<Camera sweeps over the happily chattering live all-male audience, swinging around to focus on David and Robert sitting in their overstuffed chairs.  A third chair sits empty to Robert’s Left.  Wiggles the Puppygirl is curled up at David’s feet.  Randy and Lucy are both shifting around while impaled on one-bar prisons lifting one leg, trying to bend over> 

David: Welcome back!  Looks like the Eye-Cunts haven’t made any progress with their predicament,  I’d say it’s a pretty convincing demonstration of the prison’s effectiveness!  

Robert: That’s right, David.  I have a friend who works at FEMD.  He says they use these on test subjects all the time and have never had an escape!  

David: Ensnared by their own cunt!  Well,  I’ll be getting one for my house to be sure!  

Robert: Office for me Dave,  I think my Sexratary will be working at a standing desk from now on!  

David: Not a bad plan!   We are going to let the Eye-Cunts keep trying to get off their poles as the show goes on but let's make this interesting!  

Robert: What do you have in mind Dave? 

David: Only our audience.   Keep your ticket stubs boys!  At the end of the broadcast, we will be calling out raffle winners!  If Randy or Lucy can’t get off their poles by the end of our show, Each of them will entertain nine of you!  Three per hole and we will air the event on “celebrity gang-bang” next week!  

<Audience cheer!  Randy redoubles her efforts to get up off the pole, Lucy slumps dejectedly> 

Robert: Speaking of celebrities!  Did I hear the announcer right when we were coming back from break?  Karen Collins?  Of the “Collins Travel Blog?” How did she end up here?  

David: Well, as you know.  Karen and Daniel Collins made quite a name for themselves with their own internet travel vlog!  They explored the world together and brought us along!  Their charming antics and genuine affection for each other warmed the hearts of their audience.   Eventually, a big western TV network picked up their show and it aired for 5 years before they decided to hang it up!  

Robert: Yes, I think I have seen some clips on Tit-Twat.   

David: Well, with that stage of his life coming to an end, Daniel has decided to move on to new adventures!  Adventures he intends to base out of our own fair nation!  

Robert: A new transplant!  How exciting!  

David: Yes indeed!  Before they even finished filming their final season, Daniel began the application process for full citizenship!  An application that has recently been approved!  So, ladies and gentlemen, I welcome to our stage, newly sworn in as a citizen, Daniel Collins!

<A Tall thin man with immaculate hair smiles and waves at the applauding audience as he enters from stage left and takes the 3rd seat on the stage> 

Robert: Daniel, so great to have you on with us today 

Daniel: Thank you, Robert!  It’s exciting to be here, I have been watching the program for a couple of years now!  

David:Oh really,  I didn’t know we were carried on Old World Networks 

Daniel: Well I have to confess, I may have been wearing an eyepatch.  

Robert: <Laughing> You video pirate!  I’ll sick the authorities on you!  

David: Truth is Daniel,  we know we face extreme censorship in the “FREE” World.  It’s just one of the many hypocrisies of nations that reject the natural order.  So, anyway, we can get the truth about our nation out, the better!  Our network hosts many of the files you may find on pirate websites.   The .MDOM Domain may be firewalled, but we have mirrors all over the net!  

Daniel: Well, I’m glad you do, otherwise I may never have awakened to the lies of the Feminist Old World!  You know, until recently, I not only considered myself to be a feminist, but I lived in a culture where that wasn’t considered unusual at all.  In fact, it was expected.  

Robert: Pretty bad huh? What changed your mind?  

Daniel: I would love to say it was your program, but the bubble was really popped by Karen about two years ago.  

David: How so?  

Daniel: Well, when we started the Vlog, I handled the technical details.  I did the website, the editing of videos, the travel arrangements where she took care of a lot of the onscreen stuff like scripts and filming locations etc.  Once the network picked us up, we had someone to do all the technical stuff for us.  But Karen never let me in.  She was still calling all the on screen shots and I just went along.  

Robert: You always seemed to be having a good time together on screen. 

