible.” She stepped forward and reopened the folder. “Please, if you don’t sign this, I’ll have to turn myself into the Occupiers and go to their slave-pens.” She looked around the kitchen in desperation. “I’ll earn my keep. My house, my car, all yours! You could sell them, I’ll move in here and clean for you!”

Richard had grown still, his eyes remained fixed on her and she could hear the air moving through his nostrils. He was braced against the island, one hand flat to the granite on either side of the folder. She leaned over and placed her right hand gently on his left. His eyes softened. She swallowed her pride. “And, if you are lonely…” She left the rest unsaid.

He moved his right hand and cupped it over hers. Sarah could feel the warmth and rough calluses of his palm against her soft skin.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

Sarah nodded.

“Tell me you are sure Sarah. This is lifetime enslavement. You would be my property.”

That phrase took her breath away. “I have no choice,” she replied.

“You would belong to me, my slave, no legal protection at all. Tell me that you want to be my slave.”

“Please Richard. I…” she took a deep breath “I want to be your slave”

He nodded and pulled out his phone.

“Every man in the nation had the cunt management app pushed to their mobile last week.” He set the phone, propped up against a cookbook on the counter facing them, Sarah could see that it was recording a video of the two of them.

“State your name, and your intent. Then we will sign the documents. I’ll photograph the signatures, scan the QR and it will be done. As far as the Law is concerned, you will be my property.”

Sarah nodded and repeated her name “I am signing my possessions and self over to the guardianship of Richard Oslow at this time” She then pulled the folder to her side of the counter and signed. Richard slid the folder back to himself. He signed on his field.

“My name is Richard Oslow, I have just signed as the owner of this cunt which will now be known as CumPuppy”

Sarah’s eyes bulged as she darted a look at Richard who was lunging at her. He caught her by her wrist before she could back away and yanked her to him.

“No!” she whimpered as he grabbed her by the shoulders and shoved her face down on the island.

He placed one hand firmly on her back, pinning her in place while pulling her skirt up around her waist with the other.

“I asked you!” He growled behind her. “I asked if you were sure!!”

“Not you!” She moaned

“What did you say? No choice? If I was lonely?” He pulled violently at her underwear and she felt them rip, then catch. He yanked again, lifting her off the floor and the panties tore away.

“Your wife.” Sarah gasped. She felt his probing fingers slide up between her legs, parting her labia, sliding up to her clit where he began to rub. She gasped again, almost a moan now.

“My wife!” he chuckled. “We used to play all kinds of games. Not one of you would have guessed what went on downstairs! You’ll get to know our playroom very well.” His finger pulled back and then plunged into her, she could feel him inside. Now she did moan.

“But she didn’t want to play anymore! Took my girl and ran to Loundon! You have no idea how lonely I have been CumPuppy!”

“Don’t call me that!” She pleaded.

His finger was suddenly out of her, a loud smack was accompanied by a sharp sting followed by a deep burn on her ass.

“You are CumPuppy the slave cunt!” He stated flatly.

“Nooooooo!” Sarah wailed.

“Tell me your name.” He whispered.

“Sarah, my name…AAAAAHHH!!” He had smacked her ass again, harder this time. Sarah was sobbing. This had all gone wrong.

“I” <smack> “Own” <smack> “you!” <smack>

“STOP IT!!!” She cried.

“What is your name?!” He asked again.

She wailed in sorrow. He struck her four more times.

“What is your name?”

“Please no!” she begged

His hand found the exact same spot, again and again, it was on fire and numb and stinging all at the same time.

“What is your name?” he asked again.

“Why are you doing this?” She choked out between sobs

His hand gripped the collar of her sweater and pulled her upright. He spun her around and gripped her by her shoulders looking her in the eye.

“Because you asked me to! You begged me to! You came to me, you signed the papers, I am doing this because You are mine to do it too. It’s done already. Legally, you are CumPuppy, my slave cunt. Functionally, I will take you when and how I want. It is a new world for you. The natural order. It is done.” He pulled her close and whispered in her ear. “Now, tell me, your name.”

Sarah clenched her eyes shut as he nibbled at her earlobe. There were no more moves to make, this was her life. “CumPuppy” She moaned.

He stepped back and held her at arm's length. “Very good CumPuppy.” He pushed her down “now on your knees”

She went to her knees before her owner. He smiled down at her.

“Puppies don’t walk on two feet do they?”

She shook her head “Nooo” she moaned.

He smacked her so hard she fell to her side

“No sir, or No Master!” he corrected her as she pulled herself back up to her knees. “If you wish to retain the right to speak, you will address me correctly! Do you understand CumPuppy?”

“Yes sir.” she meekly croaked out.

“Good CumPuppy, now, tell me your name, what you are and what you see directly in front of you.”

She looked up and saw his fist balling, she immediately looked straight ahead. “My name is CumPuppy, Sir! I am your slave cunt, sir! I see my master in front of me, Sir!”

“What PART of your Master?”

“His crotch sir!” She said

“Get to work CumPuppy, earn your name!”

CumPuppy pulled down on Richard’s Sweatpants. His engorged cock sprang up in her face, her lips parted and she began her new life.