Daniel: Blissful ignorance.  At first, I was relieved to have less work, then I just accepted that she knew that stuff better than I did.  It took a while to realize that all my input was being ignored or cast aside.  At the same time, we were going overseas a lot.  Sometimes to countries that had not yet been indoctrinated with the feminist agenda.  I would see the difference women gave their husbands in those countries and then see how Karen bossed me around like her child and it all clicked!   The order was “Unnatural” and once you realize something is unnatural, you start to look for what is natural.  Leading me to… <Daniel waves his hand indicating Wiggles the puppy-girl as she was licking her paw>  

David: The Natural Order <He reaches down to scratch Wiggles’ head.  Wiggles risis up on her hind knees and posts in a blow-pose between David’s thighs.  While keeping eye-contact on his guest, he pulls his cock out through his open fly.  Wiggles immediately wraps her lips around it and gets to work>

Daniel: Exactly.  It took some looking, but finding videos out of this country showed me how things should be.  The more I watched, the more convinced I was that my marriage was based on the Feminist lie of ‘equality’ which realy meant ‘male subjugation.’ 

Robert: So you applied for citizenship.  How was that received? 

Daniel: I’ll let you know.  The thing about the West is that Feminist propaganda is so ingrained in everything, that if people knew I was even THINKING of emigrating, I would have been canceled immediately!   Like Pitchforks and Torches!   This is the first time I am going public about it!  

Robert:  Well thank you for sharing this moment with us.  So, moving in secret, I take it Karen didn’t even know.  

Daniel: <Pauses> No.  She had no idea. 

Robert: Yet, she signed the liability waiver with the airline before she boarded the plane.  She had to know that as soon as the two of you landed, as the wife of an imperial citizen, she forfeits her citizenship to any nation and becomes your property.  

Daniel: Well Robert, as I said, she didn’t know.  

Robert: That you were a citizen?  

Daniel: Either!  My Citizenship wasn’t official until I took the oath this morning.  As to the waiver, when you travel as much as we have, you get used to waivers, addendums, declarations, and all kinds of paperwork.   The dumb cunt probably didn’t even read it.  The first time she realized the change in her status was when the Pilot announced our destination after takeoff.  

David: <Gasping as Wiggles continues to blow him> That was a fun flight!  

Daniel: She was very …. Concerned.   I tried to tell her it would all be ok, but she grew emotional.  Luckily the flight crew was used to outbursts on that flight and provided a sedative injection.  

Robert:  Now, you all just arrived yesterday!  When did she wake from her sedative?  

Daniel: Just a couple hours ago in fact.  

Robert: What did she have to say then?  

Daniel: No idea,  She is ball-gagged and bound backstage.  We made sure the wardrobe put her in an appropriate outfit befitting her new role.  

David: <Grunts and pushes Wiggles head down on his crotch while he holds his legs out stiff>  Swallow every drop!   Good Puppy!

Robert:  Keep it down David, I’m talking with our guest!  

David: <Slumping back in his chair as Wiggles curls up at his feet once more while wiping a stray drop of cum from the corner of her mouth with her paw>  Sorry.  You were mentioning Karen’s new role?  

Daniel:  Yes!  Well, back home, we have a saying. “Never teach your own kids”  The idea is that there is too much emotional and familial baggage to allow a proper teacher-student relationship to form.  <Daniel Retrieves a folded paper from his jacket pocket>  By that same token,  I believe that one should never enslave their own wife!  She and I have too much history together for me to effectively break her and liberate her mind from all those Old-World values.   

Robert: Are you letting her go?  

Daniel: Heavens no!  <He hands the paper to Robert> These are fresh ownership papers!  She has only entered the slave registry this morning and I have already sold her the GHS which is the company that owns this network!  Mr. Lucas Williams himself has signed!   He assures me that under GHS’ care, she will meet her ideal destiny!  In addition to my wife, Karen has been my best friend for many years.  What more can someone want for their best friend than for them to find their true purpose?  

David: Very admirable!  

Robert: You know Daniel, I already knew this was happening, in fact I have even talked to Mr Williams and our producer!  Karen’s purpose has already been determined.  Stay tuned!  Karen and YOU The viewers will learn it, after this!   


<Image, Suburban house, a man walks out angrily shaking his head followed by another man with a clipboard pleading> 

Voiceover: Can’t sell your cunt?   

<Image, heavy but not obese young woman in a robe drinking straight from a hucow-milk carton> 

Voiceover: Eating your food, taking up space and bringing you no income?  Call GHS! 

<Sparkle effect: Heavy girl being led to a waiting van>  

Voiceover: At GHS, We buy ugly daughters!  Fat-girls, Ugly-girls, Girls that gag on cock! We have a use for all of them!

<Shot of Heavy girl chained to a milking rack and having pumps attached> 

Voiceover: Get that cunt off your back!  Call GHS for a cash-offer TODAY!!!

<EYE on Empire logo> 

Robert: We’re back!  

David: Before the break, we talked with Daniel Collins from the hit show “Clocking time with the Collins” Daniel has been kind enough to sell us his wife and Co-Star Karen!   

Robert: So, without further ado!  Let's welcome to our stage, newly enslaved, Karen!  

<The sound of rattling chains is heard under the applause. A Handler walks in pulling a metal leash, at the end of it, Karen, wearing thigh-high stockings, a leather corset, and black elbow length gloves, is pulled reluctantly behind.   Her tits, ass and cunt are exposed and she has a ball gag in her mouth.  Her arms are bound awkwardly behind her and she is wearing a thick black collar.  Her eyes dart around in terror until they fall on Daniel, sitting on the stage getting a blowjob from Wiggles the puppygirl.  She casts a pleading look in his direction which is ignored> 

David: Welcome to our country, Karen!   Daniel tells me you just woke up from your flight!  I am sure your mind is full of questions.

Robert: Let's summarize.  As the wife of a citizen, by the laws of this nation, you are Daniel’s property!  

<Karen looks wide-eyed from Robert back at Daniel whose head is rolled back as he enjoys Wiggle’s talents> 

David: Daniel, wisely has chosen to make a new start in his new country and has therefore sold you to us.  By us, I mean Global Housing Solutions, the owner of this network!   

<Karen is shaking her head vigorously while tears roll down her cheeks> 

Robert: But don’t you worry your pretty little cunt head!  We recognize the value a celebrity like you provides!   

David: In fact,  After a few days orientation with our slave-trainers, We have an amazing week of programing planned with you as our featured star!  

<Karen looks between them, confused>

Robert: Monday!  We have a special episode of “INTAKES” <Picture in Picture pops up with the show’s logo> Where our audience can watch your introduction to your new life as a slave.  

David: Tuesday!  You’ll be on “Hard Limits!”  <PiP Logo changes> Where our Sadists and Pleasure Dom’s explore your pain and pleasure thresholds! 

Robert: Wednesday!  On Cunt-Hunt you will go up against veteran cunt-tracker Gary Robinson!  Reach the edge of the zone or evade capture for five hours or spend the remaining time on his whipping bench!

David: Then Thursday!  It's the audience participation favorite Celebrity Gang-Bang!  As a feature guest there will be no hole limits! Tickets are limited folks, every studio guest is guaranteed a chance to fuck one of Karen’s holes!  

Robert: All capped off Friday with a special episode of “The Sort”  You will get 3 minutes to plead your case before our expert panel of slave trainers, pet-trainers, ranchers and surgeons to decide what your proper purpose is.  Will you be a new Broadcast Slut? A Personal Pleasure girl? A puppy like Wiggles over there, or a Hucow?  Find out next Friday! 

David:  That’s all the time we have this week!  Thanks for joining us!  

Robert: Randy and Lucy are still on their poles, so we’re going to be announcing 18 studio winners in a moment!  

David: Make it 27!  Karen can play!  

Robert: Sounds good!    Good night folks!

<Closeup of Karen.  Drool is trailing from her ball-gagged mouth and she is crying.  The chain to her collar goes taught.  She looks back at Daniel who is now relaxing in his chair ignoring her.  The chan goes taught again and she pulls back against it.  Credits begin to roll as Karen’s eyes go wide and she falls out of frame.  The camera pulls back to show the handler pressing a button on a remote while Karen writhes on the floor.> 

<LOGO> GHS Studio Production


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